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  1. I know U of T says they consider the best three years towards applicants' gpa but they also consider cGPA, correct?
  2. I thought U of T weighs cGPA as heavily as B3?
  3. Isn't the four year degree from Humber essentially a bachelor degree as well? So why does it matter that the degree is not from a university?
  4. If you're dead set on going to law school, you should choose whichever major and whichever institution that you personally can achieve the highest GPA. U of T is notorious for gpa deflation but you might like their environment or majors that they can offer.
  5. Congratulations! But with documented history of depression, 3.3 and 168 can only get you into TRU and UVic? Why didn't you apply for more?
  6. Isn't it general consensus that most higher education institutions are left-leaning?
  7. In Canada? I would say not as much as in the States. But generally, yes. Being black or aboriginal does give you a slight edge. But it doesn't mean that you can get in U of T or osgoode with 150 and 2.5. It's only a slight edge, AFAIK.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I'm considering going to York next year. Their summer semester's full course load is the same as fall/winter (although fall/winter allows overload one more course than summer). So that won't count as well?
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before but how do B2/L2 school calculate your best two or last two year? Only full course load fall & winter semester? What about summer with the same full course load as fall & winter? I've heard L2 school counts your last 60 credits. Does this mean they count your last twenty courses?
  10. I've heard before (probably inaccurate though) law school couldn't really care less about your major unless it's geared towards ''pre-law' (if that's even a thing). That's the only major they might look down upon.
  11. Unfortunately, no... I was just being stupid, childish and irresponsible back then.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing! It really helps.
  13. I just have a change of heart. My love for law transformed me into another person. During the two years at Seneca, I'm totally sober, I become outgoing, I excelled at every single course and I repaired my relationship with my parents. I'm just not the same man anymore. Would I be able to graduate with 3.7+ from U of T if I were in the same mentality back then? Maybe not. But could I at least graduate without being suspended? Quite possibly.
  14. Not the first time I heard statements like this. But it was usually futile when I tried to tell people I would be able to do it so I won't try to make you believe.
  15. Technically, it's two suspensions, once one year and once three years. But it doesn't really make a difference anyway... And no, no extenuating circumstances whatsoever. I was just being stupid and irresponsible. And I'm terrible at math. Both my parents are engineers and the only choice I have is either engineering or math... But they finally gave up after my three year suspension. So I went to Seneca's paralegal program. I was really happy there. I enjoyed the courses and became very outgoing, compared to how shy I was at U of T. And I got a 177 in November. I don't to give up the chance but I also don't want to study my ass off for three or even four years and achieve nothing but a bachelor degree, especially since I'll be having my paralegal incense pretty soon.
  16. Perfect! Thank you! I'll do more research on those law schools.
  17. Nope... My gpa at U of T is 1.0... I'm thinking about going to York's Law and Society program to boost my gpa. Since I graduated from Seneca's paralegal program with 4.0 in every single course and I got a 177 LSAT, I think I'll be able to do well at York. I studied math at U of T.
  18. I think I can transfer at most one year of credit into York but I'm not sure how the gpa will be counted after I transfer those courses.
  19. Oh yeah, it's just because of my gpa. First it was one year, I returned for two semesters and got suspended for three years, again. I'm fairly certain I can get my paralegal license.
  20. I figure I couldn't possibly be admitted to any law school with a 1.0 gpa, even with a 177 LSAT. So I'm thinking about going to another undergraduate institution for a law-related program since it's the only thing I'm good at... I think I will be able to graduate with a decent gpa. But after doing some calculations, combined with my academic history at U of T, I can only boost my gpa to around 2.8, at most. I'm just not sure if this can get me anywhere. The only reason I'll be spending another four years at a full-time undergraduate program is for law school.
  21. A little bit background about myself: I was suspended by U of T for two times, once one year and once three years. I decided not to return after the three-year suspension ended in 2016. I began to want to pursue a career in law in 2014. But by that time it was already too late. So I went to Seneca for the paralegal program in 2016 fall and graduated with 4.0 in every single course in four semesters. During the two years, I realized the scope of practice of paralegal is too limited for me and I don't want to give up law school so I took LSAT. The first time I got 169 and the second time, which was this November, I got a 177. I'm writing my licensing exam in February 2019. But this 177 score gives me hope again. I'm really embarrassed to admit this but my gpa at U of T is 1 (literally).... I m thinking about going to York's Law and Society program to boost my gpa and to prove to law school admissions that I can handle high academic pressure. I could probably boost it to 2.5-3.0? But can it really help? I took the LSAT because I could do it while I was in college. But I can't and won't dedicate another three (and quite possibly four) years to an undergraduate degree if it can't help me get into a law school in Ontario... Should I do it? I really need some advice. Thank you.
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