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  1. Hi there, Does anyone have any experience or insight around deferring admissions to Lakehead? I'm trying to determine the best approach. If you have *any* guidance, I would be truly grateful! Thanks!
  2. What school were you at?
  3. Accepted! cGPA: 3.07 LSAT: 158 Working for 4+ years in international health policy including stints at the UN and Washington DC think-tanks. Intrigued by Lakehead's response, curious to see what it is like! Hopefully Thunderbay has some good bars?
  4. Are Windsor and UofT the only schools in Ontario you applied to?
  5. In queue as of March 8th. Filled out part B. Question: does being 'in queue' indicate anything other than simply than that my file will be reviewed soon? I see folks responding in this thread as if 'in queue' is indicative of one's acceptance/waitlist. Let me know!
  6. I am genuinely surprised you got waitlisted. Your cGPA is amazing - have you heard back from other schools?
  7. Just got the email too! cGPA: 3.07 (uhg, the worst, I know!) LSAT: 158 ECs: 4 years work experience in health policy, and considerable leadership in international development arenas. This is probably what warranted my waitlisting considering my terrible stats. Yes - folks do get accepted off of waitlist. I have a friend who got accepted off the waitlist in the summer. There is hope, friends!
  8. Still pending, last name starts with W
  9. What were your EC's and LORs like?
  10. What are your thoughts on University of Ottawa? That is my dream school.
  11. I applied into the "general" category for Ontario schools and the "Special" category for Dalhousie (since they allow students who have 4 years work experience to be given different consideration. Couldn't apply into the "Mature" category as that requires 5+ years of experience after school.
  12. Yes! McMaster University (MSc. Global Health)
  13. Undergrad GPA: 3.07 (it sucks, I know), L2/B2: 3.6, Master's GPA: 3.9, LSAT: 158 (again, sucks, I know). Work experience: 4 years in public health and now congressional advocacy and policy research in Washington D.C. Volunteer experience: indigenous rights activism during undergrad, was a panelist at the United Nations during high-level meetings on public health topics, strong community organizing involvement in Toronto poverty justice NGO 2 academic references, one NGO reference (UN) Applied to: All Ontario schools Dalhousie McGill
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