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  1. penguinh

    In queue 2019

    This is so weird the date for "application received" has changed to January 15 now but no changes in my status.
  2. penguinh

    Access Category, Stats

    I've seen access acceptances in the Bora Laskin and Western acceptances thread.
  3. penguinh

    Have I ruined my chances?

    Get documentation and apply under the access category for schools. Boost up your grades in your last two years, score a high LSAT and you can stand a chance.
  4. penguinh

    In queue 2019

    I've been in queue since Nov 12 and it says they received my application Jan 7. What does this mean? I have a LSAT (3rd) scheduled for January.
  5. penguinh

    Access Students 2019

    I've seen 2019 access acceptances under the Lakehead thread already.
  6. penguinh

    Advice - What are my odds [2.93, 150]

    I talked to Queen's admissions and they told me that that their L2/B2 calculation is based on a full term course load (4-5 courses). So I have a semester where I took 4 courses (1 course was worth the credit of 2 courses) but I took that course as a pass/fail so they could only see the grades for 3 courses for that term and thus, that term would be disqualified from the calculation for my L2/B2. They also don't count summer terms either.
  7. penguinh


    You were supposed to upload the supporting documentation on OLSAS alongside your application due Nov. 1st. I know Ottawa contacts you separately for Access and asks you to get a medical professional to fill out a medical form that they provide to support your access claim; however, completion of the form is not mandatory. They should have emailed you already and the deadline for that is approaching I believe.
  8. I was told by law school representatives that they can see the courses you’ve taken and the grades but not the original transcript. An F that was removed from my cGPA calculation by my school was re-added by OLSAS lol it was E-flagged by my school for medical reasons but the law schools wouldn’t be able to see that.
  9. penguinh

    LSAT - 157 / cGPA - 3.48 - Chances?

    How much can you increase your LSAT? I say re-write if you can hit a 160+. I don't think you would receive a response before February anyways.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I was just thinking it may be inflated since I scored the same 157 score when I re-wrote the official Nov LSAT in a non-test setting rather than a score closer to my PTs and I had scored the exact same mark as my prep test score in the September LSAT. I would think that I'm consistent since I don't experience test anxiety but who knows, maybe it could very well be other factors.
  11. Oh sorry, I meant inflated as perhaps it's overestimating my skills because I'm scoring a 163 on prep tests but a 157 on the actual LSAT. Khan Academy does recycle questions I've seen before but I don't remember answer choices so I would think it's still a fair evaluation.
  12. penguinh

    LSAT goes digital

    I've practiced digitally on Khan Academy and I hate it. It's draining on the eyes and it doesn't give your brain the same 'emphasis' when you highlight online vs. physically on paper. I definitely focus better on paper. Good luck to future LSAT writers. Maybe they'll get used to it if they start doing all their prep tests online too.
  13. Anyone who used Khan Academy to study for the LSAT do you think their LSAT scoring is inflated? I scored 163 on my last two prep tests before the Nov LSAT but scored a 157 on the actual. I re-wrote the Nov LSAT on my own and pretty much scored the same- 157. Perhaps the 163 I was receiving on Khan Academy was inflated? When I wrote the Kaplan final course prep test, I received a 153 and scored the exact same in my September LSAT. I don't really experience test anxiety. Has anyone else noticed that their Khan Academy scoring was inflated?
  14. penguinh

    Chances? cGPA 3.32 LSAT 157 Access

    Do you know when they received their acceptances? Thanks so much btw! This really helps.