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  1. congratulations to everyone! Does anyone know if firms send out all ITC emails the same day? Or are they also emailing tomorrow?
  2. wow congratulations everyone !!! Has anyone heard from Alexander Holburn, Farris or Whitelaw ??
  3. Thanks! I haven't received an email back yet, but I think today we're suppose to hear about second rounds? Has anyone heard back from firms yet?
  4. I lived in newton, it is horrible. very old units and overpriced. my advice don't go w anything affiliated w the university. we also all got kicked out due to covid and were given 4 days to get out. I'm also pretty sure residence isn't even going to be an option in the Fall due to covid. there's a lot more affordable options around the law centre.
  5. @adVenture Thank you for your post. I think one of the main issues for me is that I had really been looking forward to law school my whole life and built the whole thing up in my head. I had thought that since we were older it would be a welcoming and inclusionary space so I guess when reality struck it was disappointing. I don't mean to come off as malicious or negative, but I guess it did have to do with feeling very let down. That being said I will definitely try to implement the strategies you mentioned and take care of myself. Thank you again! @Diplock Thank you for your advice--I guess you're right I shouldn't look at it as being the end of the world and rather that this is just the nature of the law school experience. I appreciate that perspective a lot as I genuinely felt like there was an expectation to be a social person and make tons of friends. It is actually very liberating to think that it doesn't have to be like that and it really just school. @Scheherazade I think you're definitely right about the cliquey nature being about insecurity. I'm glad that other people have shared a similar law school experience and I'm not a complete freak for struggling. Anyways, thank you to everyone again that's written in this thread--I really do appreciate everyone's support. This thread has reminded me that though law school might not be what I had thought, I'll graduate before I know it and move on to pursing a career I enjoy!
  6. Thank you everyone for your input--I really do feel a lot better after reading everyone's responses! I'm definitely feel a lot more motivated and positive towards the whole experience :)
  7. probably because you're an extroverted/not awkward person! Just confirms that everyone else is fitting in! But thanks for your input. I really appreciate that. I'll try to think about how there's probably one other person that feels this way. Thank you! I wish you were in my cohort, as I feel the whole process is very draining without friends. Thanks to everyone that has a written in the thread--I really appreciate everyone's advice. Today I felt a lot better knowing other people are experiencing this and that it is a general tone of law school to be like a high school. At least it isn't just me. Feeling more positive already!
  8. It makes me feel better know other people are also in my same boat—thank you for writing in the thread. Thank you so much to everyone that responded—I really appreciate feeling like there is a community I can lean on. I’ll try to implement these strategies into my routine and hopefully things will improve by the end of the fall :)
  9. Lucky you! thanks for the advice. Thank you for you advice! I feel a lot better knowing other people all struggle to get the material to stick! I will try to do what I can to talk to people more.
  10. I really do feel like its a high school. I'll try my best to join some EC's. Thank you so much for your advice!
  11. Hi everyone, I don't mean to come off like i'm complaining or annoying. I just am really struggling and need advice. So far its been three weeks of law school and I've been going home every day feeling so depressed. I sleep until 8pm when I get home then wake up and do the readings and then go to sleep after 1am. I don't feel like the material is clicking with me and the classes move so fast. I also am truly struggling to make friends. Everyone in my cohort is very cliquey and they aren't friendly. No one is willing to let me sit with them or talk to me during group discussions --they just turn to their friends and discuss the material. I started going into class with 5 minutes before class starts every day and sitting in the back of the room. It's a very exclusionary environment and I really feel I've become some type of outcast because I'm so socially awkward. I moved to a new city for law school and left all my friends and partner in my hometown so that makes me feel even more alone. I don't know if this is normal and if anyone else has experienced this. Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with this? I really don't know how I'm suppose to survive the year like this.
  12. ok I see! thank you both for the clarification!!
  13. Oh ok I see! Will they be given out during orientation? Thank you so much for the clarification!
  14. I was hoping to get a locker in the Law Centre but I heard from a 2L that everyone is given one and its paid for in their fees already. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks !
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