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  1. Hey guys! basically the above question. I'm currently enrolled in my last term and I was wondering if my winter term marks will be considered at all for this cycle? would really appreciate some insight because it is unclear on OLSAS and I haven't gotten much clarity through looking over past forum threads!
  2. I received another email as well about the open house. are any of you guys going? I'm not sure about attending if I'm not even accepted yet 😭
  3. It really reassures me that there are others in my similar boat! I rly hope we all can get in and not be waitlisted!
  4. L2: 3.76 or 3.8 if rounded LSAT: 154 Index Score: 238.6 or 239.5
  5. we're getting pretty late in the cycle here and my application has been pending since I sent my fall transcripts in. I don't mean to be impatient but is anyone else also in this boat? I'm getting pretty worried !!!
  6. I also recieved the open house invitation just now. I recieved no indication of admittance—they said they would get back to me around March!
  7. I know I think that's the worst part for me--I was so close to not having to be in limbo now!
  8. Yes I definitely will if I don't get in anywhere I want! I really studied for months though and only got 154 😕 I'm not sure why I think my test anxiety got to me.
  9. That actually really boosted my self confidence--thank you!! I'm happy to at least have a shot
  10. I would agree. I was actually rejected from Calgary a few days ago. Thanks everyone for your input!
  11. Rumour has it first wave of offers for U of A is over. I've already been rejected from UCalgary, do you guys think I have a shot here? predictive index is 238.6 or 239.6 depending on if they round me to a 3.8 GPA. Be blunt, I can handle it.
  12. Rejected yesterday. It wasn't my top choice by far so not too worried. CGP: 3.31/4.33, L2: 3.8 LSAT: 154
  13. Hey guys, Basically just what the title says. I've applied UCalgary, UAlberta, TRU, Ottawa, Osgoode, USask, and Queens. I'm pretty worried as we're now into March. I'm not sure how much anyone can reasonably answer this, but does this mean I will likely be rejected from all of them? stats are L2: 3.8 CGPA: 3.31 LSAT: 154
  14. I didn't get an email notification, It just showed an update on Oasis made on February 27th that said I was in queue for review.
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