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  1. I received an application acknowledgement confirmation email for 2 firms immediately on Feb 5 deadline but 1 other firm hasn't gotten back to me yet, should I be worried they didnt receive my application? viLaw says the application was "reviewed".
  2. this week? or after feb 22?
  3. How soon after application deadline (Feb 5 5pm) do firms begin sending out ITCs/PFOs?
  4. Just finished 1L fall semester and average is around 80% (A-). Looking to transfer to queens, uoft, or osgoode- what are the grade requirements like? Do these schools look heavily upon undergrad grades and LSAT or are law mid-term marks more important to admissions committees? Thanks.
  5. I think this requirement might be for American students accepted through LSAC- i dont think its for those of us that accepted our offer through OLSAS.
  6. Please let me know which one!
  7. Any idea where i pay my deposit online for the dual to windsor?
  8. Just a little update: Windsor Dual just sent an email out detailing how you should be prepared to go online in the fall!
  9. From what I've heard UDM has already bought software to go online in case
  10. Congrats ! Are you general or access? Edit: Sorry I just saw Access.
  11. I also think the admissions committee will see you raising two children as a huge plus and a great representation of hard work and dedication. Don't worry too much about EC's, being a mom with a full-time job will show a lot more about you than picking up a random EC now ! Good luck
  12. It takes a few days for it to pop up on OLSAS- give it a week to be safe.
  13. Where did your dual classmates end up working in Canada?
  14. Hey, thanks for that info. And these students that got jobs at Miller Canfield are Canadian citizens that were given a visa to work in the US?
  15. Has any Canadian passport holder here gotten a job offer as an associate at a firm in the US after graduating from Windsor/UDM and passing bar? I am concerned I'll come out of the Dual and not be hired in Michigan because I am Canadian and this would require being sponsored. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  16. Do you guys think now that schools are closed the admissions process is going to be postponed?
  17. Hey guys, i'll be starting the dual this August and was hoping to start chatting with others that were accepted into the single or dual that would like to consider getting a 2 or 3 bedroom house together! Shoot me a message if you're interested and we can chat more
  18. What is the average salary for a 1L/2L summer student in Ontario? Thanks!
  19. Thanks! Any clue the annual cost for books and incidentals? My link for that info isnt working.
  20. Does anyone know how much each year it is for the Dual? Tuition and books included?
  21. Does anyone know how much each year it is for the Dual? Tuition and books included?
  22. i have no clue but i made one just in case they dont! Its called 'Windsor Law Dual JD Class of 2023'
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