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  1. Thank you! i ended up calling OUAC to be sure, and these answers are all correct
  2. This is something you may read about online, but it's mostly because of the way the American system works (high tuition and lots of scholarships). I have never heard of anyone successfully leveraging a scholarship in Canada, but I think as long as it's done modestly there's no harm in trying.
  3. I provisionally accepted an offer, and then a box appeared above my choices claiming I needed to resubmit my application. When I clicked on it, it listed my entire application, and I scrolled to the bottom and hit submit. It then asked me to pay $0, I hit submit again, and now my application looks the same as it did when I first submitted in October... All the sections on the left have disappeared. Is all this normal? I didn't just reset my whole application did I? I find this website anxiety inducing.
  4. I won't be attending Bora Laskin but have spent a decent chunk of time living in Thunder Bay. It's not a particularly walkable city, but if you can get a bike you can get from one side of town to the other in under half an hour. Public transport is decent to the university so as long as your house is also close to a bus stop it won't be too bad. There's a lot of nice breakfast places close to the school. There's also a lot of poverty. Lots of indigenous poverty in particular, which obviously has roots in oppression and racism which is definitely still alive and well. Although many people from southern Ontario may see Thunder Bay as a small town, its actually essentially the hub of the north, the closest thing to a big city of hundreds of kilometers in every direction. It's the lifeblood of the many rural towns all over northern Ontario and lots of the people you meet may have driven in from a few hours away and are picking up supplies and whatnot. As with anywhere you live, its really what you make of it. There's a lot of crime, additions, people with poorly addressed mental health issues, but this means there is also a lot of opportunity to make a positive difference as a lawyer.
  5. Hey folks, i had a few questions about provisional acceptances. (the schools i'm listing as examples are not based on my actual situation and don't reflect any sort of opinion about the schools) By putting a school down as a provisional acceptance, does that mean if i get a firm offer from the school i am waiting on, is my offer to the previous school which i was provisionally accepted too is immediately declined? For example, lets say i provisionally accept Ottawa, and put down Western as a school I am waiting on. If Western sends me an offer, does this immediately void my Ottawa offer? I.e, should i only list schools that i am waiting on as schools which i am sure i would prefer over the school I currently have an offer from? Is there an opportunity to review the details of the offer, for example, the bursary/scholarship money, before making a final decision? Secondly, what happens if i list two schools as wait and see, for example, i am accepted to Ottawa and waiting on Western and Bora Laskin. What happens to my Bora Laskin offer if i receive the offer from Western? Finally, are there different rules for provisional acceptances across different schools? Thanks!
  6. I was waitlisted today LSAT 169, CGPA: 3.00 B3: 3.8 Mediocre ECs Decent PS Either way you all sound like impressive future lawyers and I'm proud to share the waitlist with each and every one of you
  7. Just recieved the waitlist email. Anyone know the approximate % of people who end up getting an offer after being waitlisted?
  8. I would definitely plan to overstudy and then realize you feel ready and cut down, rather than understudy and feel stress as your approach the exam. When I studied I didn't do it in an efficient way, essentially I practiced by just jamming test after test, and then realized months in I should have bought a prepcourse. I went with 7sage because it was the cheapest I could find, although im sure there are others. For actual hour estimate, The 7sage course is 100-150 hours depending on how long you spend on the practice questions. I would highly recommend doing a course and most are around this long I believe. Try not to spend too much 7sage is $180 and I know there are a few others at this price range. After the course, you should aim to do at least 30-40 timed preptests, and each test should have a blind reivew after. This is where you go over every question you are unsure about with unlimited time, and look to change answers. Each timed preptest is 5 hours and each blind review is 1-3 hours, so let's say 8*number of preptests, let's say you decide to do 30, then that's another 240 hours. If you want to have a decent chance of maximizing your potential score, your looking at a minimum of 400 hours, but you might need more than this, I personally probably spent 800 hours. Everyone's different, and I'm sure some really high scorers did less than this, but many others follow this method and end up doing nearly every preptest available. I personally I was able to increase my score almost 30 points from my diagnostic and I firmly believe pretty much anyone can see huge gains in there LSAT if they study efficiently and put the work in.
  9. Some others have PMd me as well. It sounds like a deferral is a firm committment to attend the flowing year, and if I decide to wait on law school this year I won't be able to make that commitment at this time anyways. I should either attend this year, or just reapply when I feel ready. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. I was wondering if anyone had any information about Deferring acceptance to a law school, (Queens), until next year. I have a personal situation which may make focusing on school during the next year difficult and I want to make sure I can go into 1L giving 100%, I only really have one shot at it and I don't want to risk not being focused. Im not sure what to do and am considering taking a year to reassess. I still haven't heard back from Osgoode and U of T. I have nothing against Queens, but Living in Toronto thought this situation would be very helpful so if I don't get into either of these schools, and I end up not attending law school this year, I would likely want to try and reapply and get in next year so I could try and stay in Toronto for the following year if need be. Does Queens allow you to apply elsewhere next year while maintaining a deferral? Also, more broadly , has anyone ever deferred an acceptance and have any advice about the situation? Thanks.
  11. Queens bursary application is asking for the OLSAS number, is this the same as the OUAC reference number formatted 2019-XXXXXX? Thanks!
  12. Sorry for asking a question and not replying, I didn't receive notifications for some reason. Thank you for the information, this is very helpful! Also good to know I can look at the offer before accepting.
  13. Thanks for doing this! I'm in sort of a unique circumstance, I have a high LSAT (169) and low CGPA (2.95). My GPA has been 3.8+ for the past 4 simesters. I have a few questions... 1. How much does an upward trend offset poor marks? 2. I applied in the access category because I bombed my first year due to health problems. I wrote my personal statement about overcoming these issues, and emphasized my latter marks are a better representation of my ability. That being said, I never submitted any medical documentaiton. I was never prompted too and figured the admissions committee would reach out to me if they wanted proof of diagnosis, but reading through this thread it sounds like you are actively looking for documentation when you evaluated. Should I reach out to Osgoode and send them this documentation now?
  14. You need to contact OUAC, and they can advise you on this situation. You should likely follow up by contacting the schools admissions department directly. You maybe could get them to maintain your offer if your actual GPA is better than the one you submitted. My advice would be very proactive about this, and as shitty as it is just try and relax, it's an honest mistake that could happen to anyone.
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