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  1. I'm sure that this will only be applied starting in the 2021-2022 cycle.
  2. Hey Malina, was just wondering if this will be the case for next year as well or is it only this year?
  3. Wow this really sucks. This will bring down my GPA heavy. I wish they included the last 20 courses for GPA, excluding winter 2020.
  4. Is it just me or does it look like there is a trend of admitting people with lower GPAs, but higher LSATs as compared to last year.
  5. I did my undergrad at UofA. We did not get any Winter 2020 grades.
  6. So, basically UofA is looking at last 15 course GPA if you took 5 courses during Winter 2020?
  7. If your last 2 years (4th and 5th years) were all A/A+, it is likely you had a ~4.0 L2. Congrats!
  8. L2? And are you accepting Alberta or Calgary?
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