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  1. Hey! None of us can see our full schedule's yet. That likely won't happen until the end of the month! There's a facebook group with all the accepted people (https://www.facebook.com/groups/uOttawaLaw2022/ and so once the schedules go up I'd assume that you would be able to see it here before it shows up on the forum!
  2. Yeah, with the Scotia PSLOC you have it split into the three payments and so you only get 41, 700 the first and second year, then the rest during the third. So there is no interest on that 41, 700 which you have access to until you take it out of the line to put into your account or pay bills BUT it also means that until your second year you only have that 41, 700. So with savings and other loans you should be good, and there is no interest accruing on the portion you do not have access to yet as well as the portion you have access to but have not used. However, for anyone who doesn't have savings or substantial OSAP coming in, that 41, 700 can get a little tight by the end of the first year.
  3. Each of the ones SneakySuspect listed are the small groups as when you select courses you only pick your small group and thematic. So those who take public law or torts as a small group will take criminal law as a large group. So the spaces above are a rough estimate of the spots left, and just means that the people who are accepted and pay their deposits now cannot do their small group as criminal law and so instead will take the course as a large group. So in total, if all those spots are open, there are still 45 spots left for people to register in courses.
  4. Just a small note, I would take these numbers as slightly inaccurate. Students can only select classes once their deposit has been paid and accepted by UOttawa (otherwise you cannot even access the registration section). So there are likely students who have accepted and paid and are waiting for the ability to select courses once the school accepts their deposits.
  5. Just got the email to activate my uOttawa email so if you've registered for courses yours should be coming soon!
  6. The seats were probably full! I'd join the incoming law facebook group we've all been talking on there about course selection since 10 when it opened! https://www.facebook.com/groups/uOttawaLaw2022/
  7. The tuition calculator can be found here: https://www.uottawa.ca/university-fees/ (search under undergrad programs as law school is a second entry undergrad). It'll be 9, 740.40 for Fall, and 9, 070.32 for winter. I'm assuming that when our email gets activated after we pick classes on the 20th they'll send an email with a deadline to pay, but normally its a week or two into September (which thankfully gives OSAP has time to do its thing).
  8. You have to take Torts, Criminal, OR Public and Constitutional law as a small group in 1L, the other two will be 'large group'
  9. So for the small group classes, you'd have public law (if that is your small group) only as a small group, no large lecture component? And then the tutorials are all completely separate from class?
  10. Now that the course timetables are posted online for1L's I had a question about the small group sessions in them. I see within them that all of the timetables are very similar within each small group type (e.g. Public Law A, B, C and D all have very similar timetables with minimal differences) and all contain the same 4 blocks of time for the seminars which are labeled B, B, C, D (For Public Law). I was wondering if the small group sessions run four times a week, and so in each timetable you should account for classes in times where they are all blocked off. Or, if the small group meets once a week and so if you are group A you go to seminar A, Group B seminar B etc. and do not have any class during the other tutorial sections even though they are listed on the timetable. Thanks!
  11. For first years you only search based on the thematic you’d want because we only get to pick that and our small group. Don’t search by term because not all of them stop at the end of December and you’ll get confusing results. The small group you pick (our other choice) determines the rest of your time table and the 16 options can be found here: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/enrollment/first-year-english-jd-programs so you’d find the small group you want and add that class code when enrolment goes live as well as the thematic you want. I haven’t gotten an email yet but I’m assuming it’s just pick your options of thematic and small groups and log onto uzone at the right time and pray there’s space in it once it finally loads and confirms your course enrolment.
  12. The courses are up on the search engine! https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/course_search_engine
  13. I believe based on this link: https://www.uottawa.ca/parking/parking-services/purchase-permit/students-location that UOttawa sells a pre-set amount of passes per parking location and so parking could be hard to find each day, but it also depends on your previous parking experience. My undergrad school had no parking pass limit on what they would sell, and anyone that was not faculty could park in the same lots as everyone else so parking was an absolute nightmare. I'm talking I once got there over an hour early, circled 5 different lots, and still couldn't find a spot I could park in so I had to use a metered spot so I could go to class. So you might have to circle for a couple of minutes to find a spot when you get there in the morning (but I am a 0L so I've never personally had to park on campus) but depending on your previous experience with parking it could be much better or much worse than it was at any previous location.
  14. Hey thanks for posting this! I have hard accepted Ottawa and am excited to begin in September! I was wondering, and know that everyone ends up having a different answer on this topic, how much time did you actually spend each week inside and outside of class focused on learning? I was looking at the schedules for 1L posted online from last year and it looks like there's about 35 hours of class each week, and then I've been told that there's about 1-2 hours per class block of reading to do outside of these times. I just wanted to get your perspective on that rough idea of how much class/outside work is required in 1L and based on how your specific year went, and how you succeeded or didn't do quite as well as you intended on certain matters, if you are pleased with your decision of how much studying and reviewing time you did or if the 20/20 vision from hindsight would have you make any large scale changes in how your 1L went. Additionally, if there are any excellent classes that you'd recommend as the first year thematic course, as that is really our only choice for the upcoming year, or any requirements within the first year thematics you'd advise incoming 1L's to avoid (such as large papers, small assignments, moots within the class for grades, etc.). Also, if there are any amazing places in the city to check out. In my undergrad I had a few bars and coffee shops I loved doing work in and meeting up with friends in, and was wondering what your favourite places are off campus, or any places to avoid either for studying or meeting up with people.
  15. Since there's only like 350 of us per year, and lots of condo options since Ottawa is a major city, I'm not sure if you'll find more than one or two buildings meeting the 'lots of law students' living in there but most people do tend to live in Sandy Hill (right by the university) so anyones place would be at most a 15 minute walk away which would make studying and hanging out easy to achieve!
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