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  1. Good news to anyone who wants an update or might experience what I experienced: I ended up getting approved! thanks for everyone’s response
  2. Yeah I hope it is an error. I’m going to stay hopeful with Scotia but if things don’t get better I’ll have to see other options, thanks for the advice!
  3. Thanks for the reply! The rep seems to know his stuff but I think it was the adjudicator who may have been new to these kinds of things, and as you said was a little picky. Who knows tbh. I might look up that representative you mentioned. Thanks a lot
  4. I wouldn’t default but despite being confident I wouldn’t default in the future, there is no way of knowing if I will experience a tragic life event that disables me from my obligations to the loan, which may then put the responsibility on the guarantor. Like it’s an extreme situation and not likely to occur, but just the possibility in itself makes me feel bad for whoever would be the guarantor. And I wouldn’t want that responsibility on anyone. But I am definitely overthinking this lol. fingers crossed everything works out!
  5. No lol. But I don’t want anyone to feel any stress or anything because of my schooling. I’d just feel bad about it.
  6. Ok thanks for your response. I hope it will go well. Really don’t want to go to law school with someone close to me being liable for all the debt I will incur
  7. Hey! I reached out to a rep for Scotia and submitted my application. I was contacted saying I wasn’t approved because I had several late payments and delinquencies. I called Equifax and got my file and there are no deliquiences and only 1 late payment (it was misunderstanding on my part). My score was rated at “good”. I then contacted the rep and he asked me to send my Equifax file and he would do an “amendment”- not sure what that means. But sounds hopeful. my question is, if they proceed with the amendment and then I still need a guarantor - Is there an escalation process or anything I can do to appeal the adjudicator’s decision? I find it really weird that initially the rep said my file had delinquencies despite there being none (meaning I don’t have any late payments despite 1 and no “R9s”). What do you think about this situation? Thanks for your time.
  8. Damnit Toby! LOL wow that sounds great I’m going to PM you right now! Thanks for your help!
  9. Wow nice. I went to my scotia and they said they would need the letter of enrolment -_-, so idk. But everyone here is fortunate to have their LOC already taken care of. And the scotia rep said they could only offer prime plus half. Weird 😕
  10. Jeez! That’s so great. Yes, I know Scotia splits up the money - something RBC doesn’t do. And is your interest with Scotia prime plus half? RBC offered me prime only which was cool.
  11. Oz doesn't have an access category, just a part B section - which people have been accepted already even having filled that part out.
  12. I think for my application - I did a lot of volunteer work that related around social work and community involvement, I think that really helped my application. I think 4 months of LSAT study would be good. 7Sage helped me improve from my absolutely terrible cold score. Take care of all aspects of the application (LSAT, CGPA, EC and references) and you'll be fine!
  13. Who cares what people think. If you're passionate about law school and doing well in school, you will be fine. Getting into a Canadian law school is a great accomplishment regardless of where you go. I know people that went to law school abroad because they couldn't be accepted in Canada, and they would have wished to have gone to any Canadian law school. Honestly, don't care about what people think and just do you. If you do well in school, network well, and are personable I am certain employers will be more than willing to higher any lawyer from Windsor or any law school.
  14. Thanks for replying! So you currently have access to the funds right now?
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