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  1. If you look at the bookstore website (https://www.bkstr.com/ottawastore/home) and look at the textbooks you can see what you need / the max price you'd pay for them (just to warn you, it'll hurt), but in terms if pre-readings don't do any unless the prof says to!
  2. Honours BA with a double major in Political Science as well as Criminal Justice and Public Policy
  3. All books used but only in pencil. Bibles: $30 each LSAT PrepTests (only first 3 tests done in pencil): $10 each Workbooks: $15 each Selling in the GTA before Aug. 29 and in Ottawa after
  4. My admission email was an email that stated 'a decision has been made on your application, login to UZone to find out' or something along those lines. No acceptance information, not 'congratulations', just that statement with the UO background and this was in December. So it really doesnt matter at all except its a clue to login and check what happened. So long as UZone and OLSAS say you've been accepted, the email really doesnt matter.
  5. They aren't full syllabus' but a general outline of the course can be found at the course search engine (https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/course_search_engine) Make sure to only narrow by first-year thematic. Also, I just checked and according to my account both of those courses are full for the normal JD track. So unless you are in a program other than the regular JD it looks like there's only space in Disability Rights, Indigenous Legal Mechanisms, Law Legal Orders and CILT, and Women Religion and Law.
  6. I just checked the course openings again and Prof. Chartrand has 10 spots open, the rest of the 16 small groups are all full. So it looks like there is a max of 10 people left to be admitted, but that does not factor in how many people have accepted and not selected their small group yet. Sorry guys!
  7. Would it not be more useful or beneficial to post this information in the forum itself rather than have individuals PM you? When choosing which university I wanted to pursue, college was what my parents wanted me to choose, specifically the Humber program you mention. Before applying to undergrad (in 2014) I called all the admissions offices at every Ontario law school (Lakehead did not yet exist) and each and every one of them told me they would not accept the program for admission into their law school. I also called the Law Society of Ontario (then the Law Society of Upper Canada) and they told me they had no one on record with only a BAA, and the three that did have one also had an undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Many of the people I talked to were quite mad that the admissions person at Humber had told me I could apply with their BAA to law school because they found it wholly and completely incorrect and would make no exceptions. However, I did not call outside of the province as I intended to do schooling then practice in Ontario. So if your intention is to benefit those who are choosing schools and wish to pursue a JD in Canada, it would be more helpful to post it here, where anyone can access the information without making an account and having to wait for you to respond to their message, and where others in the legal community can add information so applicants aren't mislead by your one personal experience, rather than posting this and keeping the actual relevant information a secret.
  8. As of this morning there are 14 spots left in Chartrand's Torts and the rest are full!
  9. I got really bored today so decided to look up the spots left to help people out with the waiting since by now deposits should have been paid and people should have picked their courses. Public and Constitutional Law Small Group: Chen, Pal, and Kirkup: 0 St. Lewis: 1 Criminal Law: Hodgson, Rich, Cairns, Gilbert: 0 Torts: Collins (x2), Hecht, Currie, Feldthusen, Carsley: 0 Chartrand: 15 Yun Liew: 4 So it looks like there is a maximum of 20 spots left if you assume everyone who has accepted and paid their deposit has picked their courses.
  10. Hey! None of us can see our full schedule's yet. That likely won't happen until the end of the month! There's a facebook group with all the accepted people (https://www.facebook.com/groups/uOttawaLaw2022/ and so once the schedules go up I'd assume that you would be able to see it here before it shows up on the forum!
  11. Yeah, with the Scotia PSLOC you have it split into the three payments and so you only get 41, 700 the first and second year, then the rest during the third. So there is no interest on that 41, 700 which you have access to until you take it out of the line to put into your account or pay bills BUT it also means that until your second year you only have that 41, 700. So with savings and other loans you should be good, and there is no interest accruing on the portion you do not have access to yet as well as the portion you have access to but have not used. However, for anyone who doesn't have savings or substantial OSAP coming in, that 41, 700 can get a little tight by the end of the first year.
  12. Each of the ones SneakySuspect listed are the small groups as when you select courses you only pick your small group and thematic. So those who take public law or torts as a small group will take criminal law as a large group. So the spaces above are a rough estimate of the spots left, and just means that the people who are accepted and pay their deposits now cannot do their small group as criminal law and so instead will take the course as a large group. So in total, if all those spots are open, there are still 45 spots left for people to register in courses.
  13. Just a small note, I would take these numbers as slightly inaccurate. Students can only select classes once their deposit has been paid and accepted by UOttawa (otherwise you cannot even access the registration section). So there are likely students who have accepted and paid and are waiting for the ability to select courses once the school accepts their deposits.
  14. Just got the email to activate my uOttawa email so if you've registered for courses yours should be coming soon!
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