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  1. You may get advice more pertinent to your situation in Reddit as your goal is to practice the law in the States rather than in Canada. Good luck!😀
  2. Sorry to see it. I think you have a competitive enough stats to UNB so wonder if you can ask them to give the reason for the rejection. Cheers! BTW does UNB allow appeal for the application?
  3. I read the stats matrix of UManitoba of 2016&2017 and found that whoever got 170 or above LSAT can be admitted as long as the GPA is 2.0 above. So OP may have a strong shot for it!
  4. Just my 2 cents: you should have a solid chance to get in UNB if you can score 162+ with your own extenuating circumstances. I assume you don’t have any UNB or Atlantic connection (or maybe lower LSAT score then). For Dal the racing is more fierce— maybe 3.7 L2 GPA+164 still would not guarantee an admission ticket (anecdotely a guy with such decent stats was wait-listed and then rejected last year). But I feel such stats should have a shot at other L2 schools like Queens or Western, a better chance at USask, TRU and UManitoba. Hope it helps!
  5. Thanks! Like you said, the new tuition displayed in oxfordseminars will make much more sense if it is just for a semester rather than for a whole academic year.
  6. @leveredge Just wonder if there’s temporary storage space within EPJ residence for storing personal belongings for summertime. As we know we will leave the residence by May of each term, but can we leave and secure our belongings temporarily in EPJ before getting back at September? Thanks!😃
  7. Just checked http://www.oxfordseminars.ca/LSAT/lsat_profiles.php#universityofottawa and it lists the tuition of Ottawa's law school to be $10,691.67 for the coming 19 academic year, a nearly 50% reduction from the previous year -- $19,354.97. Is there anyone know any insights about such a tuition abatement?
  8. My status was changed in their online system 2 days following my acceptance letter via email notification of status changed.
  9. I may try McGill and Ottawa (both E/F) given your strong bilingual background if I were u.
  10. Even for USask you get a good shot given their low average admission stats: 3.3 &158. And they only consider L2
  11. You probably benefit more from practicing law when getting older, but suffer more as you age being a programmer.
  12. Mine is May 21. But I doubt many who want to go will make their acceptance b4 May 15, the deadline for applying EPJ Residence.
  13. At least for Ontario and NB, you can be called to its respective bar by articling locally.
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