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  1. if you think it has any chance of being your top choice if you get in, then its certainly worth the $100.
  2. OUAC still hasn't recieved my spring marks. Is this normal? Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. Still haven't recieved a response... No rejection, nothing. Should I contact the admissions committee?
  4. I was looking for details on this, in past years a lot more people posted in the waitlist threads , and the one I looked at, not a single person posted saying they were accepted :P. I asked someone at the school and they said there usually wansnt much movement, but there definitely have been acceptances given out each year, as late as August. It seems like a lot less ppl have posted in this waitlist thread than last years tho so that's a good sign! I'd say odds are not good honestly but there's still some hope.
  5. I spent a large chuck of my undergrad commuting to school and actually really learned to enjoy the time alone to work without many distractions, but obviously the workload in undergrad is considerably less. You can get unlimited train travel passes from Via as a student. It looks like it takes about three hours door to door. That would mean about 30 hours of commuting per week, but most of that time you could spend working, so I feel the only part that would really feel like "commuting" would be the time between my place in Toronto and Union, and from the Kingston train station to school. The train ride is about 2 hours and I feel it could be comperable to working in a library. I would love to save $6000+ per year and be able to spend more time with my girlfriend. Has anyone attend Queens and have info about when classes start and end (earliest and latest) each day, and approximately how many classes they had that start at 9am or end at 9pm? Did anyone you know try this, and would you strongly advise against it? Thanks!
  6. No idea what my index is, stats are LSAT 169 CGPA: 3.0 B3: 3.8
  7. Me too. In currently taking 2 courses and an 19/20 but I guess they need to see these last credit to figure out if they want me lol...
  8. I was averaging 166. First test was a 159, second test was a 169 My major piece of advice: don't try and get a 180 on test day. Don't go to war with difficult questions. You need to repeat what you do during practice tests, which is give up when you get stuck and move on. It's easy when the stakes are low, but some people feel like they shouldn't give up a mark, waste time and end up giving up three in the process. Also, I would sign up for two LSATs before you even write the first. That way you know your literally already enrolled for the next one and it will help with the nerves. Its really important that you realize that it's totally fine to not have a good test and rewrite. If you end up wasting the second one your down $150 but your up a great LSAT score.
  9. Make sure you actually confirm your provisional acceptance by resubmitting your entire application... All the bars on the side should disappear for a few days just like when you submitted your app for the first time. Simply provisionally accepting and then clicking submit on the choices / offers page doesnt actually do anything to update your application.
  10. i have 169 LSAT, L2 = 3.8 and haven't heard back My CGPA is 3.0 tho, i got straight 50s my first year. perhaps western has started moving towards a more holistic admissions process?
  11. Thank you! i ended up calling OUAC to be sure, and these answers are all correct
  12. This is something you may read about online, but it's mostly because of the way the American system works (high tuition and lots of scholarships). I have never heard of anyone successfully leveraging a scholarship in Canada, but I think as long as it's done modestly there's no harm in trying.
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