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  1. For Western, Is part-time university study counted? Yes, but greater weight is given to full-time study with a full course load because it provides the best evidence of how you will handle the rigorous full course load of first-year law school (where seven courses are taken). What is considered to be a full course load for law admission purposes? Five courses per semester.
  2. This is Harvard/Yale stats. You can get into any law school in North America. Not sure if you're trolling.
  3. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/admissions_FAQ/grades_and_courses.html
  4. Course load for fall is only 60%, so obviously fall is not full time. But combined course load is 80%. I've read that B2/L2 school considers two full time academic year? There's no need to maintain 100% course load for each session, right? So will 3 in fall and 5 in winter be counted as one full time year?
  5. I know U of T says they consider the best three years towards applicants' gpa but they also consider cGPA, correct?
  6. I thought U of T weighs cGPA as heavily as B3?
  7. Isn't the four year degree from Humber essentially a bachelor degree as well? So why does it matter that the degree is not from a university?
  8. If you're dead set on going to law school, you should choose whichever major and whichever institution that you personally can achieve the highest GPA. U of T is notorious for gpa deflation but you might like their environment or majors that they can offer.
  9. Congratulations! But with documented history of depression, 3.3 and 168 can only get you into TRU and UVic? Why didn't you apply for more?
  10. Isn't it general consensus that most higher education institutions are left-leaning?
  11. In Canada? I would say not as much as in the States. But generally, yes. Being black or aboriginal does give you a slight edge. But it doesn't mean that you can get in U of T or osgoode with 150 and 2.5. It's only a slight edge, AFAIK.
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