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  1. LawSchoolFreak

    Referred to Admissions Committee

    referred to admissions committee as of today, perviously was pending review
  2. LawSchoolFreak

    windsor dual?

    Hey guys just wondering when do you think they will start sending out offers to Windsor's dual JD?
  3. LawSchoolFreak

    To-Do List "initiated"

    same for me as well
  4. LawSchoolFreak


    I think the biggest tip of all is to not regard the passages as "boring". Going into a passage with that attitude does not help with reading the passage or answering the questions. I like to think of the four reading comp passages as the most interesting four passages of all time that I am about to read and it helps. Make paragraph summaries beside each paragraph you read and make sure you understand the flow of each paragraph.
  5. LawSchoolFreak

    Chances? [3.57, 3.64, 160]

    yup, my CGPA is as its reported on OLSAS
  6. Hi guys, sorry for another chances post. I really want to get into Osgoode. My LSAT score is a 160, Cgpa is 3.57. L2: 3.64. 3 reference letters; 2 from Profs and 1 from a lawyer Extensive volunteer experience and work experience; worked through all of undergrad Founder of a charitable organization