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  1. Yes I only sent one copy when I applied. However my supplemental list was completed before I received my acceptance. Now it's incomplete since they're requesting additional transcripts and the deposit.
  2. Ok I emailed them asking and they said it's stated on their website that they need 2 official copies of transcripts and that your acceptance would be incomplete without providing an additional copy. Weird.
  3. Now that I've received an acceptance I see that it says "REQ'D 1 ADDITIONAL ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT " under my supplemental items. I recall ordering the original transcripts to be sent to Saskatchewan during the application process. I've already received my Bachelor's 2 years ago. Is there a reason why they need another official copy of the transcript after acceptance? Can't they just photocopy the copy I already sent them?
  4. It says incomplete and when you click into it, you will see that all the items say "initiated".
  5. I believe this means that you will be receiving a decision soon. They haven't looked at your file yet.
  6. I received an email this morning at 3am to check my account. cGPA: 3.32/4.0 B2: 3.6~/4.0 LSAT 157 No Saskatchewan connection I will be accepting unless I get into a school closer to home. My first acceptance! I'm very excited and relieved!
  7. I do. I have 2. Still shows "no active application". Maybe that status only changes if you get accepted/rejected.
  8. It doesn't hurt to message them through SAMS and ask.
  9. From posts I've read online, LSAC very rarely gives accommodations due to test anxiety. I think they don't recognize it.
  10. No. OLSAS calculates your cGPA based on what school you attended. Sometimes their calculated cGPA is lower than your school's.
  11. If it makes you feel better, this is my second cycle applying and November was my 4th write.
  12. It might feel slower because it is our second time applying (I think I remember you from last cycle) so it feels like we have been waiting forever.
  13. I applied last year and I didn't fill out the form and they were ok with it because I had uploaded letters from a psychiatrist and my therapist that followed me during university. But I also am not requesting additional accommodations.
  14. Did you calculate the index score yourself or do they calculate it for us?
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