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  1. Waitlisted. cGPA (OLSAS): 3.4 L2 (self-calculated): 3.7 LSAT: 157, 160 MA, Access
  2. Can you post a link? The 'students>courses' and 'students>enrolment' tabs on the common law site only show me 2018-2019 info.
  3. Accepted. Will be declining. cGPA (OLSAS): 3.4 L2 (self-calculated): 3.7 LSAT: 157, 160 MA, Access
  4. From what I'm reading, not all bank employees qualified to deal with PSLOCs are knowledgable about the product (ie your average scotia employee will tell you it's prime + 0.5% but if you go to someone with experience with PSLOCs, they'll get you prime). I already have a contact with Scotia but they won't consider less than prime. I want to talk to all the other banks (TD, BMO, CIBC, RBC, etc.) to give prime 'minus' a shot. Can anyone recommend a rep for these banks (even if you didn't get prime 'minus)? I'm anticipating I'll be going to UOttawa, so an Ottawa rep would be helpful. But even if the rep isn't in Ottawa, I'm interested. Thanks.
  5. Could someone explain Ottawa transit as it relates to campus? I'm an incoming student looking for apartments online. I Google how I would get to school from the apartment but I've grown to think routes/access to campus will change from what I'm seeing online after reading the following on the OC Transpo website: Of particular interest: When will the LRT start running? Once construction is done, will busses go to 'Campus Station'? If the LRT starts running by the fall, my apartment search could widen by quite a bit (unless you advise otherwise). I'm open to other comments about transit and how they related to UOttawa and apartments (ie where to live!?!?).
  6. If you're already with Scotia, I don't think Kingston will be come your home branch. Even if it does, I suspect you could request to move it to a different branch when you're done. I've been with Scotia since I was a kid in the GTA and I can't imagine them forcing me to come back to the GTA to deal with matters should I wind up practicing in a distant city. I'm in at Ottawa and am still waiting hear back from some other schools, but feel there's a good chance I'll accept to Ottawa even if accepted elsewhere, so I contacted an Ottawa rep. He told me he could get it all set up and should I choose to go to a different school (ie Queen's/Oz) he'd transfer it to a Kingston/Toronto branch. I'm not from Ottawa and he did say that I'd have to come in and sign paper work but that could wait until I'm in town to look for apartments. Alternatively, he said he could mail the paperwork to a branch near me for me to go in and sign but warned that reps at that branch may not be as familiar with the PSLOC and may not be able to answer my questions, should I have any, prior to signing.
  7. There's a list floating around somewhere on here with Scotia reps for each school. These reps are probably more experienced with PSLOCs than staff at your local branch and will likely be more willing to give you prime. I was offered prime right off the bat but am hoping to negotiate prime minus.
  8. What's your source for this? I have good credit but Scotia won't do Prime minus for me, only prime. I'd like to contact your TD rep.
  9. Should we wait until we've firm accepted to a school before submitting an application? I've provisionally accepted Ottawa and am still waiting to hear back from other schools but am so eager to find out how much OSAP will give me in grants vs loans. I know there's an estimator on the home page, but it says tuition is ~$12k which is way less than reality. I'm hoping I'll get more from OSAP than what the estimator says and am eager to find out how much. edit: It looks like the estimator found here is updated for 2019-2020 and takes into account your school's tuition. It looks like the estimator on the OSAP home page is not updated.
  10. Yay! Thanks for this update. It must have just opened! I checked less than an hour ago and it was still "under maintenance."
  11. Some are internal and require an application. You click "Apply Now" to the right of the scholarship on the list. If you do not see these, perhaps (I'm really not sure) they only show up once you've completed the Financial Questionnaire. You can find the Financial Questionnaire by going to: UoZone > Finance & Jobs > Quick Links > Financial Questionnaire. Others are external. Like you said, you click "Information and application available HERE," and are redirected to the organization's website. Follow whatever instructions that are available there. (Isn't that intuitive?) I can't help you anymore than this. This is literally step by step. I want to be empathetic to your struggles but... ...makes me feel like you're trolling. I mean, I followed the link and I didn't even have to navigate their site to find the scholarship. The link brings you directly to the scholarship instructions. Follow them if you want to apply; don't if you don't. I suggest you call UOttawa if you're still having trouble.
  12. Once you write your "social justice" essay for one scholarship/bursary, it will automatically be copied & pasted into the rest of the applications requiring the "social justice" essay. You do, however, need to manually click "submit" (or whatever it is) for each individual application. No, you do not need to make a new account for each scholarship. You have one account -- it is your UOzone account.
  13. Go to: https://scholarships.uottawa.ca Login. Browse the list of scholarships and bursaries. Click on their names to see more details. A lot of them require a ~500 word "essay" on your contributions to social justice, but not all.
  14. I'm with you on this. ^ If I'm correct, though, law students are assessed relative to their peers for competitive opportunities such as moots, RAs, journal editorships, etc. So I'm concerned I will get fewer opportunities at school X than school Y, given that I am below the median GPA/LSAT at school X and am at, or above, the medians at school Y. But I am open to the possibility that there is no merit in this line of thinking. Perhaps there isn't any logic in thinking "If I'm below the median LSAT/GPA, I'm less likely to qualify for experiential opportunities." But yikes(!) to this: I'm not looking to go to an "easy" school. (If I were, I'd accept the offer from school with the lowest GPA/LSAT among the offers I receive, which I've already turned down). Nor am I looking to trick future employers. I am torn between two schools, and I am concerned I'll have less access to opportunities at one than the other because I am below the medians. I'm looking to access these opportunities to develop skills and gain insights. I would think this would reflect that I want to qualify for employment, not trick my way in. My goal is to gain experience. I want to qualify for moots and other experiential learning opportunities. To qualify, it's typically not the case that one needs to meet a threshold, and everyone who does, gets picked. Instead, it's typically the case there are limited spots and you need to be a competitive applicant. And when I say competitive, my focus isn't even on being the best or better than x% of my peers. I'm only concerned with myself: will I be competitive enough that I get selected for the moot/RA position (etc). I'm concerned that if I'm below the medians for school X, my odds of being selected for a moot, or RA position (etc) are slimmer than at school Y where I'm at or above the medians. But if I'm in the top 50% of students at school X and in the top 20% of students at school Y, but in either of these positions, I'm being chosen for competitive opportunities, then I'm happy. It's not about being the best or being better, it's about accessing opportunities. Holding the ratio of opportunities to students constant (ie controlling for number of opportunities and number of students), does being below the school's medians mean the odds are that I'll have a harder time qualifying for experiential opportunities?
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