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  1. Emailed for my rank this morning and just received a reply, I'm #43. cGPA(with drops): 88% LSAT: 157 Maybe have a shot who knows...
  2. Yes, applications typically start early June for the fall of that year. You can apply for funding anytime after that.
  3. I just asked the admissions person at my school for a proof of enrollment letter. The letter was basically just a more formal form of "this student has payed their fee and will be enrolled in classes September 2019." That was enough to get me access to my LOC. I don't know if every school does this though.
  4. I was also able to apply for the PSLOC at Scotia with my offer letter. My rep required a letter of enrollment before they allowed access to my funds.
  5. I dont disagree with you at all here. I personally will be paying any interest off as quickly as possible. I also agree you could likely leverage leverage TD into giving you 135k by showing a rep. that you were offered 135k by Scotiabank. Others have used TD's prime rate offer to leverage Scotia down to prime + 0. And as I was recently informed, the payments are basically the same between the two. However I'd caution other people reading this thread that, unless they are attending U of T, it is highly unlikely they will be able to get 180k from any bank.
  6. @skbc4699 found some stats on past withdrawals: For anyone who is interested - went down a stress rabbit hole about the waitlist and found this in a 2014 waitlist thread - - - - How many people put down a deposit and then withdrew before classes began: 2008 49 2009 46 2010 35 2011 32 2012 44 2013 48 But really it varies year to year. It could be 0 off the waitlist or it could be 50. Here's hoping for 50+ UBC is still my top choice.
  7. Fair. I'm pretty new to the whole LOC situation. I guess the way Scotia advertises their PSLOC makes it seem more appealing to me, and many others.
  8. This is true but having the flexibility to not be required to make payments in 1L is appealing to many student likely not working. Learning the demands if law school in 1L is stressful enough without stressing about making a minimum payment on your LOC without any income coming in. That is why I went with Scotia. This was not the case when I looked into TD which offers 125,000 whereas Scotia offers 135,000 for law students. Just for accuracy's sake.
  9. I'm an 88.1 after drops and a 157 and I was waitlisted so I'm guessing OP will be waitlisted as well.
  10. TRU is a holistic school, they do not use a generic stats based index. Your references and ECs are far more important than other schools. That being said a higher GPA and LSAT score are beneficial but if you happened to have good references, ECs and a high GPA your LSAT score will be weighted more lightly.
  11. I should have been more clear, my rep was from Scotia, and he did not tell me what score I needed. I ended up being referred to my school's main representative for Scotia and she told me that she hasn't had any applicants be denied prime + 0 - I literally just got off the phone with her and made sure that I could get that rate. She said that it is "very common to give prime," they just list the +.5 to insulate themselves incase a borrower is deemed higher risk. So my advice would be to find out your school's actual representative at Scotia and ask to deal with them, it appears to make a difference. But dont hesitate to talk to other banks. Other posters in different threads have talked about having to use offers from TD as leverage against Scotia. In the end they want your business so they will be likely to negotiate if you tell them you're going somewhere else.
  12. I told the rep that I had friends (we're all friends here right?) Who have been given prime + 0 and he would need to be open to negotiate the +.5 figure. He told me that as long as my credit report allowed it he would give me +0. If my rep comes back today and says no to prime + 0, I will be going to TD and any other bank I have to to get it. This is a huge chunk of debt and the terms will affect your life for years so get the best deal possible! Pit them against each other. If TD gives you prime +0 and you want Scotia terms take your TD offer to Scotia, chances are they will match it. Good Luck!
  13. @skbc4699 I'm also surprised you didn't get an offer b/c the drops typically raise your cGPA. Even with a small increase your index would hit 92+ Either way, if your stats are what you say you should be fairly high on the waitlist. You can check last year's waitlist thread to get an idea how many people got in. But take that with a grain of salt because every year is different and the possibility exists that no one gets in off the waitlist. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that is not the case though.
  14. Just got the email that I have been waitlisted. The email said ranked list will be available at the end of May. Index: 91.3x (unconfirmed)
  15. Thanks! I feel like the representative I was talking to was kind of new to the professional student program details. I am supposed to find out if I am approved by Monday. Thanks for the information 🙂
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