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  1. rejected from single jd or dual?
  2. is this for dual or single jd?
  3. was this for the single JD or dual?
  4. kk who told you that? i cant believe its taking this long
  5. Has anyone heard anything from the Dual recently?
  6. When, historically, has Windsor dual sent out the majority of their acceptances?
  7. I have family in Melbourne + its ranked extremely well worldwide.
  8. Hey guys, so I was recently accepted to the University of Melbourne in Australia's JD program. It's ranked #10 law school in the world and known to be a great school. I am still waiting to hear back from Canadian schools but I'd like to hear some opinions on if going to UofM is a good idea. I am a Canadian undergrad student but don't have specific plans on practicing law in Canada in the future- I am open to practicing wherever. Would love to hear thoughts on if you think going to a top10 school abroad is worth it or staying in Canada and potentially going to a smaller school? Curious for opinions in terms of job prospects after graduation/networking opportunities etc. Thanks!
  9. referred to admissions committee as of today too
  10. i need to change application from General to Access, can I still do that?
  11. or even have "Quarter of Autumn 2019" listed above their application?
  12. Did anyone else have their application status change to 'in evaluation' today?
  13. Do we know if schools have sent out any rejections yet?
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