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  1. Ottawa 1L here - I think you will be fine at either, go where you want.
  2. I assumed our common law office had dedicated staff for admissions but it makes sense for them not to since its a seasonal duty
  3. My prediction (conjecture) is we will be out of the wood-work per say in September but certain social distancing measures will still be in place, and classes are one of the worst things for social distancing....(hundreds of people together in a single room/building) and as such some classes might still be online for perhaps half or the entirety of the semester.
  4. They can likely continue some semblance of the admin process from home so I don't expect admissions to be impacted much to be honest. The real question is how Sept is going to look like! o.o
  5. People actually still debate this? Only half joking.
  6. I think the vast majority of my class wants P/F for single semester courses and to keep the regular grading for full year courses
  7. Unfortunately, my friend who got a 1L position in Toronto got told its not looking good. I still haven't gotten any info about my 1L job yet.
  8. So - would you suggest wait it out a bit or reach out? -Thank you all
  9. Hey everyone, As someone who is supposed to work this summer in a small-mid sized firm (1L), I was wondering what is currently happening in regards to summer students - are they being cancelled or are most firms going ahead? Thanks,
  10. Ottawa is looking into it - students actually signed a petition they sent to the Dean. We should have information early next week if that option will be adopted. If it does, it would still remain the students choice.
  11. Actually yes, when you cough or sneeze, the virus particles can hitch a ride on water droplets and stay in the air or land on surfaces and contaminate someone later. Surgical masks can reduce the spread from coughing/sneezing, although they will get damp and will need replacement. On the other hand, as you mentioned, they offer no protection. Early studies (medarxiv - non peer-reviewed but trustworthy authors) suggest that the virus can be detected up to 3 hours after being aerosolised (sneezing if not properly covered) Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/transmission.html https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.09.20033217v2.article-info
  12. Yeah, it was 80 last year. Pretty good odds.
  13. There are only two in Canada, the other one being Moncton. From what I've heard (anecdotal), the acceptance rate is around 50%.
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