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  1. Did anyone apply to the recent MAG - Ministry of Finance job?
  2. Assuming both your 1L and 2L fall grades are that high, it might be safe to assume one of two things: (1) grades weren't as important this year because of how many schools went P/F, or (2) something in your resume/cover letter needs fixing.
  3. I'm in off the waitlist. cgpa: 3.18 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 156 (highest) Good luck to those still waiting!
  4. I'm in off the waitlist. cgpa: 3.18 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 156 (highest) Good luck to those still waiting!
  5. I’ve been waiting for the acceptance email to post, but I also called and was told that the meet and greet email was for accepted students.
  6. Lol I have no idea but I’d guess no
  7. I’m assuming if you’re already on the waitlist, this doesn’t apply.
  8. I just received the waitlist email. I then checked my application status on their website, and my application has disappeared.
  9. Thank you for all the replies! Looking forward to next September
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions I had about TRU. (1) Are there any food places that are open late to eat dinner on campus? Unless I've missed it, I don't believe they offer meal plans for students living in residence. (2) Are there ATMs on campus? (3) There isn't much information online about the weight room on campus. Any opinions on it? I think I read it's free. (4) Do law students go skiing often (given the school's proximity to some good skiing locations)? (5) Is the grading curve any different from other schools?
  11. My ECs are probably average when compared to others applying to law school. I was a member of some committees through the university. Good reference letters. I can be a little more detailed if you want to PM me.
  12. Accepted L2 - 3.7 LSAT - 156 Happy to be accepted!
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