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  1. I believe so (its been a while). Might want to call to confirm.
  2. Because one is used as a complement and one is a substitute for work. This is entirely subjective. I don't consider copying a summary from X website directly in your notes with having done a note summary and using another to fill any holes/add material on the same level. I consider these substantially different, you may not.
  3. Do you simply disagree or did you not understand?
  4. I did it. I don't think I ever used someone else's summary for a case. I did use their final notes to puff up mines. Some people do all the summaries and some don't. At the end of the day, its about if you understand the issues (but if you ask me, those people are only setting themselves up to fail). The only class where we had "volume cases" was Contract. Disclaimer : 1L PCLF
  5. If you want to work "hard" yes. I did all my readings and made my own outlines. I have other friends who got by only on summaries but that's "cheating" if you ask me. With a full course load and doing all the readings and outlines, I found it overwhelming the first semester only when I stopped at xmas. I was literally almost exclusively doing law school stuff. I pulled back second semester when I started to see what worked for me and what did not. Its a highly subjective experience. Disclaimer: PCLF student but I doubt reading amount or material differs significantly.
  6. Its really up to you! Personally, I would get bored quickly with just 2 courses but like you mention you will live and breath those 2 courses for the duration of the semester, so you will have more time to read and re-read things at your own pace. Try it out and worse case, you can adapt later I have a feeling ProBono will likely be available remotely, so you have that!
  7. In regards to the switch back to classes, I suspect they wont be giving much of a notice, I expect something in the realm of 1-3 weeks if they announce that in-class learning can proceed alongside online. That might be a small time frame to move if you are still out-of-town. Something to keep in mind. This might also be in the middle of October/November at which point you would only move for the second semester. Best of luck to you.
  8. I have a friend who did part time through first year (he is still in first year) - I think he took 2 classes each semester. He also had two other jobs. I think he enjoyed his time and it was what he was expecting, a much smaller school workload to complement his existing jobs.
  9. Good post from Erin above, you also set-up yourself up attend classes if they would resume instead of loosing on that opportunity if you are away. Moving would be the safe bet.
  10. Classes will be defacto online and only if the situations gets better well they let people come back. You should expect a full semester online and be pleasantly surprised with the option of coming in for a few classes. Also, they likely wont adjust tuition since they will already be hurting with the lack of internationals - instead they will drop UPass and gym access like they are doing for summer students. There is still ample time between the announcement and the start of the fall semester, this is just the prudent measure - it only gets better from here.
  11. Interesting, for us in the french stream - first year is purely mandatory classes.
  12. As a current 1L, I think you can only pick one - and if I understand correctly, its just about taking certain 2 and 3rd classes. You cant work towards any of them in 1L since all your classes are mandatory classes.
  13. I don't remember receiving anything other then the acceptance letter. You should start getting info about back to school late August/September but obviously this year will be tricky. Congrats
  14. One of my friends is and the other is starting in June but being payed for May =P
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