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  1. I don't mind taking a look at yours if you want to share it and want some criticism. I would recommend against translating the text, the flow will be compromised unless it actually gets done by a professional translator. I would keep the general theme but start anew in french. I personally dont feel comfortable sharing mine (I already submitted it).
  2. I would never go so far as to talk about being smarter or more intelligent (those terms are so subjective) but I don't think you can deny the additional rigor in those disciplines.
  3. Do admissions committees take into account the nature of the undergraduate degree when looking at GPA? For example, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Chemistry. Will my GPA be compared, apples to apples with someone who obtained their degree in Arts or a similar discipline? Thanks for your input.
  4. If they reach your file 3 weeks after January 26th , they will not consider the re-write, if they do, then, they obviously will. I emailed the admissions officer.
  5. I actually emailed them and they told me that if they review your file prior to the end of January, they will consider the LSAT they have on hand, whereas if they reach your file after, they will consider the new LSAT. I honestly thought they waited until the end of January for that specific reason but alas, I was wrong.
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