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  1. Accepted yesterday around 3pm 3.7ish L2 160 LSAT Currently 90 credits into degree, with strong EC's
  2. Waitlisted today via email cGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.7? I'm not too sure LSAT: 160 I am applying without my full degree (currently have seven classes left after this spring 2019 semester) so I am happy to be on the waitlist for my top pick school. I have a previous university certificate and really solid EC's and LORs. Now, to wait!
  3. Hey! I was wondering how you got a T00xxxxxx number? Is it the same as the application number from the provincial website? Don't seem to see it anywhere on my emails from TRU.
  4. @PBateman411 I have the same stats and am getting antsy too! Good luck, hoping for good news this week :)
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