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  1. What are the odds of there being a coach check?
  2. I'm not certain, but this is what I suspect is the case: Q1: Getting into Western after provisionally accepting Ottawa will not void your offer from Ottawa. Q2: Getting into Western after provisionally accepting Ottawa and marking a continued interest in Western and BL will not cancel your application to BL. Q3: Not that I am aware of.
  3. Can you elaborate on what attracted you so much to Queen's? You seem to think very highly of the program. I'm still waiting to hear back from Queen's, but have been feeling a bit "meh" about the idea of going there. I'm curious to see if there's something about the program I'm missing.
  4. just checked. I was able to log in.
  5. Oh, right. I see that too. But nothing specific to the January LSAT. My check mark has been there since I applied with my previous score.
  6. Where on UoZone do you see it? I also retook the LSAT in January. I see that OLSAS is updated, but my UoZone says 'Under Evaluation, last update 2018-11-08.'
  7. You can browse through course offerings here. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/course_search_engine
  8. Thanks @barelylegal! All of your responses are really helpful!
  9. 0L with some questions here: (1) Suggestions for suits in the size 14/16 range? I love Reiss, but don't fit. (2) What's with all the anti-black suit sentiments? I'm shocked by it all. I've been to criminal court a number of times in Toronto and have seen both male and female lawyers wearing black suits. My inclination is to get a black suit but you all are making me second guess. (3) What colour heels do you recommend with navy suits? I think nude/beige/a light colour looks so much better than black, but I'm hoping others think black looks good so I can worry about finding just one pair of comfy black heels. In case black is a no no, I might consider navy shoes. While I like nude heels with navy, it seems a bit un-conservative. (4) Professional footwear in the winter is a nightmare for me, and I'm really hoping to find a solution before my 1L winter. I currently commute by transit and don't have my own office (I court watch / job shadow a lawyer). As a result, I either (a) tough out the cold in my heels/loafers so long as there isn't a snow storm, or (b) wear boots, pack heels/loafers in a large tote bag, change shoes at court before meeting my lawyer, get stuck lugging around a big bag with wet boots in it all day. I have a strong appreciation for packing light. In my case, could black knee-high boots (not above the knee) with (or without?) a low heel paired with a dress/skirt be a good and appropriate way to go in the winter? (5) What's the difference between single breasted and double breasted suit jackets? Is one better than the other?
  10. Books have NO markings or VERY MINIMAL markings (LESS than 1% of text*) based on a quick scan of the books. (1) KAPLAN SET 1: 'Premier' & 'Workbook' ($100 for both) - Premier: 994 pgs. NO MARKINGS. >>> BONUS: Includes PT60, PT54, PT50, PT48 - Workbook: 1010 pgs. 2 pages with pencil markings. >>> BONUS: Includes PT63, PT55, PT53, PT47 (2) KAPLAN SET 2: 'Unlocked' & 'Prep Lesson Book' ($100 for both) - Unlocked: 832 pgs. NO MARKINGS. - Prep Lesson Book: 682 pgs. *Exception: ~50 pgs have pencil markings in this book. But I never completed an entire activity/section, so there will be practice questions for each activity for you to do. (3) LOGIC BIBLES SET ($100 for all three) - Logic Games: 403 pgs. 3 pages are highlighted. - Reading Comprehension: 360 pgs. 2 pages have pencil markings. - Logical Reasoning: 542 pgs. 2 pages have pencil markings. (4) UNUSED PRACTICE TESTS ($12 each) Includes: scantron answer sheet, answer key, grading scale, practice writing sample.
  11. do the MA, start law school next year admissions won't hold it against you while getting in this year doesn't guarantee you'll get in next year, i'm sure you will (esp. if you're adding publications to your cv)
  12. I'm a really slow reader, so I'm doing some leisurely reading (nothing law related) to try to improve a little bit. I'd like to lose some weight and develop the habit of working out regularly, so I'm trying to go to the gym more often. I was on a roll until I hurt my achilles. I'm occasionally trying out new recipes to find things that are quick and delicious so I'm not on a "student diet" of ramen and pizza in law school. I'm working on finishing up a writing project that's been on hiatus for a while, recognizing I won't have time once the fall arrives. It's now or never. If I get that done quickly, I might try to better my french, but I'm not super inclined to do so, so...I probably won't. If I could get an affordable weekend getaway in, I'd be DELIGHTED. Montreal? A cottage?
  13. Agh! An x-ray two years ago showed mine have come in but I don't have insurance. Financially, it's obviously wise to wait until school starts when I have insurance. But, otherwise, waiting until school starts seems like a horrible idea. I was thinking of getting them pulled over the Christmas break of 1L. Hopefully all 4 in one shot. Do you that's a reasonable time?
  14. I'm a 0L, can I still attend? Also, though it's not the motivation for attending (I'm genuinely curious about sports & entertainment law), a chance at those raptors tickets sounds niiiiice. But I don't have instagram. Is there an alternative method to enter?
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