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  1. still waiting, and I have firmly accepted UOttawa
  2. Does this mean that there are no automatic bursaries? All financial awards you'd have to apply for? You don't automatically qualify for any anymore?
  3. Rejected yesterday with the super long email. LSAT 157, cGPA 3.57, L2 3.59. Not surprised but didn't hurt to apply!
  4. Be cautious of the 'degree' program being offered through your school. When applying to University, an admissions rep at a College said they offer diploma's and BAA's (Bachelor of Applied Arts) in Paralegal studies that people who do this program go through to become lawyers. I thought this sounded strange so I called the Law Society of Ontario, as well as six law schools asking if they would accept someone with that degree and they said no. The law schools required the degree to be from an accredited university offering four year honours degrees (as you can only be admitted to law school with a general degree (3 year) if you are accepted while pursuing a four year honours degree and graduate early to begin law school). The law society said some members have this 4 year BAA, but they also have a 4 year degree from an accredited university and it is that 4 year degree that allowed them to apply to law school. For admittance into any Canadian Common Law law school you must write the LSAT and have a degree (or be near the end of completing the degree). The distinction between a Mature student application is in the focus they put on your grades, as maybe you had no intention of doing law and so did not feel the need to work exceptionally hard during undergrad to achieve very high grades, and in the reference letters they accept, as when you are five years or more out of undergrad it's unlikely any professor can write you a meaningful academic reference so the requirements for your references are changed as well. However, you do still need the university education and the LSAT score in order to be eligible to be accepted by any of the schools. If your college does offer a degree program transfer option, I would absolutely call the Law Society of the province you hope to practice in, or attend school in, to see if they accept it. Or, if you want to DM me I can tell you which program it was as I do not want to publicly insult a college when it could have been the fault of the person not the college itself who told me about the ability to go to law school.
  5. Hey Ryn, Thanks for doing this thread! I had a question about the dual degree's you can apply to. If I wanted to pursue the dual JD/(MBA/MES/MA/LLB) does that factor into the consideration of the committee at all? Like if I were to apply to one of these programs, and get into the Masters component, would I be at an advantage of getting into the JD program? Or are they completely different? Do you have any idea how the admissions for the dual programs work? Thanks!
  6. Do those bursaries apply to everyone or is there a form to fill out? Do you have to be below a certain income bar? Are they similar to OSAP where 5 years out they do not consider any parental earnings or do those still factor in?
  7. I was also accepted in December but I am 99.9% sure that all people accepted before April 1st have until April 1st to accept (even those accepted March 31st) and then once the schools get those hard acceptances or provisionals they send out the remainder of the acceptances/take people off the wait list. Unless they changed it this year the April 1st deadline applies to all who have been accepted before April 1st.
  8. Rejected today. LSAT 157, cGPA 3.57, L2 3.59, great references and good ECs
  9. Only JUST got my first email being invited to the open house....... the day after they rejected me. Seriously? They couldn’t have updated their list to remove the people they’d already rejected?
  10. In my experience (last year) UofT was the first to reject after third rounds were done, Osgoode came next like over a month later, and the rest weren't until May. Windsor last year put me on the wait list in april and then took me off within 48 hours so rejecting in february is super early and not normal (at least in my experience).
  11. Rejected this morning, 157 LSAT, cGPA 3.57 L2 3.58, said 'Referred- Admissions Committee' before I was rejected Was wait listed last year with the same stats and a 155 so no clue what happened this year to get rejected in Feb with a higher LSAT.......
  12. I am (almost definitely) moving to Ottawa from the GTA, and since I want a one bedroom apartment close to campus I have started looking, but unless I find the most absolute perfect place I dont want to start paying rent anywhere until July or ideally August. So I'd start your research now so you know price range and normal amenities in the places (AC, in unit laundry, roommates vs alone, etc.) but try and save as many months of wasted rent as possible! The place you're going will also show you what types of leases are available. The city I did my undergrad in was almost entirely students which meant that all the rental units started leases in April (but sublets were available anytime) but in bigger cities with more professionals and adults renting hosues the leases are less school term based so you have more selection.
  13. I'm reading all the books on my bookshelf I never got to in undergrad, spending as much time with my friends as I can and going on mini trips, watching the TV shows and movies I didn't get around to in undergrad (literally JUST starting GOT) and dedicating a good amount of time to finding an apartment and furnishing it so I don't break the bank but also have somewhere decent to live!
  14. I slightly altered my LOR's and completely re-wrote my PS's. The first time I applied I did two academic references, the second I did two academic and one non-academic because I was afraid that for the schools that pull two at random wouldn't like to see the non-academic if it came up. However, then realized that was kind of ridiculous as my non-academic was probably my strongest letter as I had my strongest connection with my boss of 4 years vs. my professors of 2. I also changed one of my academic references as the professor I had in second semester, and who supervised my thesis, would have been in a better position to write my reference this year vs. the contract professor (who was a sitting judge) who only saw me for four months and wrote me a reference in my first application cycle. He still wrote me a strong letter, but for the second time applying the other professor had more experience with my work and so could write a more detailed letter which could cover more interactions and more writing (she also supervised my thesis, which was complete for this application cycle, but which was only 1 month in for the first one and who I had not submitted any pieces of writing for yet). I personally had to completely re-write my PS's because the first time I applied I was in the first few months of fourth year, vs the second time I had finished fourth year, graduated, and spent a full summer home. So my perspective and what I could say was very different. If you wrote a generic and non-temporal PS then you could leave it the same (have some people look it over though) but if you did it like I did where much of it was based on where I was in that exact moment then you'll have to re-write. If you want to see an example pm me! Disclaimer: I got waitlisted at Windsor (for about 48 hours then rejected) last cycle, this cycle I was accepted to UofO early in the cycle (Dec. 18th) and applied to all Ontario schools except Lakehead both cycles
  15. Maaaaaybe, but from my perspective that's losing out on potential 'yes'' because those who are already not as keen to go to your school don't get the opportunity to visit and see what you have to offer so the schools are just putting themselves at a disadvantage to convince those who are not already a yes
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