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  1. I am very new to this discussion board, so I might be missing something, but is there any reason why folks are not having these discussions on Reddit? Personally I find Reddit a lot more convenient to use, particularly because of the upvote/downvote system (allows one to easily identify the best answer to a question and ignore misleading answers - very important for contentious topics such as law school admissions).
  2. I am simply considering it. I'll practice wherever I get my law degree from - no preference at the moment.
  3. Has anyone done a rigorous analysis of law school loan options and loan repayment options for T14 US schools (specifically for Canadians)? I am a Canadian who is considering US schools for next year's cycle (stats: > 75th for HYS). I am passionate about public interest law, but I have to pay for law school out of my own pocket (i.e. not rich and no family support or anything like that). I have done some basic research on loan and repayment options for Harvard. It seems like they provide internal loans to all their students and, more importantly, their Low Income Protection Plan (LIPP) looks very promising and applies to international students as well (basically, pays part of your law school debt each year if your income falls below some pre-determined threshold). Nevertheless, I have not done any rigorous in-depth analysis/comparisons. Has anyone done this? Also, has anyone been in this situation before (high enough stats, not rich, considering US, considering public interest law)? What was your experience like? What do you recommend to folks like me?
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