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  1. SneakySuspect

    10% tuition cut at Ontario law schools?

    The Ontario PCs have announced some changes to university funding and OSAP. I've quoted some of the changes (from this Macleans article) and embedded some questions I have. From my understanding, this only applies to regulated programs and law schools are deregulated (please correct me if I'm wrong). I've heard others speculate that universities will make up for this cut by increasing tuition for deregulated programs. Everyone seems to be focusing their attention to international students, but since law schools are deregulated, can we also expect to see an increase in tuition? (Side question, not specifically related to Ford's changes: if law schools are deregulated, can law schools change their tuition whenever they want to whatever they want? Because... Yikes! That sounds dangerous! It'd be nice if they gave a 3-year projection on tuition to every entering class so students can plan accordingly.) These details are vague. I suspect not, but does anyone have any more insight into this? I'm eager to know the new cut off for grants. ... I was already stressing about the cost of law school and this announcement just brought me to a whole new level. I feel like I'm stuck in limbo! I just want to plan my finances and lay out some financial scenarios!!
  2. What would this Student Admission page tell you that isn't already on the home page? The home page shows your status as either Applied/Incomplete/Admitted/Accepted Offer/Not Offered Admission. Isn't that all there is to know?
  3. SneakySuspect

    Crazy to give up Osgoode for Queens?

    First of all -- congratulations on those acceptances! While you're facing a dilemma here, recognize it's quite a great dilemma to be in. I know this sounds cheesy, but I think whatever you choose is a win. I'm in a similar situation as you (albeit, mine is hypothetical because I haven't heard back from any schools). I feel that Oz is the best fit for me... money aside. But costs play a big role in this decision for me (I'm with you on wanting a decent apartment and its effect on MH), which makes Oz much less appealing. I'm trying to look at whatever I decide on as a win. Either I go to my top choice by going to Oz (should I get in) or I'm making the most financially responsible decision by going to the most affordable school that I get in (should I get in). Both are very much 'wins' and worth celebrating. I read your post for a third time, and from the information you provide, I think Queen's is the right pick for you. Why don't you have an interest in studying in BC if you want to practice there?
  4. As the title states -- are PSLOCs ever offered at less than prime (eg prime - 0.15%)? Perhaps this is a silly question and the answer is an obvious no. I'm not up to speed on loans and interest rates and such. I was just wondering if it was worth negotiating if someone had a great credit score and no existing debt.
  5. I'm being advised that law school just isn't worth it for those who need to heavily rely on loans to get through and I'm wondering if others could share their thoughts on this. I paid my way through undergrad and I'm very fortunate for that. However, as a result, I'm quite broke. I won't be receiving any family assistance with the cost of law school. It seems that the going PSLOC is $135,000, and I suspect I'll need most, if not all, of it (unpredictable scholarships/bursaries aside). I'm anticipating that the cost of tuition and rent alone will run me $100,000 - $140,000 for three years, depending on the school/city. The reality that I will face this debt load in the next few years is unsettling. I can only imagine how it feels to carry debt from undergrad into law school. People ask me which school is my top pick and I used to joke "the cheapest one I'm accepted to," but this is no longer a joke. While I truly see Osgoode as the best fit for me, I'm willing to sacrifice going there (should I get in) in order to come out with less debt. Coming out with the least amount of debt has become my primary focus in all of this. (Is this bad or smart?) I've had an interest in practicing in criminal defence for a number of years (though, always intended on having an open mind in law school), but now feel that I won't be able to afford to practice in the area given my anticipated debt load (especially if I go to Oz). I'm beginning to hope I'll fall in love with a different area of law that interests me in law school (constitutional, civil, privacy, tax, sports & entertainment) that conveniently pays more and better maximizes the return on investment in the JD. Anyways, can anyone relate to prioritizing the cheapest school? Questioning the ROI? Changing practice area for better income? For those who have graduated, if you could go back, would you do things differently with respect to finances? I'm hoping for reassurance that the ROI on a JD is undoubtedly there, but I definitely want the truth. Open to answers from all (ie: applicants, students, and graduates/practitioners).