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  1. From as low as 3.2 but on average probably around 3.4-5
  2. As you mentioned, you are held back by your LSAT, bring it up for better odds As it stands, late or more likely waitlist
  3. In the same boat as you. Some recruiters mentioned they have over 150 apps for 2-3 spots so I'm not holding my breath personally. I took the whole thing as a good exercise in preparing my CV and cover letter.
  4. Are we expected to take notes during these lectures or basically sit through and listen? You can dress casually, except of course for the formal meeting at the SCC.
  5. You have to manually send the deposit to the University - it is not related to OUAC.
  6. Likely a soft acceptance in contrast to a firm acceptance
  7. There is a high demand! That is why those who are interested should inform themselves at the earliest. I asked them well before and they told me when the passes would come online during the end of May and I had no problem purchasing one when it become available for those first couple weeks (that was back in May)
  8. Selling my copy of the 2019 bible - puzzles have been completed in pencil and so can they can be erased. Still in great condition Selling 10$ or best offer.
  9. They are generally people who don't own cars and so I imagine they rent their driveways for extra cash. Its not a common occurrence by any means, but I've seen it happen. I just checked for you and all the student spots in Brooks and Perez are sold out! Student spots go very quickly but they keep additional spots open for employees. The only ones left are Soloway and Mann.
  10. If you go deeper into sandy hill, you can find unmarked areas which are 3 hours - you still need to move your car which is annoying. Hoping the bridge issues are fixed by September. I've parked on campus (SCS) for a couple years now (employee) and I've never had any issues. I bought a parking at Brooks for this year. I hope its the same experience I've come to know. OP, Bus is honestly a crap shot. OC Transpo is notorious for being unreliable and its not uncommon for buses to be extremely late, double-up or simply not show-up. If you live on Transitway, this can be greatly mitigated. In regards to finding a spot in Sandy Hill, parking spots are a rare commodity. I've seen a few ads for spots, generally going for 100/month which comes out a bit cheaper then getting one at uOttawa (minus the convenience of a 10-15 walk depending on the distance). Keep an eye out for those as they will likely get snagged early! Best of luck!
  11. Its always just a few google clicks away "At the Common Law and Civil Law sections of the Faculty of Law, citations are awarded according to the following cumulative grade point averages: SUMMA CUM LAUDE: 8.50 – 10 MAGNA CUM LAUDE: 8.00 – 8.49 CUM LAUDE: 7.00 – 7.99 " Source (Section 13.5 Citations)
  12. You most definitively need to prepare the déclaration personnelle en Français
  13. I accidentally canceled my application when I made my acceptance to the French program firm 🤣🤣 . I can only hope I had a spot on the wait-list (instead of being rejected) and that this means someone else gets bumped-up Unfortunately, I will never know whether it came down to a rejection or a place on the wait list =P
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