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  1. Refused !! Cgpa 3.31 lsat 154
  2. just got an email saying my status changed on uozone but I can't check it!! the under evaluation box is no longer there--does anyone know how to check their status on uozone without it?
  3. Haven’t had an update either 😕
  4. sorry I didn't email it actually, I requested from my university to send it to them. so it was a secure document
  5. Thank you! The one I was referring to was the Calgary open house
  6. Specifically I'm asking for the dress code for the upcoming open house. It seems to be business casual for other universities however I'm unsure where UofA lies on this. Generally, what is the dress code for women in Law school? Do we have to wear suits or are below the knee dresses okay with a blazer?
  7. Yes you’re correct my mistake.
  8. Initially I had wanted to go to the east to practice. However since hearing about the bilingual advantage in addition to the overall competitiveness on the east (because of all the law schools and subsequent grads) I’m starting to have serious doubts. I don’t really love the idea though of being stuck in alberta my whole life.
  9. Declined my offer so it will open up a spot !! Best of luck to all of you waiting !!
  10. Hi All, I really need some help deciding between these two. Below I will list the reasons why. UAlberta Pros : PROS: I'm born and raised in Calgary so I will be able to move all of my things up there no problem My partner goes to university in Calgary so it would be easier to visit him throughout the year The tuition cost is much lower (~$13,500) as well as the standard of living (no PST). I know I would save a lot of money on rent and food as well as tuition. Alberta Human Rights Commission connection is a huge plus for the career path I would like to take in law. CONS: My whole family has recently moved to Toronto and I'm very close with them. I'm worried about being so far away from my support system. UOttawa Pros: PROS: I will be closer to family if I attended Uottawa. They offer a specialization in social justice which I would definitely do. The potential to have a different experience as I have grown up in Calgary my whole life. I have heard it may have the better reputation in terms of law schools, but I am unsure about how accurate that it. CONS: Extremely expensive tuition ($20,000) which will mean I will need to cut costs on an apartment and food. I don't speak French. I have heard from multiple people that when you graduate this will definitely impact job opportunities. I'm unsure to what extent this is true and would like insight if anyone has it. I would really appreciate your input!!!!
  11. No problem!! My advice if you just graduated this year is to mail to them your winter term grades! best of luck to everyone still waiting!!!
  12. Accepted off of the Waitlist today! L2: 3.8 lsat: 154
  13. Accepted off of the Waitlist! L2: 3.8 lsat: 154
  14. is it safe to say that everyone still left will most likely be placed on the waitlist?
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