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  1. Feels like i've been pending review forever..
  2. It means they haven't seen our application yet. The holistic approach Windsor takes for admissions takes much longer than index schools.
  3. Does today's acceptances conclude the final round until April? Or does it usually span across a few days and there be more this week?
  4. Safe to assume that Pending Review = Your application has not yet been considered?
  5. Possible that people who have applied in previous years did not receive the email, but those who are new applicant did?
  6. If you're referring to January's LSAT score release - to my knowledge Windsor does not consider this score for Single JD admissions.
  7. Has anyone been changed from "Referred for Review" to" Referred for Ad Comm" ?
  8. Curious to know how your CGPA will go from 3.26 to 3.53 in one semester?
  9. The GOAT has spoken - I remember reading Diplock's posts when I was lurking this forum in my first year of undergrad. I feel that the dual degree can be as good as you make it. Obviously, I don't have any personal experience with it, but I know people have landed similar jobs that students from other Canadian law schools have landed. Beyond the price tag and the said "reputation" that others may have about it, if you feel that you can leverage the degrees by networking and working hard, I think you could be in a good position to succeed as much as the next Canadian law student.
  10. does you to-do list only have the non-academic reference? Mine has various components of my application including the above, and all of them are stated as initiated. Assuming this is normal?
  11. Im still in "Referred for Review," do you think it'd speed up the process if I send them an email?
  12. Mine says referred for review. Do others have referred to admissions committee? whats the difference?
  13. For the last two years, acceptances have came out on December 21/22, and the year before was even earlier in December. Do you think the pattern will stick for this year? I know they switched their system portal on their website - not sure if this will delay their processes.
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