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  1. A quick Google search led me the Windsor Law webpage. Quoted below are the first-year courses, which from my current (albeit novice) understanding is that they are standard across all Ontario law schools, with the exception of a few. As for actual timing of courses and what a 1L schedule would look like, I am interested in what current or previous students have to say!
  2. I'm finding every possible way to procrastinate instead of study for my finals so I thought I might as well spark a fun discussion. What did you find were or are the best things about law school? What did you find were or are the worst things about law school? I'm a 0L and would love to hear the different perspectives that everyone has! Be brutally honest and let's have some fun!
  3. If you are considering Windsor, which one would you accept?
  4. I did not. I reached out to Ottawa and Western and both schools told me that offers/acceptances to Masters programs (regardless of school) have no bearing on the law school admissions process. I believe it also applies to Windsor. I hope that helps.
  5. Is anyone going to the applicant reception? I'm considering going to the one in London but if something comes up I'm thinking of going to either the Toronto or Mississauga one since I'll be in town then.
  6. Rejected today. 155 CGPA 3.47 L2 3.5. Already firm accepted elsewhere.
  7. Hi! I'm an incoming student at Windsor Law and have already dabbled in the house/apartment hunt. I just have a few questions about housing! Do most 1Ls live alone or with roommate(s)? Where do most Law students live? What places should I avoid? What is a decent price for rent? So far I'm finding that it ranges from $400-$800. What would be reasonable? When would be a good time to start the full hunt? I see that 1616 Ouellete has very cheap apartments but I can't find any reviews. Should I avoid? Would you suggest having a car or can I bike/transit most places?
  8. It was wonderful. The current students and alumni where all extremely helpful. I know it was their jobs to be engaging and whatnot but they really seemed genuine. Hugs where flying, laughs where had, and food was great! Even the administration were so great. Everyone was approachable and surprisingly friendly. They seemed to make the effort to know us individually and really proved to me that Windsor is a great choice. I accepted my offer right after.
  9. Just saw your post in the UNB thread. Congrats! I hope that eases some anxieties for you.
  10. I have applied to both as well and also have been accepted to NPSIA. My application is still dating back to 2018.
  11. This may be a good sign! I received the email on a Tuesday and was accepted the following Friday. Keep a look out.
  12. I believe anyone who received the email can attend.
  13. Oof, I seem to have missed that. Thank you!
  14. I will be! Any ideas on what the dress code is?
  15. I received the acceptance email and it updated on the UWinsite as well as OLSAS.
  16. Rejected about 15 minutes ago. Not surprised or upset! It didn't hurt to apply. 🤷‍♂️
  17. Rejections have begun to roll out.
  18. I know that it is a bit sporadic but from searching previous years acceptance threads it seems that they tend to come after the April 15th deadline.
  19. Hey! I know many schools have barely even scratched the surface of their applications. There are still two weeks left before people have to make their decision. From what I understand, after that the schools will re-evaluate and send out more offers and waitlist spots. I got in with a 3.47 155 and thought I was hopeless, so just hang on! Also, I would also advise against a masters if law school is the goal. The only reason why I applied for both was because I had a genuine interest in academia and law and wanted to keep my options open. So, I would suggest that you apply for jobs anyways. It's easier to leave a FT job for law school than it is to find one after getting dinged. Keep your options open and don't give up!
  20. Anyone willing to do an updated list for Windsor?
  21. Anyone willing to do an updated list for Windsor?
  22. I received the Meet and Greet email on Tuesday!
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