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  1. DAmn, how did you study for the LSAT?
  2. Maybe masters or after degree program to raise gpa?
  3. I would disagree. If this family friend knows qualities about you and has been in your life for a considerable amount of time, he has 100% the ability to talk about you. I would advise you to first shadow or work with him just so he can know you a little better though.
  4. Sorry I dont understand, how are you getting 2 different GPAs?
  5. Yup, that's what I seems like the best course of action! I just wanted to ask, would you know any strategies to pull up my L2 GPA and that looks good in the eyes of law schools? I have suggested to extend my degree to increase my GPA, take 4 courses per semester instead of 5, and take easy courses in upper years that you can later on explain that you were thinking about switching majors/minors, but is there any other things such as that? Thanks again for all the help!
  6. Woops! Sorry, I meant Western ahahah
  7. Oh wow, thank you so much. This makes me feel a whole lot better!
  8. Oh wow this is great. It is sad that I ruined my chances of Waterloo because they look at all the years. Do you think there is a FAQ page similar to this for the other L2/B2 schools because I cannot find them
  9. Would you know the deal with repeated courses? Like if I have failed a course in 2nd year and wanted to retake in my 4th year, how would UofA look at that? Would they look at the two grades, or only the last 60 credits that had the most recent grade for that course?
  10. Sounds good. Will law schools look at me negatively if I extend my degree to 5 years, and take 200-level courses to boost my GPA (go toward my major and minor) and maybe a couple of other courses that do not necessarily go toward my major or minor, but I could always say it was for a minor that I initially thought about, but decided against it.
  11. What are compelling reasons to go to law school other than the cookie-cutter answers?
  12. I just switched 2 days ago to a psychology major. From the psychology classes I have taken, I have done relatively good.
  13. I do not have documentations, but I can get them if you would think that would help me in the long run. I want to pursue law because first, I took some courses regarding law and I really enjoyed them, second, I kinda figured out late that biological sciences is not for me (all my low marks are because of those courses), third, I heard about some schools only looking at the last two years, which give me a little bit of hope and not just completely drop out of school, fourth, I believe law would give a respectable job that I would be happy working for the rest of my life, fifth, I really do not have any other options that disregard my cGPA and look at my last two years.
  14. I have struggled all of my university life not knowing exactly what was wrong with me. This winter break, I kind of got it all sorted out and it was my mental illness holding me back. Now that I have sorted that out, I really want to start my pursue of law, but I am afraid I have already ruined my chances before the race even started. My gpa is as follows: 1st year: 2.6 2nd year: 2.6 3rd year first semester: 2.2. I am in 3rd year second semester now and will aim for the highest I can get. I am a psychology major (seemed to be the easiest degree to get), and my plan is to graduate in my 5th year so when I apply to schools that look at my last two years (60 credits), they will see my 5th and 4th year, which will hopefully be good. However, I have multiple Fs and Ws, will the law schools look at these or will they exclusively only look at my last 60 credits? Have I completely ruined my chances with my bad cGPA? I feel terrible and I feel like a failure with my gpa and that I have just wasted my time in university. I wonder if any of you guys have been in the same shoes as me and how did you guys recover from it?
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