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  1. Hey, I’m a local applicant ( accepted to the MA portion of the joint program so far for the fall) and currently working in a professional position downtown and am looking for a new roommate. Currently I live in a large two bedroom apartment in Vanier, right on Montreal Road near Mona and am looking for a roommate for the next year ( even if you can’t move in until September). The apartment has plenty of storage space, is nice and bright, laundry onsite, we have an AC unit for the common areas, and heat and hot water are included. Your rent ( as your room is a bit smaller than mine) would be 550.00 -utilities ( Internet, hydro, tv) vary but are usually around 50.00 a month or so. We’re right on the route of the 12 and just down the street from the 19 ( which goes straight to campus). I also have two cats and as my screen name says am a rower-so I’m out early in the morning and am not much of a partier, don’t smoke, and of course hope to be pursuing my degree at least part time come the fall. If you’re interested please let me know!
  2. Can’t help with the move but do you have an apartment already?
  3. Accepted to the Carleton portion of the joint JD/MA program a few days ago. Still hoping for the single JD program and of course the JD portion of the joint one.
  4. If anyone is interested I’m looking for a roommate for May1st -large, bright 2 bedroom apartment on Montreal Road in Vanier-15 minute bike or 10 -15 minute bus ride from campus either via the 12 ( which stops just across from the building) or the 19 which you can catch about a three minute walk away. Quiet building-I’m to bed and up again quite early for training each day ( and hopefully school myself come the fall) currently a professional workin full time. Rent is 625-heat and water included-hydro and internet are an extra 50 each -give or take the use of the AC in the summer. Cats included. Shoot me a line if interested.
  5. Hi, As it didn't qualify under previous categories, I started a new one. I am extremely interested in obtaining some practical tutoring in Ottawa, for the LSAT. I've studied on my own extensively, and have written the test twice and will write it again in January. I did better on my first test, and weirdly did well on logic reasoning the first time (and mediocre on logic games) only to have the reverse occur on my second test! Usually logic reasoning is stronger. I need help with a few concepts and I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. I was scheduled to take the course in Ottawa this weekend, but they cancelled it and with the added cost of travelling all the way and staying in Toronto (where they moved it to)...it's just not feasible anymore. I've looked at private tutoring through Kaplan, Powerscore, and others and the costs are prohibitive; as you're aware. Now, I am more than willing to pay a reasonable price for tutoring locally from someone who did well, but I'd rather get tutoring from someone in Ottawa, who I can know and work with in person without having to travel, rather than incur even greater expenses and add the stress of travel to it. If anyone is interested in making some extra money and help ensure another student is not beaten down by this test, let me know. For those who aren't interested shut up and move on. Sincerely,
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