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  1. Well I'm still on the waitlist so technically the cycle is not over for me yet but I'm surprised you received a generic response. @capitalttruth says that you can book an appointment and that Ottawa is pretty detailed with their feedback..
  2. I have, I was asking about asking for application feedback. For example, for Osgoode they said we have to wait until August 31st to ask. It's not technically end of the application cycle yet.
  3. I do plan on doing that but we have to wait until the end of the cycle- in September no?
  4. What a disappointing waitlist this year...
  5. Yes they will be. OLSAS asks for all uni transcripts and they will calculate your cGPA for you.
  6. Ya they don't include summer terms or any semesters where you did not take a full course load. For example I had a semester where I took a pass/fail course that was worth 2 course credits so that semester I only had 3 courses with calculable grades- sadly, that does not count as a full course load so that semester was excluded from their B2 calculation.
  7. If you find out can you let us know please? Thanks.
  8. They look at both, with an emphasis on your cGPA unless you apply access and your circumstance explains which semesters were affected.
  9. It hasn't moved at all for the past month 😞 (at least not for those of us on this forum)
  10. Pretty obvious through linguistics in comparison to your personal statement.
  11. It's going to badly reflect on you as a candidate if you try to classify a break-up as a special circumstance.
  12. I've talked to Aimee from admissions about this and she told me they don't take summer courses into consideration.
  13. I've been told that law schools are very good at detecting whether or not the LOR was written by the applicant themselves and to not do it if the prof asks you to.
  14. From waitlist or from Under Evaluation?
  15. Robson Hall is launching the Master of Human Rights program in September 2019. The program offers a lot of law courses. It seems like a solid stepping stone to Law school. Any thoughts? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this new program?
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