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  1. I keep thinking about emailing for my rank position but moving 6 spots would just be disappointing. Although, this time last cycle the class had filled up and I had been rejected. Until rejection letters go out there is still hope!
  2. Update on the original post incase this happens to anyone else. The University of Alberta did not include tuition or book costs on the appendix they filled out for me and thus BC Student Aid assessed tuition and book costs as $0.
  3. I'd hold off until your certain. Your application will need to specify what school you are applying to so they can assess the living, tuition, and book costs of the school you will be attending. I'm sure you could cancel one application and do another if you get in off the waitlist but it seems like a lot of extra work when you can just wait a little while.
  4. I just received my assessment and I'm kinda dumb struck. I was offered 8.5K and my assessment says the same thing. I will be calling them tomorrow. I am also going to U of A. You shouldn't need to be enrolled in courses because I have applied before and I was not enrolled in undergrad courses at the time yet I have never received an assessment of $0 tuition and $0 books. Not sure what's up with the funding this year but I'm definitely calling to find out what's going on here. I know I can cover costs with my LOC but in undergrad I'd get 10k in loans with 3k in grants. That is kinda where I expected to be, not at 8.5k. Let me know if you get a hold of them, I'll do the same.
  5. I appreciate this! Thanks 🙂
  6. The max loan that one is eligible for per year for law school is $22,500 ( https://studentaid.alberta.ca/before-you-apply/loan-limits/annual-loan-limits/) so it won't necessarily cover everything From what I've been told BC student aid offers less than this - around 16k. So there is no way you can live without a LOC - assuming independence from one's parents. I am hoping BC offers closer to the level of funding Alberta offers but I guess I will find out in the next few months.
  7. Also curious about this. I did an arts degree as well but took some advanced mathematics and statistics courses but no accounting. Curious of what level mathematical proficiency would be required for tax law courses.
  8. I am fairly certain that you apply to the province you are currently a resident of. I live in BC and will be attending U of A so I have to apply for student aid in BC. If you live in a province for 12 months you are considered a resident of that province. I am fairly certain this holds for other provinces as well but you should ask someone at student aid to be sure.
  9. That is my nightmare! The newsletters included reminders about payment deadlines so it seems to me that they should take that into account. You're only a few days off. I hope it all works out for you and I'll see you in September!🤞🙂
  10. You didn't get any of the incoming 1L newsletters? There has been one for the past two months with some more detailed information - housing, registration etc. The second deposit was due June 1st. I would phone them ASAP. Perhaps you were not on the mailing list in which case they should, I would think, cut you some slack on being a few days late.
  11. That's unfortunate, I was considering calling this week but now I probably won't. I'm beginning to accept the fact that I will be moving to Edmonton. I'll keep my fingers crossed for is both. 🤞🤞🤞
  12. I was looking at "Windsor Lofts" they look nice but they require a 15 month lease. I took a residence apartment that isn't as nice but the lease is shorter. It was a tough choice because the studios, and building they're in, are so much nicer than residence.
  13. I decided to take U of A while I wait for the UBC waitlist as well. There are some really nice studio apartments 5 minute walk from the law centre for around 1200$. You can find rooms for quite a bit cheaper in the same area. Basically the farther you go from campus the cheaper rent gets. Good luck with the waitlist and your choice between U of A and Queens!
  14. Also curious if anyone knows about movement? Doubt the list will move enough for me to get in but a guy can hope.
  15. Emailed for my rank this morning and just received a reply, I'm #43. cGPA(with drops): 88% LSAT: 157 Maybe have a shot who knows...
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