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    Depressed for the Holidays.

    A technical advice is to get pass the bar exam as soon as you can. Your situation now may be just like one more breath needed to go over the peak of a mountain. So hold it and get over the top you will see blue sky!
  2. Hi folks, Just searched the prev. posts and did not find any info. regarding the question indicated in this post's title: i.e. when UNB admissions calculates GPA, will they calculate transcripts from colleges, graduate degree programs (master, Ph.D. etc.)? Why I am asking this question is because I saw "Applicants must arrange for the most current academic transcript from each university, college, or other post-secondary institution attended (both undergraduate and graduate) to be sent directly to the Law Admissions Office. Applicants currently enrolled in university courses should have a transcript of already-completed courses forwarded immediately and then, as courses are completed, have updated transcripts forwarded when they become available. It is particularly important to have marks for fall semester courses forwarded as soon as possible." from UNB's law website. Thanks for any reply. Now it is holiday season so I am unable to call them directly. Wish everyone a merry Christmas!