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  1. The permanent loss of a family member is not the same as a decision to stop dating someone, potentially temporarily.
  2. I'm not familiar with applying access/mentioning special circumstances and will defer any specific advice to someone else, but.. It seems as if Ottawa emphasizes "significant one-time events" .. it's good to be optimistic, but you may experience another breakup at some point. As do many others. Making it seem a bit insignificant.
  3. Well... here's a good place to start: why do you want to attend law school? You don't have to answer this on the forum, but I would suggest thinking about that first. Think about what it is you want to do, what your end goal may possibly be, etc. Law school could be 100% worth it to one person but not worth it at all for another person. You can gather general information about the profession and learn more about different types of law, but ultimately the choice of whether or not it's worth it can only be determined by you. I'm sure you'll find a lot of helpful information on this site, but in terms of determining whether a profession is worth it, I would personally suggest broadening your questions beyond salaries.
  4. As mentioned above, it really depends on you and your study habits. If you're wondering if the time frame you mentioned has been done before... yes, it has. Personally I didn't have time to finish reading my prep materials (but made sure to do any and all PTs I could) and felt hideously unprepared, but it ended up being fine. This may not be the case for someone else. My suggestion is to just get started and put in your full effort now. If you aren't satisfied with your PT scores closer to your test date, re-evaluate if you want to postpone it. At least you'll have a head start on studying for the next test date.
  5. You should add your stats here to really help future 0Ls looking through the forums.
  6. Didn't even know these existed, will definitely be checking it out. Thanks!
  7. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!
  8. Some of the links in previous posts don’t work anymore, so I wanted to ask - what are some recommended heels for an entering 1L? Any good brands to watch out for? Is it better to go with round toe vs point toe? Leather vs suede? I can sense I’m overthinking this way too much I’m just looking to make one good investment now and then stock up on more as needed!
  9. I might be jumping the gun a bit here, but is previous work on student newspapers/editing/writing considered important in the application process? I'm very interested in being a part of the Law Review, but I'm worried that my lack of experience working on anything similar in the past would hinder my chances. How difficult would it be to join in this situation?
  10. If you do end up deciding to enter the next cycle, try sitting down and writing without filtering yourself. Just write about why you want to study law, try to answer any suggested guidelines that the school has provided, then edit it into something you would want to submit. There is really no formula to this, or else everyone could simply write exactly what each school wants to hear. I didn't tailor my personal statement to any particular school and it was fine. Others may have tailored theirs specifically to each school and I'm sure it would still be fine. Precisely because there is no formula, just different individuals expressing their thoughts in different ways.
  11. The new tuition fees have already been factored into the calculator. "May 13 Important note: Our financial aid calculator has been calibrated to reflect the Ontario Government’s January 17th2019 announcement regarding tuition fees. It has not yet been calibrated to reflect the impact to incidental/ancillary fees. We will do this as soon as the full details of the policy have been released and the impacts on our tuition are understood." https://www.law.utoronto.ca/newadmit/firstyear#step2
  12. I think you have some very valid and reasonable concerns here, and in my opinion, available support networks should be really important in your decision. Out of the factors you listed, I think your long-term mental health is the key one to consider. Which decision would you be most comfortable with in the long-term? I wouldn't give subjective prestige too much weight here, because it really does change depending on context and individuals. With that said, I completely understand how the opinions of others can impact decisions, so I would say just try and minimize that factor as much as you can. You are not the aggregate of Windsor students as a whole. You are representative of your own skills and efforts. Now, I haven't attended any of the schools you listed, so I won't pretend I can provide a meaningful comparison between any of them for you. And even if I could, the decision will still ultimately be yours to make. I'm sure you've already looked into pros/cons of attending Windsor vs the other schools, and judging from this one post alone, you have raised valuable and important points to consider. I hope other posters can provide some more information to help, but at the end of the day, you're the one who has to actually go through with the decision. For that reason, I'd say take everything with a grain of salt, including this post, and place higher value on what you think will contribute most to your happiness and well-being in the long run.
  13. Just here to say that I also scored 151 on my timed diagnostic and after ~3 months of studying I ended up scoring 165 on the actual test. I was working full-time and didn't have the time to finish reading prep materials, but I did do a lot of PTs. Based on my extremely anecdotal n=1, you should not be discouraged by your diagnostic score at all. Just put the time and effort in and see how you do on the tests once you've actually had a chance to study.
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