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  1. Do you guys have a 10k credit card limit because of your high credit score or did you apply to increase your credit limit? I only got 5k when I signed up. I just checked and I'm still at 5k.
  2. It was stagnant last year too. I think at most it was 1 person who got accepted off of the waitlist on this forum (although I think it was 0). Last year was also when they decided to stop ranking the waitlist. Back when they ranked it, there would be a lot of movement. I doubt anybody will get in off of the waitlist from here on out unless a student withdraws as another user mentioned, there are no spots left for 1st year thematic courses which means that the entire class has registered.
  3. Didn't McGill already announce that Fall 2020 is online? Does anybody know which law schools are in-person in Fall 2020? From what I gather it seems to be just UofT, Western, and Queen's so far.
  4. I can only find the 8th edition online. We have to use the 9th edition this year.
  5. I got a PSLOC from Scotia and I provided my letter of acceptance and my tuition deposit and they didn't ask for anything more. But you can generate an enrollment letter on uOzone right now but I believe currently it only shows registration for the small group size and the thematic class so it generates you as a part-time student. You have to wait for the school to enroll us in the other mandatory classes to generate a proper full-time student enrollment letter.
  6. Just to update on this situation, someone posted in the facebook group that there are currently 14 seats left for 1st year small group selections and some people have been accepted but have not been able to register yet so the remaining seats are less than 14.
  7. There's a rant like this about Ottawa admissions pretty much every year. I remember being in your shoes last year. They seem to be one of the slowest schools- I'm guessing maybe because they have the most spots to give out.
  8. When they offer you an acceptance, they give you a couple of weeks to make a decision. I'm guessing they are waiting for the remaining people to make a decision before they start rejecting and waitlisting people. That's usually how the cycle goes.
  9. From my guess, they have already offered up all the spots in the class however, not everyone has accepted it. There are still people who are turning down the offer or have only provisionally accepted and are still waiting to hear back from other schools. These are likely the leftover spots that are going to go out and why acceptances have slowed down and are no longer in waves. Since provisional acceptances don't go firm until July 1st, there are still a lot of opportunity for people to turn down their spot. Ottawa course enrolment is this Thursday. The member that was accepted June 18th last year was also one of the last people to receive an acceptance. A whole bunch of us got waitlisted shortly after. The acceptances in July were those that were accepted off of the waitlist.
  10. Thanks! The advisor just emailed me back the same thing. Waived during schooling and articling. Those posts above confused me but it was good to verify.
  11. Are the annual fees not waived? I was told that they would be waived for the period of schooling + articling and I think 1 year after. Maybe I misheard. I'm going to email them to clarify.
  12. Have you tried logging in incognito?
  13. What are you trying to say? That OP based her experiences off a book?
  14. I remember hearing that story around 8 years ago from a high school teacher who had attended UofT. I think it also depends on the particular students and department. I knew people who attended UofT in certain departments where people would upload fake notes onto Facebook groups to throw off other students due to the curve. I've also had a friend who witnessed someone delete a girl's essay off of her laptop once she went to the bathroom at the library. But I also have had other friends at UofT who have never experienced anything malicious like that. But also none of these friends attended the law school.
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