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  1. The situation in India is certainly concerning but this sounds like straight up fear mongering/misinformation - potentially disinformation. Our current understanding leads us to believe it is unlikely that new VOCs would completely evade the current vaccine immune framework. It's about degrees of protection.
  2. Current projection is that 30-50% of classes will be online. That's what's the school wants you to run with. Personally, I think its quite conservative and barring any unforeseen events (its funny to write this during a global pandemic) you could likely expect to see slightly higher than 50% return to classes. All this without actually taking into account your personal financial situation.
  3. Golden triangle is really cool and close but try not to be directly on Elgin (its a pub street and can get loud if you are right on it). Centretown is very cozy, a little further but cheaper - around Gladstone/Bank is very nice. Mechanics ville is also very cozy and close via Train - even around Tunneys is doable with the train. You might want to also look at Overbrook/Beachwood - its right across from Sandy Hill (walking foot bridge) and has plenty of amenities - avoid going further into Vanier. PS: There's plenty of old posts that talk about this and the information is likely all relevant, so I would definitely recommend looking at those. For those 1L out of towners - hit me up by PM for specific help if you so desire
  4. It really depends what your preference is - do you like always having people around? If so, you might want to consider a roommate. Do you prefer having your own space/quiet time to wind down? If so, you might want to consider living alone. In both cases (pre-COVID law school) there would likely be zero impact on your ability to make friends, sustain relationships with classmates etc. Most people I knew in 1L had roommates but it was purely because of the financial incentive - I suspect the vast majority would choose to live to alone if they could afford it. Best of luck!
  5. Do they still say it out loud when you pick up your diploma at the ceremony?
  6. 2L here. kind of poop tbh (you have to consider its not just zoom law school but also all the additional covid stuff you add on as well so its expected) - its the consensus among friends.
  7. Just a side note that Uni has spent lots of money during the pandemic to prep for the return to in-person by equipping classrooms with camera etc. so they certainly expect a certain degree back to in-person. Honestly, it will be entirely dependent on the public health measures at the time.
  8. 30-50% but its possible they open it up entirely but still provide the option to do it online (that's a guarantee). Current vaccination trends have everyone receiving first and second doses by September/October. Of course, making plans in a pandemic is a dangerous game so take everything you hear with a grain of salt.
  9. I had a steep upper curve (literally bombed first year) in my undergrad and it got brought up multiple times during the 2L OCIs - I honestly don't think its ever been a negative (they are mostly curious about the stark difference and if there was a big event in my life that happened during that time) since my law grades are Dean's list and so were my last few years of undergrad. At this point they know my current level of academic success. I honestly would not worry too much about it, especially since moving forward you will have 2 solid years of law school grades! Best of luck
  10. Just to balance it out, I would highly recommend against Indochino, I found they were better then off the rack but the materials were cheap and flimsy. I cant speak to their entire offering but immediately regretted getting a suit from them. YMMV
  11. Might want to expand into Overbrook (right across the walking bridge from Sandy Hill) - adds maybe 5 minutes by foot and the rent will be considerably cheaper. Also have equal access to services. If you want a step up from Sandy Hill, take a look at golden triangle (more expensive, generally 5-10 walk) or Centretown (cheaper and also doable 15-20 walk). Good luck.
  12. Its generally scenarios which involve issue spotting - laying out the law and applying it to issues that you identify in the scenarios. Its generally quite rare (I have had only one) to encounter multiple choice. Some classes have projects, normally individually (but some in groups) and some courses offer essay based examinations instead or in addition to the final exam (which is routinely 100% of your mark).
  13. Placements (internships, moots, projects) really start in second year. First year is your typical mandatory courses and I think there is one one single moot that 1Ls can participate in. The summer after 1L is the first chance to do internships, start working, do projects etc.. Your second year is really when you start taking advantage of your electives as well. 2L at Ottawa
  14. Just going to add that Overbrook is a nice neighborhood (even though its right beside Vanier) and its cheaper and literally connected to Sandy Hill via the new walking bridge. Anything near the walking bridge is pretty student-friendly.
  15. Honestly, just enjoy your time - no need to stress for the upcoming stress.
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