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  1. Just got a call and was offered a seat, but I declined. U of A is a more financially viable option for me and I don't think there'll be any difference in terms of education. Had I received an offer 5+ months ago, my decision might've been different. Good luck to everyone else! GPA with drops: 84.92% (Assuming I did the calculation correctly) LSAT: 160
  2. So sorry - I only just saw this as I haven't haven't been on the forum for ages. I actually got accepted off of the waitlist on May 27. It was a tough decision, but I ended up declining for U of A.
  3. Waitlisted yesterday. LSAT: 160 GPA with drops: 4.03/4.33
  4. Just got the email saying I was waitlisted. LSAT: 160 GPA: 84.9% with drops
  5. I just finished my degree last fall. My application was completed in mid-December.
  6. Just got my acceptance email this morning. L2: 3.85/4.0 (unconfirmed) LSAT: 160
  7. Same situation here; also getting anxious. Lol. I have similar stats and didn’t get an email. Maybe it’s correlated with the time the applications were submitted?
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