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  1. They were doing maintenance on Uozone, it was mentioned at the top.
  2. Buses will not go to the Campus station, it has become a fully fledged LRT station. Buses will still go to Rideau and Laurier (I believe some will). There is no set date for the LRT currently, but unless major shortfalls I would expect it to be running by or during the fall.
  3. Si ça peut aider, jai postulé deux semaines avant la date limite.
  4. Ottawa is very slanted towards social justice. The building is very old and decrepit and outdated. Take those as you will.
  5. As someone going to uOttawa (0L), I would say pick Queens.
  6. Ottawa is actually a great place to live after you get over the horrible transit. We have great restaurants, access to green space, plenty of museums and activities throughout the city. People that general whine that Ottawa doesn't have something, haven't looked hard enough as we tend to have everything, it might just be smaller.
  7. Without the actual stats of the admitted applicant, this provides very little information. FYI this comes straight from the mods. His stats are the following: CGPA 3.3, 152 LSAT, good ECs, indigenous.
  8. I fail to see the point of posting if you wont share your stats?
  9. The website does indicate that some of them have auto consideration parameters. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/financial-aid-bursaries/scholarships-bursaries/admissions-scholarships-english-jd-program
  10. Dont forget you are all getting 2,000 off tuition due to the Ontario Tuition 10% reduction.
  11. The reason I ask is because I also cant find that information on the scholarship page (In regards to the guaranteed scholarships)
  12. Would you mind linking the University page about those entrance bursaries? Your help is appreciated
  13. BLG offers 1Ls an intensive program in IP law. Perhaps someone else can speak to how common this practice is. https://blg.com/students/en/programs/ottawa/summer-program
  14. @NovemberRain My status on uOzone changed yesterday morning and I received an email this morning stating that my status had been changed. Best of luck.
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