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  1. At least on-line registration is not available for 2L by now. You’d better check your UNB email sent from Joanne Levison on July 9.
  2. Score 160+ in LSAT combining your master GPA and you may then become competitive to get into Dalhousie I believe, even greater chance if you apply under special consideration category given your working experience of decades. Good luck!
  3. I don’t see any rationale that can justify such non-refundable application fee, either. Would appreciate anyone’s thought on it if any.
  4. I was told to wait till Sept 15th, too. But it seems not reliable at all to me.
  5. It seems I will not be assigned to where I applied to or anywhere similar enough although I started my application as early as May 7th. So I just wonder if I can ask UNB Residence to refund my application fee so I can start looking for accommodation place myself right now. After all,$500 is not a small amount and can be used as part of rental deposit for my new sought place. Appreciate any experienced folks’ opinion.
  6. I just made a call to UNB Residence and was told the room assignment policy is to give priority to all returning students before new students, which seems a little surprising to me. I mean, many universities would do that in an opposite way: to assign room to new students and to encourage returning students to move out of campus dormitory as upper year students appear more familiar to campus surroundings than newbies and much easier to find off campus housing than the latter.
  7. I was told this morning that no single suites available at EPJ.
  8. Thanks a lot! I've emailed UNB Residence Admin and will make a call if not hearing from it in next few days.
  9. Hi all folks heading to UNB law school this fall including all upper classes, I applied campus residence online early this May indicating I am ONLY interested in EPJ. But today I checked the Portal and found myself being assigned to Macleod. Does anyone know it is a final assignment or not? I read the assignment message in which it explains it may be subject to change til end of August, but how likely is it going to happen? TBH I don't want to be told in late August that I can only live in Macleod and then rush to find some other living place. I just need a all-time quiet place without any distraction like parties or passing traffics by my door -- I suffered serious insomnia with prescriptions for years if you insist in asking me why I have such a preference. Did any upper class folks encounter the similar situation as where I am now at? How did you solve it eventually? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks for your kind refreshing what I learned years ago. At least from what the source you referred to, it explicitly grants paralegals under LSUC privileges of drafting legal documents (presumably including drafting contracts in authorized activities under 6(2)-4 and -6) under certain circumstances defined in 6(1).
  11. Could you kindly refer to the source which restricts or forbids paralegal to draft a contract? I was practicing as a paralegal of LSUC for a few years but never heard of it — at least from rule of conduct or any related legal source I was never aware of it. The only thing I knew may be relevant to is paralegal cannot touch any case with potentially $25,000 or more money in the legal dispute so they may not be allowed to draft any contact in such cases.
  12. Good news to hear that! UNB at least did not offer Construction Law in last year. I would hope it can offer it in next year when I am in my 2L.
  13. Dalhousie considers graduate CGPA, so I believe you will have a shot if you can score LSAT 160+
  14. Yeah, we do have reasons to worry the exact number of seats provided by Oxford. However, I wouldn't think Oxford's estimates in total seat numbers deviate more than 10% from the actual one -- partially credible evidence is that: you can check Oxford's estimate about seats in Ontario is very close to the number provided by OUAC (OUAC: 1500 ish for last few years; Oxford: 1430 assuming Lakehead 79). So unless actual seat numbers from non-Ontario law schools are far cry from Oxford's estimate (welcome any correction with evidence), I believe the actual acceptance odds this year are likely to exceed 40% by incorporating the above two updates into accounts: 1. missing seat number of UofA. 2. Oxford's estimate of lower number seats provided by Ontario law schools. "Acceptance odds" defines as below: the chance you can be accepted by at least one law school.
  15. No matter what the number of seats provided by UofA are missing from the calculation above, it will change the acceptance odds to be greater than my original estimate (somewhere around 40%). With respect to definition of "application", check the last page of the statistical chart and you can tell the applicants are defined under the context of "academic year", which refers to applicants for law school application instead of for writing LSAT (we all know LSAT itself doesn't involve the concept of academic years although it is used for applications under certain academic year). So I have no doubts in believing the 6745 applicants are accurate number of people applying Canada's law schools for this year as of now subject to following terms (as copied from the LSAT): • These data are displayed by Academic Year, which is the same as the law school enrollment year. For example, academic year 2018 or 2018-2019 would indicate the academic year beginning in the fall of 2018 and extending into spring 2019. • The Current Volume data tables include applicants for all academic terms. Current Volume reports published before 2018 summarized applicants for the fall term only and are not comparable to these new volume reports. • ABA data reflect applicants and applications for ABA-approved law schools. • Deferrals are not included in either the ABA or Canadian data. Deferrals are defined as "applicants admitted for a prior term who were granted a postponed enrollment to the current term." • Please note as defined in this report, an applicant is a candidate who submits one or more applications for any academic term. • The data for this report are updated every evening and will reflect current volumes as of that time. • This report is best viewed in Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or Safari.
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