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  1. I see no reason as to why they haven’t accepted you yet. Regardless of maritime connection, you have significantly better stats than a lot of people who have been admitted so far. I don’t see why it would matter that your from Ontario or if you might happen to be interested in other schools. I’d email Wanda if I were you, just to see what’s going on with your file/check on the status of your file.
  2. On Scholarships: It’s hard to say what the average funding awarded per student is, since it depends on each students merit, ECs, etc. but last year at the awards ceremony they gave out over $500 000 in scholarships. The student population of Ludlow Hall is less than 300, so I’d say UNBs scholarship opportunities are very much unrivaled.
  3. You would more than likely be accepted, but if you’re interested in applying for scholarships a rewrite certainly wouldn’t hurt! Your GPA is great, and so are your ECs. Having a slightly higher LSAT score might increase your chances for larger scholarships.
  4. The tuition for the 2018-2019 (current) academic year for UNB law was approximately $10,800, (slightly higher) according to one of the letters I received regarding my 2019-2020 acceptance. Of course, there are fees on top of the tuition costs, which brings the total cost up to approximately $12,000 per year. My letter didn’t say whether or not there would be any increases for the 2019-2020 year, though. Not sure how much this information helps, but it’s what I know as of right now!
  5. Hey guys, I just got an email this morning from Wanda inviting me for an interview for the Beaverbrook scholarship. I'm just wondering if any past candidates or recipients have any tips for the interview process and luncheon event. I'd love to hear anyone's experiences with the Beaverbrook interviews (or any other similar scholarship interview processes) that they're willing to share! Anyone else hear back about the Beaverbrook/get an interview?
  6. Thanks for the info! I got an email from Wanda today inviting me for an interview for the Beaverbrook! If any past recipients/candidates see this and feel like giving some tops for the interview/luncheon, feel free! 😅
  7. Also worth noting: UNB sends out offers of admission on a rolling basis. So the sooner you get your application completed the better.
  8. Are you from NB or Atlantic Canada? If you are, your chances will be higher. Your LSAT score and GPA are both above UNB’s average admission, so I’d say you have a chance regardless of your ECs and resume. There’s no harm in applying if law is the direction you want to head in!
  9. Does anyone know if major scholarships (those requiring special application) are awarded on a rolling basis? Or if students who apply earlier have a better chance? I’ve already received an entrance scholarship, but am just wondering if I should be in a rush to get my references, etc. submitted for the major scholarships. Also: Any upper year UNB students who have received major scholarships (Beaverbrook, Honorable Charles and Edith Hughes,etc.) willing to share their stats?
  10. Accepted this morning via email from Wendy! Stats: LSAT: 160, taken once but had indicated on application that I was going to retake in January cGPA: 4.2 without drops, 4.3 with L2: 4.2 Lots of volunteer work and some work experience, decent extra-curriculars. Currently a student at a New Brunswick university, and permanent NB resident. Will be accepting offer as UNB is the only school I have applied for (set on practicing in NB). They only received my transcript yesterday around noon, so I'm happy that I didn't have to wait long for an answer!!
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