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  1. Accepted this morning! cGPA: 3.08 L2: 3.51 LSAT: 165 Will be completing my MBA this spring.
  2. I was waitlisted first which was back in November or December. It said that they were full back then which of course was not correct at that time.
  3. Rejected today. Cgpa: 3.08 L2: 3.51 LSAT: 165 Will have my MBA in a few months.
  4. Waitlisted today. Cgpa: 3.08 L2: 3.51 LSAT: 165
  5. Rejected today. Expected. 3.08 CGPA 3.51 L2 165 LSAT
  6. They were not sure. I was trying to access RAMSS from my school WiFi which for some reason still doesn't work. On my home WiFi I can access it fine though. Kind of weird, but it works for me now.
  7. Cgpa: 3.08 L2/B2: 3.45 LSAT: 165 MBA degree. No Saskatchewan connection. Not sure about my chances in Ontario (Ont resident), so I would like to apply here. Do I have a chance? Thanks.
  8. Hoping you're wrong about not having an advantage being earlier on the wait list!
  9. Thank you for the info. I would love an acceptance at Windsor.
  10. Thank you, hoping so! I was under the impression I had a much better shot at Western than Queens, maybe not?
  11. Mine yesterday said "incomplete" but listed no tasks. Today waitlisted.
  12. 3.08 cGPA 3.51 L2 165 LSAT MBA will be completed soon.
  13. Got an email this morning that I am on the waitlist. My Windsor account has also been updated to "waitlisted". Not sure exactly what that means this early?
  14. Congrats! did you receive a call, email, or see on OLSAS?
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