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  1. I would be disappointed but I wouldn't defer. I wouldn't want to go through this admissions cycle again. I'd also still try to move to the city if possible.
  2. I'm sure they will be understanding given the current circumstances but pass/fail grades won't be included in GPA calculations.
  3. Just received the email. Waitlisted with LSAT/AGPA of 157/3.95 Index Score: 74.7
  4. Yes. When you provisionally accepted you indicated on OLSAS that you would like to be still considered by the other schools, including Windsor.
  5. They had an in person open house on Monday? Sounds like they're not taking social distancing seriously.
  6. Where would you consider Ryerson in your ranking then out of the 8? Also Ryerson doesn't even have its own law building. Their law school is going to be 1 floor of an existing building.
  7. Can you elaborate on why? What other 7 Canadian law schools did you receive acceptances to?
  8. I don't think they are really available for purchase anymore or have been for a while. We had gotten them very early on before the pandemic and I had to wear one because I had the cold but I do find that I actually touched my face less from wearing them since I'm more conscious about touching my face (I had a bad habit of picking my skin).
  9. Just surgical ones. And tbh my boss wasn't wearing one when talking with clients this morning. But he sprayed down his desk with some alcohol solution after they left lol
  10. We were all given sanitzer spray and masks. Big bottle of hand sanitizer at front desk and told to wear a mask when dealing with clients but also encouraged to try to not let clients come into the office if not necessary.
  11. Same. I downloaded the app, never used it because I didn't find it helpful and then received a text from them. I had to block them. Then they kept calling me from LA based numbers and each time I have had to block a new number. I've also have read terrible reviews of their services and how they pay people to post fake positive reviews about going from 140s to 170s.
  12. That's what I would be worried about to. While they promised clinical opportunities and moot, they said it would be available for upper years. Meanwhile, these same opportunities are available in first year at other law schools like Ottawa. However, Ryerson does have a work placement program so I don't think you will be THAT disadvantaged because at least you will get some legal work experience. I think it's moreso the extracurricular clubs that you would miss out on since there's no Ryerson law student society yet.
  13. Is LSAT TestMax affiliated with LSATMax? Because LSATMax is notoriously known for being a scam/ rip off.
  14. Financial aid lady at Ottawa law told me it's 16k. But back when it Wynne, it was possible to get more.
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