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  1. I think thats the vibe. Based on what I read from previous posts - people wear business outfits (i.e suit with no tie)
  2. Hey, does anyone have an idea of how the event at Joey's is going to be? Is there a presentation? Or are we just going to be thrown together and supposed to mingle? Thanks!
  3. Should I work part-time? It would be 20 hours a week minimum, with most of these hours on the weekend. I would think weekends are crucial for readings, but what do you think?
  4. Accepted early January LSAT 152 (only write) CGPA: 3.73 Great EC and LOR
  5. I wrote it after I graduated from University. In hindsight I wish I had written it before graduating (maybe have at least one attempt between 2nd and 3rd year). The reason why I didn't write was because I didn't want LSAT studying to interfere with my studies. But with the right balance you would be able to study for the LSAT while doing regular course work, or just write and study it during summer. Also, waiting until after graduating to write left me really anxious because I felt like I was in a rush (graduating school, moving on to the next thing in life). Hope that somewhat helps!
  6. Thanks for your help! Where would I go to sign up for a York email (do you have the link)? Because on OASIS it says the following: "Stay tuned for more information about your new Osgoode email account and Passport York account." So I am just confused about setting all this up. But if there is a way to get the Osgoode email set up that would be great. I really appreciate your time!
  7. Have you experienced a situation where you were not able to find a spot at passy after having a parking permit? I was thinking of getting a reserved spot - are any of these close to the Osgoode building: Lumbers-Lot 73, Nelson Road-Lot 82, West Office Building (WOB)-Lot 78, determined at purchase, 24 hours daily Thanks for your time!
  8. Woah, I totally didn't know it was reading week lol. That explains it! However, yeah it is spread out but I am sure it will be great. Thank you for the information regarding the parking lots. From your experience have you ever ran into any unsafe/bad situations in the parking lots (leaving school, late at night, etc.)? I spoke to someone today who told me some unfortunate experiences he and his friends went though while studying at York during undergrad.
  9. Thanks for replying! After welcome day today I'd likely choose to drive. I've never been to York before, it's very empty. But the osgoode building was pretty nice. The drive wasn't too bad from my area taking the 401, but I appreciate the advice for the 407. Speaking of parking, what parking lot is closest to the osgoode building (one that you can get a parking pass for). I wasn't able to really get a good idea of which lot was closest.
  10. Hey! I just have a few questions about driving to osgoode. Has anyone driven to Osgoode from mississauga/brampton/gta instead of taking GO/public transit? Did you buy a parking pass? Where do you buy them from? Did you find that having a car readily available opposed to depending on public transit, helped you in anyway? Did you find it more convenient?
  11. I emailed IT and then they re-directed me to admissions who said that once we get our course schedule, our emails would be working. Also, for anyone who has paid the deposit, is it showing on your OASIS?
  12. Thanks for replying! I know they recieved my money order package as I sent it through registered express post a while ago. However, I would think there should be a way of checking on OAIS whether or not the deposit portion of the admission procedure has been fulfilled. Hate just assuming that it is lol. Thought there was a way to check.
  13. As the title asks, how do you know when they received your deposit?
  14. I would think you aren't allowed to bring a guest to these events. But you can bring someone to the orientation that's being held at the school.
  15. Hey, where on OAIS would it indicate if they received the deposit? My OAIS changed to accepted before I sent my deposit. Any idea?
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