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  1. they don't rank the waitlist publicly but they obviously rank it internally
  2. I'm in the same position as you and with similar stats (cGPA 3.32 L2 3.6 LSAT 153, 157, 157) and I applied to all the same schools except I applied Lakehead instead of Windsor. I also applied access category and have yet to hear back from any schools. I've also been stressing as some schools have already sent out rejection letters. It seems that planning my future is centered around law school responses. I'm currently working a part-time job and if I don't get into any law schools, I plan on applying for a full-time job. However, I am an anxious person and would like to start applying now but the problem is, if I do get into a law school, I would definitely go and it doesn't make sense to go through the efforts of applying and then training for a full-time job just to leave after a few months in the summer so my plan is to wait until after I receive responses before I start applying for anything. Like you, I also thought about doing a Master's just because I don't know what to do but then I decided that it seems to be a waste of money and I rather work some jobs and figure things out before either applying to a Master's program or before re-applying to law school. I'm pretty burnt out from the LSATs so I definitely would need a few more months before diving back in to re-write. My advice for now is to distract yourself and keep yourself occupied to prevent yourself from obsessively checking the student portals and worrying. I'm just playing some silly computer games to keep myself occupied for this long wait. I'm expecting to probably get put on the waitlist and have a few months of waiting with my stats. Also keep in mind that all the schools take longer with access category applicants because it's more individualized and considered on a case to case basis.
  3. You can only check the Student Center status. From what I can tell there's no indication to see if they have looked at your application or not, just their decision.
  4. in the middle as in they have only sent out half of the acceptances?
  5. Mine still says "document deleted" when I try to access it. Is anybody else in the same boat?
  6. No. Except Ottawa which emails you to upload supporting documents shortly after applying. Some schools inform you if they decided to switch you to the General category though.
  7. 3.32 cGPA, 3.6 L2, 3.58 B3, LSAT 153, 157, 157 Access Applied to every Ontario school except Windsor and haven't heard back from any
  8. Looking at the accepted thread of 2018 it looks like acceptances were also given until the end of January and there was a couple of months of silence until posts in April of people saying they got in off of the waitlist 😕
  9. Most schools will take your highest LSAT score but at a law school forum in Toronto, law school representatives did say that they will prefer a student who got a high score on one try versus a student that re-wrote multiple times to get that same high score. The McGill law school admissions lady said she's surprised to see that recently, a lot of people have been increasing a lot in their LSAT re-writes and said she doesn't know if it's because people are taking an official LSAT as their diagnostic or it's due to prep courses but she did say they preferred a lower number of re-writes. That being said, I think it's worth re-writing however many times if your score increases a lot.
  10. I can no longer access my file as it still says "Error document deleted" but I applied access. Maybe the dates changed on our applications because they take longer to review Access/Mature categories.
  11. Wow! That's awfully generous of Ottawa, are they the only school that offers this? Do you go in person for the feedback?
  12. How did you get feedback on your personal statement? I also applied access to Ottawa this year and from what I can tell online, they haven't even looked at my application yet.
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