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  1. I am looking for academic references and I am not too sure who to consider to write my academic reference. I am in my undergraduate and there are associate professors, professors, and lecturers that taught me in the past. Do they all qualify as academic referees? And what about TAs? Do they count as academic references? Is it safe to say that anyone that teaches a course at an undergraduate level qualifies as an academic referee? Thanks for any feedback!
  2. This question mainly concerns schools like Western and Queens in Ontario. How do these schools look at the last 2 years or best 2 years? I am aware that they defer grades. However, say that my final year of undergrad is my best year. Do they look at my 1st semester grades in my final year or do they have to wait until my final year is up entirely (both fall and winter) before making a decision? Does this mean there are a lot of acceptance letters in April/May then? Thanks for any info!
  3. I am curious at how much weight Ontario schools put on letters of references. I know that some schools are different than others. I am more concerned with schools like UofT, Osgoode, UOttawa, Queens, and Western. Say I have a competitive GPA and LSAT (over the median) but a weak LOR, will this hurt my chances at admission? Thank you for your help!
  4. How competitive is it usually during the final round of admissions (around when the final winter marks come out), since a lot of the seats are filled up? Seats from the first round (december) and second round (march) of admissions? Are there even a lot of seats filled up in April? Also, how does the cutoff change for L2/B2? Thanks guys.
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