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  1. Hey Malina, was just wondering if this will be the case for next year as well or is it only this year?
  2. Wow this really sucks. This will bring down my GPA heavy. I wish they included the last 20 courses for GPA, excluding winter 2020.
  3. Is it just me or does it look like there is a trend of admitting people with lower GPAs, but higher LSATs as compared to last year.
  4. I did my undergrad at UofA. We did not get any Winter 2020 grades.
  5. So, basically UofA is looking at last 15 course GPA if you took 5 courses during Winter 2020?
  6. If your last 2 years (4th and 5th years) were all A/A+, it is likely you had a ~4.0 L2. Congrats!
  7. L2? And are you accepting Alberta or Calgary?
  8. I don't think any of this is actually confirmed. Whether they take 45, or they go back a semester and still take last 60 is all up in the air still.
  9. Ah makes sense. Do you think they will do this for next year's cycle as well or is this only for this years cycle? I wonder how they will look at this semester for the years to come.
  10. I honestly hope so, but I do believe they will just go back a semester to get 60 credits, which screws me over since my past semesters are terrible, and I was hoping to bring my L2 GPA up with this winter semester
  11. Oh yes, people will be cheating. Now people will have inflated GPAs, while universities who choose mandatory pass/fail will be put into a disadvantage.
  12. Update. My friend emailed UofA law, and this is their response: We understand your concern, We are currently looking into the situation and how it will affect law students. While we know this is not the answer you want to hear, please have some patience during this time of uncertainty. We will be in communication as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your cooperation,
  13. Yes, talking as an application to UofA law. I hope they release what they are going to do with the applicants and their 2020 Winter semesters soon.
  14. I wonder how UofA will look at this semester now that no letter grade will be given. I did terrible in my first 2 years and had picked up my pace during these last 2 years, and I would be so devastated if they included my previous semester.
  15. Wait, UofA said that non-degree related courses will be taken out? I have seen the contrary for years on this website. Can't you just say that you changed your mind about your degree towards the end, so that History 100 class would have been applicable to a degree you were initially thinking about?
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