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  1. Any updates from Ravens, Perley-Robertson, Rasmussen Starr Ruddy, Nelligan or Soloway? In general or specifically from uOttawa?
  2. Has anyone heard from Ravens Law or Perley-Robertson for infirms?
  3. Fasken and BLG are sending out ITC's! Fasken sent an email and BLG called!
  4. It's ridiculously common. I may have been in the same PubCon class as above, because some classes there were only 13 people (I think one day there was less than 10?) in a class of 80. I did not like going, but ya know, I paid 20k to sit in the room so I'm going to sit in the room every single class. Some other classes maybe 1/3 wouldn't go on a semi-regular basis, but would for more important classes. Even with everyone going I knew dozens of people who did not open the textbook for some classes, just skimmed by on what the Prof said and hoped for the best (end result: they did not do well even with the COVID marking alterations). So those people, who did not show up, or did not read, and then got a poor grade 100% blame the professor and I can 100% see most of them writing a terrible review not because of the effort the prof made but because they didn't keep getting A's like in undergrad.
  5. I find the positive ratings to be fairly accurate, and the negative ratings to be very inaccurate. If you want to PM me about specific profs feel free to do so, just finished 1L
  6. They show course names in progress/planned, not the grades you have as you go through. For example mine currently state all the ones I will be taking in 2L but my transcript was empty throughout 1L until formal final grades came out for each class.
  7. Thank you all, this was honestly a very big concern to me so knowing that is not the reason I am not getting any offers makes me feel a lot better. I am very aware that many other factors will keep me from getting jobs (from the 1L recruit, to 2L, to articling to moving firms while practicing) I just wanted to clarify that good grades would not be a detriment. My CV might not be up to par, my interviewing skills can always improve, the firm might find another candidate a better fit, and all of these are to varying degrees of control I do or do not have over the situation. I simply wanted to ensure that my desire to practice would not be inhibited by my transcript because of some underlying issue recruiters have with higher grades (again, not because I see mine as the star spangled law grades, but because I was having this said to me, unprompted, in interviews and the comment was not connected to anything in my CV, transcript, or our communications thus far in the interview). There may be an issue with my CV and I will have that looked over before applying anywhere else, but I am honestly very very happy to know that this is not going to be a detriment to secure a job in a firm, and recognize this is a very weird concern to have. For the 1L job element of it, I went into law school knowing that these positions were nearly impossible to get as there were so few, and I did not think that I would be successful (though I hoped I would) nor that my grades would be any detriment to whether I did or did not land a position. It was only after I was being asked the same question within interviews of 'we are not academic, if you want that this is not for you/do you actually want to practice, this is not academic' (exaggeration to combine the feedback and show tone over an online forum) without any (perceived) prompting from myself or my CV. Honestly the question threw me for a loop as it was so unexpected and was not referenced just once. As for answering about my specific intentions I do want to practice law, the specific area I do not have narrowed down yet (as most do not after 1L) but I know I want it to include a fair amount of litigation or ADR concerning contracts, family, insurance, or commercial law (as of right now, who knows after 2L once I can take more specialized courses). So I hope that I was not presenting anything in a hope that I would be believed, I hope I was showing my true desire to practice law, but I do understand that my writing could use some work. As for my average it is an A-, the S does not factor in, and I personally wrote all of my final exams. Though it is correct that if you had completed sufficient work in the class you could keep your midterm grade - so only available for select courses depending on how the professor had organized the assignments. To clarify the question about interests that was in reference to the unprompted assumption that I did not want to practice, not that I thought we would discuss my hopes and dreams. It was to reference that I had not made any indication (that I know of) that I did not want to practice, and without being asked this, it was assumed that I did not. Thank you all! I feel much less stressed heading into OCIs and will absolutely have numerous people (in my CDO and my colleagues) look over my applications to ensure I am not presenting a persona that I am not intending to, and work on my interviewing skills. Thank you!
  8. Very true! I asked the Professor for feedback on my exam and so know exactly I went wrong and how to improve going forward, just did not want to post the whole spiel here.
  9. You are 100% right . The LRW doesn't concern me too much because I do not want to work in Toronto, and if I need to explain it within an interview I know it was the first exam I wrote at home during a global pandemic, and within my other courses I have marks based almost entirely (or entirely) on research and writing so I can refer employers to those experiences if I get in the door to an interview to hopefully make up for the C+. Thank you !
  10. Thank you all this is exactly what I was hoping to hear. I know my grades are not phenomenal (I am proud, I worked hard, but they are not shockingly good) and never would have lumped myself into this category if I hadn't had these specific experiences with interviewers questioning my ability/desire to work in a firm vs pursuing academia which was quite disenharetening as I went into all interviews knowing I would have to defend my S (which never even came up), but never thinking I'd have to defend my desire to work in a firm. So thank you all this has been very helpful!
  11. While it isn't safe to 'bank' on a cGPA of less than an A- getting you in, a solid number of students with a cGPA in the mid 70s do get in. Especially if you are willing to go anywhere do not give up. Good luck and I hope you crush the LSAT!
  12. The application also takes your debts into account, so if you have one, max it out, then try and get another they will see it (alone with OSAP) and base their decision on that. SO I'd say there is almost no chance of two banks allowing you to have a PSLOC at the same time. My current bank (I use Scotia for PSLOC, and CIBC for my normal account) keeps trying to offer me personal lines of credit for 10k though so you might have that option if you bank with two places, but I am pretty sure you won't be able to have two PSLOC's.
  13. I have my estimate (but it said the above beforehand). The only thing I am waiting on is my confirmation of money (which tends to be the estimate they gave) and I got my estimate on June 30th. I also began and finished my application on the day it opened
  14. So let me preface this with I do understand I am probably overthinking this. However, I have had a few interviews lately (unsuccessful) and have talked to upper years (not about me specifically, about the legal field generally) about this topic and multiple people seem to have the same opinion that high grades mean less law firm opportunities. I do not think my grades are the best, there are absolutely many, many students who have done much better. What my concern is that they are not 'the best' which opens up every opportunity but that they are also 'too good' to get a job practicing. My interviews have been starting with "Well, I see from your transcript that you did very well, good job, however if you're interested in the academic side of law we cannot provide that here so you may want to look somewhere else' without asking me about my interests first, and with a CV which focuses solely on the practice of law (in their areas) not the academic side. My colleges opinions seem to be 'high grades get you to an MA not to a firm". So, I figured I would post here, with all my grades laid out, where no one knows who I am so there is no bias, and ask: "Will my grades negatively impact my chances of practicing law?" For context I go to the University of Ottawa, all but my thematic (W) (not specified for confidentiality, it was a class of 20 students), ADR (J) and property (F) were year long courses. Torts: A+ Contracts: A Criminal: A- Property: A- ADR: B+ Thematic: B Legal Research: C+ PubCon: S I hope I am overthinking it and I have the same chance as everyone else come OCI's and articling, but with the COVID pandemic affecting firms and the shop talk law students do, I figured I needed some advice from those in the field, and not coming from a family who knows any lawyers, this forum is all I've got! Thank you in advance
  15. Once we get closed to September and the profs release what books they will be using all the 2Ls will be posting on the class of 2023 facebook group, I promise you there will be textbooks to spare. Might be a bit more difficult with people staying home for this next year but if you live in a bigger city or close to one you'll have someone near you who can sell you the books! Also since the course blocks are staying the same and the professors hardly ever switch books you'll be able to get all your textbooks for all your classes (except maybe your thematic) from one person at the same time.
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