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  1. With the inevitability of classes being primarily online, what advice would you give to someone starting 1L this fall? For those who have taken online classes: 1. What worked for you? 2. What didn't work? 3. What would you do differently next time?
  2. I would do it, but of course I would prefer in class teaching. I took some time off after finishing my undergrad, and I could not imagine waiting another year. I am honestly just grateful to have been given an offer of admission, and I would want to make the most out of any opportunity given to me, even if that means online classes for some time. I have also taken a few online courses, both during and after my undergraduate degree, and really enjoyed them. I do think that certain courses translate more effectively to an online format than others.
  3. Indigenous applicant, not sure if that makes a difference! My deadline is April 12, but will be letting them know I’m declining so they can offer the spot to someone else.
  4. Accepted today, will be declining LSAT 154 L2 3.3/4.33
  5. Accepted at TRU, will be declining as I’ve already accepted UBC
  6. Today I received an email that I qualified for an entrance scholarship
  7. Hello! My question is, as a lawyer, what is your work environment like? In particular, is your office noisy, or quiet? Are most people in cubicles or private offices? I am genuinely just curious! I have just been accepted to UBC, and am very excited to begin this journey. I had a bit of a revelation at work today. My efficiency and ability to complete my tasks at work diminishes if my coworkers are having separate conversations around me. I’m not sure if this is normal or if I just have a hard time focusing when I can hear people speaking. I don’t want to say what I do for work, for privacy reasons, but I work in an environment where I am constantly interrupted and need to pause tasks I am doing to help my coworkers or our clients coming in to the office. I know it will likely vary a lot depending on what type of law you work in, and the individual firm. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Accepted at UBC! Will be accepting the offer as this was my top choice. LSAT: 152 (Nov) 154 (Jan) GPA: Around 3.4/4/33 I took an extra year during my undergraduate degree, and also have transfer credits, which made it difficult to self calculate I believe I had a strong personal statement, speaking about my connections to the Aboriginal community, and my reasons for applying to law school. As well, my two reference letters were from 2 individuals very close to me (1 professional 1 academic)
  9. You have to login to myTRU with your TRU-ID, and on the application summary page, under application data there's a line that says: "Decision: _______"
  10. Mine has also updated to decision pending, my application was complete as of February 10th
  11. I am pleasantly surprised! I went in feeling confident, but left feeling disappointed. I completed the first 2 games pretty easily, struggled on the third and had to guess for the 4th because I only had a few minutes left...and don’t even get me started on the last RC. Ended up scoring 154, not too bad 😊
  12. Hello! I’ve applied to UBC, Uvic, TRU and UAlberta. Haven’t heard anything back yet. I did apply on the later end of the cycle. Will definitely be posting here when I do.
  13. Best of luck! I’m just applying to schools in BC
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