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  1. So my general understanding from the forums, is that a lot of students don’t do much law related work in the 1L summer. Some might research with a professor, but otherwise summer work on Bay st is fairly limited. That being said, I’ve seen more UofT related material that emphasizes 1L OCI. Could someone provide me with some better info about 1L summer, and 1L OCI. Further, would it be disadvantageous to take the summer off after first year to travel.
  2. Glad I’m not the only one who has been slightly anxious about this deposit. I also just have a 500Cr in the account, no confirmation of payment being received otherwise. I did phone student accounts to ensure my payment was sufficiently allocated as the deposit payment.
  3. Hi everyone, Just curious if UofT provides a new email address for students in the faculty of law. That is all.
  4. According to the U of T tumblr account, everyone should be getting a status update by email by the end of day (accept, waitlist, reject). I would think after 5pm or just before.
  5. Hi everyone, Just curious about where to get some UofT law merch, sweater/shirt etc. Also, does this come on sale for a specific graduating year or just general sale? Edit: Is it generally taboo to buy/wear some of the clothing before actually starting classes (accepted for 2019/2020).
  6. Got the call this morning: 3.7 167 Does anyone know how long it normally takes to get the follow up email?
  7. Title says it all, but is it generally competitive looking for 1L summer positions at big law forms, like it is in the US, or is it more summer after 2L. Do people take 1L summer off to travel?
  8. So im slightly unclear on how the acceptance process works. Spefically, I understand that for most schools the deadline to accept is April 1st, but I’ve also read that Osgoode sends out a lot of their acceptances in April and May. Is the April 1st deadline just the date to pay a deposit, but you can still wait to accept your offer, should one come, from another school? I’m torn because I’ve gotten into queens, but feel that my stats 3.6 , B2 3.75 and 166 lsat (January exam) should get me into Osgoode...maybe U of T... but my application hasn’t even gone into queue yet (Osgoode) and I would would be very weary of giving up queens in the event I don’t get into Osgoode. If someone can give me some clarify here that would be much appreciated.
  9. Are you sure about that? 4 courses in 4th year semester is pretty common?
  10. Do you know what they do with summer classes, my last B2 and last 2 years are 3.74 each year with a 3.9 summer term sprinkled in. Do they just ignore those 2 classes ?
  11. Does anyone know what defines full course load? I know to be a full time student the min is 3 classes, and generally people take between 4-6 a semester. OLSAS gives you “F” credit for 6+ half year courses per year, 3+ per semester.
  12. Correlation or causation? Probably most people with fairly strong lsat, and strong L2 grades that received acceptances have strong / likely above 3.3 cGPA as well.
  13. Do they like 3.3+ CPA for sure? I have never really seen that validated other than some comments. I've more often heard B2 is their primary focus. My cGPA is 3.2 but with medical documentation for my first-year performance. No supplementary essay, but doctors letter uploaded via SAM.
  14. Same as title. Wondering if it’s worth re writing in January/ if that would help or hurt my chances because of the timing delay.
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