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  1. LuckyCommander

    Honest Opinion of the Dual JD at Windsor

    Thank you for your honesty. After searching the forum, I noticed that those were the biggest concerns and was just curious to find out if there are any other glaring inferiorities. In the event that I am not accepted to any regular Canadian JD programs, would I be better off completing a masters or working before reapplying?
  2. I'm not too sure if this post belongs in the Windsor forum but I thought it would be useful to reach a larger audience. I have recently gained an interest in the Dual JD Program at Windsor but I have seen some very mixed opinions. When doing research on specific firms and LinkedIn, I see that their graduates are able to land the same positions as regular grads in Ontario. They have landed positions on both sides of the border and are able to leverage their admission to two bars. For those who have close connections in both countries, why isn't this program more desired? I see that Ottawa also has a dual JD option - which is not as publicized as the program at Windsor. I know this is an exhausted discussion but I think it's fair to return to it for more recent opinions and insights. With that, other than the exorbitant price tag and low admissions standards, why does the program receive so much criticism on this forum? I would like to see a constructive discussion on the merits and inferiorities of the program.
  3. LuckyCommander

    Fall Transcript

    I have just sent my Fall transcript request. Will OLSAS recalculate my GPA or will schools use my new grades at their discretion? Also, any ideas for the timeline of this?
  4. 3.77 and yes, it is unaffected by my access claim. Also, I have been placed in the queue for review at Osgoode if it means anything.
  5. Update: So, my fall marks have finally arrived and I will be sending in my transcript ASAP. These are my updated marks: 3.46 CGPA / 3.48 L2 / 3.53 B3. Rewriting my LSAT next week. Thoughts?
  6. LuckyCommander

    Application Acknowledgement

    Echoing what everyone else has said so far. I received information on how to log in - even though it is identical to the information in the email sent back in November. Any idea what is going on? This is my third acknowledgment email.
  7. Looks like we're going to be waiting around for a bit longer.
  8. LuckyCommander

    In queue 2019

    In queue for review as of Jan 4th. 3.46 CGPA, 3.48 L2 155 LSAT, (Special Considerations) January rewrite.
  9. LuckyCommander

    Access Category

    I have emailed the admissions officer and she has informed me that "files from every category are evaluated at the same time." I hope this calms some nerves!
  10. LuckyCommander

    Lawyers and The Stock Market

    Hello All! I hope your holidays have been great. This is just out of complete curiosity, but I have recently gained an interest in buying and selling stocks. After doing a bit of research, I came across some articles that suggest that lawyers should avoid stocks as it is dangerously easy to practice insider trading. A few articles have even mentioned how some Osgoode (and ex-Osgoode) students used each other to do this. I am not a lawyer or even a 0L. I just found this interesting. Can any lawyers here confirm or deny this? What are your thoughts? What other things should lawyers avoid if possible?
  11. LuckyCommander

    Current UOttawa 1L, AMA

    I'm just asking in general. This can include their Law Journal, clinics, moot competitions, etc. Do most 1Ls land some sort extracurricular?
  12. LuckyCommander

    First round of acceptances this week?

    This is what I found, taken directly from their Law Admissions FAQs page. It seems as if they may do it later this cycle.
  13. This is what I found, taken directly from their Law Admissions FAQs page.
  14. Hi All, I am currently in my fourth year and just finished my first term. So, those grades should be updated soon. A quick question for that: do I need to send my updated transcript when those are uploaded or do I want until the conclusion of my second term? I have applied under the access category, due to various deaths which have occurred on campus and my proximity to all of them (members of the same teams/association, close friends, etc.) as well as anxiety and depression which developed as a result. Unfortunately, to top it all off, I also experienced a concussion later which only exacerbated my previous symptoms. For those wondering, my noggin has recovered and I have been getting treated for my mental health issues, so I would consider myself healthy now! Stats: OLSAS CGPA: 3.44 L2: 3.44 (will increase after this term) LSAT: 155, 153, rewriting in January. Currently Under evaluation References: director of my program who I've taken multiple classes under, director of a major department at my university, and a manager who I've grown fairly close with over the years. Extra-curricular: not to sure how to evaluate my extracurriculars but I am confident that I have balanced a numerous and diverse range of activities during my undergraduate.