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  1. I was accepted at my first choice and just declined my spot at Western. Sounds like an amazing school, a spot is opening up
  2. I have been accepted at my first choice and will be declining my spot at U of A today. So a spot will be opening up soon
  3. 🙌🙌😭 WOOHOOO (I'm freaking out as I'm typing this) I just got in off waitlist!!!! I was #10 as of May 16th, my stats are cGPA: 3.86/4.33 (with drops) LSAT: 160 Uvic is my top choice so I will be 100% accepting! Fingers crossed for those who are still waiting, there's some movement happening for sure!
  4. Yesss I would love to know this as well!
  5. Accepted this morning: L2 3.89/4, 160. Will be declining, good luck to those still waiting!
  6. Called today and was told I was waitlisted, 877.5 index. On the lower end but still hopeful and relieved its not a rejection 😅
  7. Accepted last friday: L2 3.89/4, 160 Will be declining
  8. Oh okay thanks. My index is 880 which is definitely low but I'm still hoping they may consider me for waitlist. I noticed last year there were lower stats than 880 that were waitlisted but it may be more competitive this year
  9. Just to clarify- Yours changed from Forwarded for Review to Decision Pending? Mine was the opposite- it was decision pending and then changed to Forwarded for Review. They were waiting for my Jan LSAT scores while my status was Decision Pending. Did you write the January LSAT?
  10. Mine changed from Decision pending to "App forward for review" yesterday. I wrote the Jan LSAT and noticed that my LSAT was also updated yesterday. Not too sure what it means but I've heard this is the step where your GPA is calculated etc. I've also heard that if your above the cut-off then you will be admitted but if you are under then it will be updated to "Law- to Committee for review" where the committee reviews your application holistically or decides if they will waitlist/ reject you. This is what I've gathered from other posts. Hope this helps!
  11. Accepted this morning!! L2: 3.89 LSAT 160 (Jan)
  12. Accepted today as well! L2 3.89/4 LSAT: 154, 160
  13. Hey I have a question regarding the pass/fail courses. I did a term abroad and on my undergrad transcripts they show up as pass but I also have the letter grades I received in the courses abroad from the international institution that I sent to Uvic. Do you know if they would include the exchange courses if the grades are provided or if they still don't include them? I'm going to ask admissions but just wanted to see if anyone had any experience regarding exchange credits.
  14. Thanks for the reply! Glad it's not just me.. Super frustrating lol
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