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  1. So I have been granted the opportunity to write a fourth time, but they are stating that I need to complete both in the next round, being March 2019, as licensing term is up supposedly by April. Has anyone had experience with getting the term extended? Really did not want to write both at the same time, as that clearly has not worked well for me in the past.
  2. Have you heard back from LSUC regarding writing a fourth time? I sent a message through the portal and have not heard back in almost three weeks now? Or should i be sending my request to write a fourth time somewhere else?
  3. Didn’t speed read, but did what I could until I couldn’t anymore. I know that’s vague but that’s what I did daily. I did write them both together. I have an index that I purchase but didn’t use it on this attempt as I focused only on the ToC
  4. Sorry to hear that as well. I have written them together every time. But I might just try and space them this time.
  5. I did not use an index this time around, just focused on the ToC, read it through almost daily and got very comfortable with it. I did the practice exams with the ToC I didn’t skip any questions and managed to read and answer everythng
  6. Started off with reviewing all the materials, highlighting, tabbing and making notes in the margins. Then took a course on the weekends for each course, followed by practice exams. Used the free tutors as well, at least the ones that didn’t cancel on me last minute... Got super comfortable with the table of contents and generally thought I was prepared. As for the exams, went in feeling good/walked out feeling confident. Definitely struggled on some questions but thought I did better overall.
  7. Failed again...for the third time...just don’t know what to do. Should I throw in the towel and look into a diff career path or write it again? I took a course for both exams, used the free tutors, knew the table of contents and content really well...hate that my life is in this limbo due to a speed test... How did you study? What helped you pass these awful exams?
  8. Absolutely! I took it exactly as that. It’s just so frustrating especially since it’s the last hurdle before the big show for me...just want to close this chapter and move on haha
  9. Ughhhh failed again....what the heck am I doing wrong. I took the free tutoring, I took an extra crash course for both exams and still can’t pass. I’ve never struggled like this before. How did you guys study? Tips suggestions or time to give up...that was my third attempt.
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