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  1. Did you request another transcript? You have to order another one and pay another fee for the updated transcript it won't automatically be sent or updated
  2. I'm in the same boat! I think we just wait for the classes to get released and do all the external stuff (find a place, get a LOC, OSAP, find a favourite hard alcohol to chug when it comes to finals or a bad cold call and stock up on it, etc.) and then once we enrol in classes we'll (I'm assuming) get an email about the tuition deadline, possibly about activating our gmails, and then everything class related is done until the orientation on September 2nd!
  3. I paid the deposit 2+ weeks ago since I hard accepted so I'm not sure because it did take a little while to post to my account but it had been posted for at least a week before I could see those^ features on the Student Centre
  4. It's within uZone (in the Student Center), I see mostly upper year courses listed so far but I have the ability to access it and load my shopping cart so I'm assuming the first year courses will be released shortly!
  5. *edit, June 20th not 21st oops and I checked this morning and I can see the courses have been released yay!
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew when the courses will be released so we can look at what is running for F19-W20. I know the deadline to pick courses (or rather a block of 1Ls) is June 21st at 10am and that 1Ls really don't have choice except for their small group and their January course. However in my undergrad they released the course options what felt like two months in advance so I am hoping I didn't miss where they're released just so I can see what my timetable options would be.
  7. Thanks for the additional info! This makes me much less stressed about my previous applications than I was after hearing them speak.
  8. My university did an event where professors gave tips for applying to graduate school and law school and focused a lot on reference letters and discussed how they'd been instructed to talk about the students ranking in comparison to others within the class they were taking. Meaning that it did not matter if the professor liked you or if you were a 'good student' overall but that you needed to be a good student in comparison to their other students in the class you had taken with them in order to receive a favourable reference. However, they also mentioned that this could be done at any point in the semester, but the positive or negative elements of your reference were directly related to how you were performing in comparison to the other students in your class.
  9. Sooner is always better, as they open late August (around the 25th) and are due November 1st, so you never want to be in a state where you ask them late October and they say no, but they also have no access to the reference page until the applications open so asking right now is not imperative. For an employer I don't think they would frown on you asking for a reference to pursue a legal degree unless you have signed a contract or stated you explicit intention, as well as their agreement, of you staying in the role on a permanent basis after graduation. It also depends on how confident you are that they will say yes. I asked mine early September because I was certain they would say yes, but if you think there is a chance they may not I would ask much sooner (August, July) so you have an answer and can proceed accordingly. For the professor definitely wait until grades are back as references from professors focus on your ranking within the class you are taking with them and so they cannot write them before receiving grades from you in an upper level course.
  10. Rejections don't show up on OLSAS only offers will
  11. For me it depended on the reference and how long I had known them for. For those you already have a relationship with before the application opens I'd say more time and more of a heads up is better. However, for some that is not possible because you might be taking the academic references class for the first time the semester the applications were due. This was the case for one of my references so I asked once I had gotten a grade back from him, he asked me for additional work I had done outside of class, and then agreed to do my reference so he would have more information to base it off of. So for non-academic and any academics you currently have relationships with, more notice is better. For academic references who you will only be meeting the semester the application is due I would wait until you have one grade back (minimum, but since it has to be upper year classes even that might not be possible by Nov. 1) so they have a grade to look at when making their decision.
  12. I can't see mine either (have been accepted) but I found this on their page when I tried to click around and Maintenance Activities Friday May 3rd from 10:00 PM to May 4th at 10:00 AM. We are currently performing maintenance activities on the servers. We regret any inconvenience these interruptions may cause.
  13. Yup! The line is active and on my account now! One thing that the representative told me that was news to me was that the line of credit is split up into three instalments. So I have access to the first instalment (41k) now and the rest of it is guaranteed (41 in 1L and the rest in 3L) to come to me, but I wont have access to those amounts until those times.
  14. Just heard back after submitting my documents and my line of credit is approved based on the acceptance, but when I pay tuition I need to send them the proof of that so they can add it to the file!
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