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  1. Best of luck! I’m just applying to schools in BC
  2. Update: Emailed 2 professors. One got back to me right away, and said they were happy to write the letter! Am confident they are going to write a great letter for me based on our discussion. Thanks again for the support.
  3. Any Indigenous students applying this cycle? Would love to chat about everyone's experiences
  4. @Emekj That was super helpful to hear! I just typed up a few draft emails, going to send them out on Monday.
  5. I am torn on who to ask for reference letters. All of the schools I am applying to require 2 reference letters. One must come from an academic source. I finished my undergraduate courses in December 2016. While I had many courses that I did really well in, I really did not get to know my professors (kicking myself right now for that - was mostly due to being very depressed). I want to know what the best way to approach a professor is, and is it totally inappropriate to be contacting someone who I did not get to know? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. I am planning on applying for the current cycle to UBC, Uvic and TRU. I took the LSAT in June and bombed with a 151. I was originally planning on re writing in November, but I feel like I will not be ready. I am currently working full-time, so the extra few months of studying could make a big difference. Finances are also an issue, as I would love to take both the November and January, unfortunately I won’t be able to afford to. All 3 schools accept the January LSAT. I am wondering if I take the January LSAT will this reflect poorly in my application? Also I will be applying under the indigenous category, I am not sure if this will impact their decision making. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you
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