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  1. Great to know it — it means TRU begins to process Mature applications!
  2. Congratulations!! May I know when you completed your application? Thanks!
  3. I also really doubt why law schools such as UNB or Sask are doing such regional discriminational enrollment policy. Tbh but no offense those law schools would seem to me too childish/naiive to believe that the local applicants would be more likely to stay in their hometown for jobs after their graduations: given the average age of 20s for most of law school students, as youths who wouldn’t like to experience varieties or adventurous lives out of their own hometown, not to mention with much higher pay or better career opportunities? On the other hand, such policy may simply block any “non-local” people who truly want to settle down in the province where s/he can finish his law study. If those schools really intend to retain grads, I may come up with a better idea: charge “regional loyalty deposits” to anyone (no matter local or out of provincial people) going to be admitted and forfeit them if anyone leaves in X years after his/her graduation without contributing local communities sufficiently — the school can specify whatever year for X above; and “contribution” can be measured by many aspects: say pro bono service hours, or simply your tax paid to local government to meet certain specified amount in such X years, or any other measures as deemed appropriately. By implementation of such policy in place of the existing regional discriminatory policy, it seems to me at least to offer a fairer competition opportunity for each candidate no matter where you come from and help in keeping the law professionals most likely to contribute locally as those law schools wish.
  4. LSAT score expires in 5 years so you have abundant time to make decisions (I assume you got your 165 recently ).
  5. I checked LSAC and dindn’t see any testing place set in Toronto for the coming June’s test. Anyone noticed it?
  6. Thanks. Wish u good academic success in U of C!
  7. Congrats for all you guys! @jjp @rkathleen @ellehcim Do you plan to accept the offer? Thanks
  8. A technical advice is to get pass the bar exam as soon as you can. Your situation now may be just like one more breath needed to go over the peak of a mountain. So hold it and get over the top you will see blue sky!
  9. Hi folks, Just searched the prev. posts and did not find any info. regarding the question indicated in this post's title: i.e. when UNB admissions calculates GPA, will they calculate transcripts from colleges, graduate degree programs (master, Ph.D. etc.)? Why I am asking this question is because I saw "Applicants must arrange for the most current academic transcript from each university, college, or other post-secondary institution attended (both undergraduate and graduate) to be sent directly to the Law Admissions Office. Applicants currently enrolled in university courses should have a transcript of already-completed courses forwarded immediately and then, as courses are completed, have updated transcripts forwarded when they become available. It is particularly important to have marks for fall semester courses forwarded as soon as possible." from UNB's law website. Thanks for any reply. Now it is holiday season so I am unable to call them directly. Wish everyone a merry Christmas!
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