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  1. I'm not sure if this post exists already, so apologies if it does! I am just wondering if current UBC Law students could provide tips or a list of things you wish you knew going into 1L at Allard! I definitely have a tendency to overthink and worry, and I'm a little shy, so I would like to take all the advice I can get about starting law school here (and I'm sure others starting in September would too). This can be anything from note taking, socializing, balancing work load, studying, or even general Vancouver things like commuting to school, best study spots etc. I am coming from doing my undergrad at UVic so I think the transition to the big city will be another factor I'll have to consider when starting school. Thank you all in advance!
  2. I was accepted to UVic and UBC for 2019 and now have to make the very tough decision between the two. I did my undergraduate degree at UVic so I am familiar with the campus and the way of life in Victoria. Part of me wants to experience a little variety in school/city, but one thing that I have been seeing across these forums is that there is a "UVic difference" and that UBC is more "cut-throat" and "competitive." I am wondering if there are any people who have maybe gone to both schools/ are able to provide first-hand experience on this matter. One of my friends in my undergraduate program went to both UVic and UBC (social sciences) and found that the quality of work required to get a certain grade at UBC was a lot higher than required at UVic, so I am wondering if this is similar for the law program and possibly a contributing factor to the "competitiveness" of the school? I know that I personally do not function well in overtly competitive environments (I much prefer collegial atmospheres, hate discussing/comparing grades etc.) which is one of the reasons why I am hesitant about UBC. Thank you in advance!
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