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  1. Those are good stats, I'm betting you get in. You might wait a bit but worst case you get in off the waitlist. I still have hope and my stats are not nearly as competitive. (4.2/4.33 w/drops LSAT 157). I'm hoping for a late summer offer.
  2. I think that second round offers have gone or are going out right now based on the accepted thread. One post indicated that April 2 was the acceptance deadline for those offers. So from this I'd imagine that a few offers may be made after April 2nd if people decline their offers. Then we will likely see waitlist and rejections go out. This is just what I'm inferring from the limited information I have.
  3. This is definitely true, as someone with a lower LSAT and a higher than average GPA (index 91.34) I have yet to hear anything. Maybe I have a shot off the waitlist this year! Congratulations to everyone who has received an offer! 🎊🎉🏆
  4. I also applied in December and my LoRs weren't sent in until February 1st. My application was not pushed back. Apparently TRU is running behind schedule and the holistic approach makes their selection process much slower than index schools. Also I was told that if you call first thing in the AM you will have a better shot at getting through. Good Luck!
  5. So I'm torn between the two and I was hoping for some opinions. Background info: I am a BC resident (Vancouver Island) and want to practice in BC. I will be taking on debt for either school. I'd like to keep my debt load lower if possible but I have often read on the forums "go to school where you want to practice." Curious if people think being educated in BC would be worth the extra 7,500 a year?
  6. Yes, my status changed and I received an email telling me that I was on the waitlist. Expecting the same thing this year but hoping I make it off the waitlist 🤞
  7. Last year I was waitlisted in April and received my official "rejection" mid-July. Saying that all spots had been filled.
  8. 1. Do you know how TRU's financial assistance program is? IE did you or anyone you know receive any bursaries and or scholarships to offset the higher cost of tuition?
  9. I was a regular applicant and my deadline for deposit is April 8th. I'm still holding out hope for Uvic or UBC as I'm a BC resident.
  10. Just got the email! cGPA: 4.0/4.33 L2: 3.95/4.33 LSAT:157 Strong LoRs, Decent ECs On the fence about accepting.
  11. Sometimes upper year students make it for the incoming class but I am not sure if that is the case for University of Alberta.
  12. I don't think the handling of the applicant pool is any different from any other school. Law schools, from my experience, don't do hand holding. The communications they send usually fall in three categories: accepted, waitlisted or denied. Other than that communication is sparse. I could be wrong but I dont think that U of A has any obligation to communicate beyond that. Moreover, I have talked to many 1Ls at U of A who said the Dean's welcome isn't worth attending anyway.
  13. I'm still holding out hope for admission so I appreciate knowing that there are still offers going out. I have been considering calling them so it's cool that you did it and I dont have to.
  14. Yeah, I was waitlisted last year and was waitlisted early in May - maybe late April I dont remember exactly. The deposit for my current offer is due March 31st so I'm unlikely to hear from UBC or Uvic by then. So I will be securing my spot and hoping I make it off the waitlist at a BC school.
  15. I agree with this I have similar stats and UBC/Uvic are my top choices. I am going to accept my other offer and wait to see if I get into one of these schools later in the cycle. I'd suggest you do the same, losing the deposit will suck but definitely worth it to me.
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