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  1. Did you interview with them? Are they a managing partner? Given that tomorrow is call-day, I think its likely positive. There's only a short wait ahead of you
  2. Yes, before end of day I believe for the final round.
  3. Third rounds for Gowling are wrapping this week I believe.
  4. Ca dépend vraiment pour les dates d'offres, j'ai des amies qui ont recu des offres en Décembre et d'autres en Février/Mars et certaine allant jusqu'en Juin. Je pense que la majorité des offres se font en Mars/Avril. Bonne chance.
  5. 1,000 a week is pretty standard...unless you work at Osler 😏
  6. I've had a few and I would say it depends. Some firms go full "fairness" and ask the same questions to all applications (this is boring to be honest). Other firms take a much more personal approach and just ask questions based on your resume and your interests etc.. and try to sell the firm to you as you organically talk for 1h+ - these one are very fun as you can genuinely connect with the interviewers instead of being bombarded by a series of behavioral questions.
  7. Does anyone know if firms give "hints" between in-firms and call day? Or is it simply a backbox until the morning of call day?
  8. Any idea of the ratio of in-firms to actual positions? Like BLG is projecting (according to NALP) to hire 9 students - how many in-firms do you think there are ? For example, based on the available in-firm time slots for Fasken, its 3 students for 14 in-firms. Just curious and bored haha
  9. In-firm. Also got the call for Dentons and an email for Gowling.
  10. BLG is letting applicants know tomorrow about in-firms. Norton is actually conducting the in-firms tomorrow. That's all I got! I think Gowling is letting applicants know towards end of week.
  11. Yeah, almost all the firms on there (nationals) have regular numbers up for my city (Ottawa)
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