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  1. I honestly don't know how you guys are keeping it together because I can't even handle being on the waitlist with little to no movement right now. It's literally driving me insane.
  2. Because looking at rejection stats for Ontario school's I've applied to, I've seen people with more competitive stats rejected while I was waitlisted (at Queen's and Ottawa).
  3. I don't think Queen's or Ottawa (my two top choices) will take those courses into my cGPA calculation? Their website says it has to be courses towards an undergrad degree? And I've already received my degree over a year ago 😕
  4. Which Ontario law schools will have a discussion with me and tell me the reason for my rejection and when? I know Ottawa does but I think they do it in the fall? I am an access student with a CGPA of 3.32 L2 3.6 and a 157 LSAT. Looking at other people's stats I realize that increasing my LSAT to a 163+ will not make much of an impact on my application so I've been thinking about pursuing a Master's to appear more competitive. But I've also been told that taking non-degree undergrad courses to improve my cGPA will do me more good. However, won't law school care that I'm essentially taking random courses to boost my cGPA? Also I would have to take quite a large amount of courses to improve my GPA.
  5. Will law schools care or look down at the fact that we're doing this purely to raise our cGPA?
  6. This whole process is ruining my life. Should I just pursue a Master's if I don't get in this cycle and re-apply with a Master's? Looking at other people's stats, it seems that a higher LSAT score will not make a great difference for me. For reference here are my stats: LSAT 157, cGPA 3.32 L2 3.6 (Access) I've seen people with higher LSATs rejected.
  7. Mine says this for JD (English): HideJuris Doctor (JD) (offered in English) Status: Unnumbered Waitlist Last update: 2019-06-27 You have been placed on the unnumbered waitlist. If you do not wish to remain on the waitlist please inform us by sending an email [email protected]
  8. Wait did you have an acceptance to an Ontario school? They didn't cancel your Ottawa application?
  9. Oh wow. If I were you I would call or email just to check.
  10. Yes, waitlist offers go up until the beginning of September/ start of class.
  11. Yes from what I've heard they give you a booklet of blank paper (which I believe they collect back afterwards). There will be more than enough room for you to diagram.
  12. I don't know if anyone else has been experiencing this problem but I keep the Uozone page open on my computer and refresh it every once in a while but now, sometimes it glitches and shows this: Admission file You do not have any applications being processed at the University of Ottawa.
  13. Were you previously waitlisted or "Under Evaluation"?
  14. 😂 Ironically I'm waiting for "Unnumbered Waitlist" to turn back into "Under Evaluation" (the status before "Admitted")
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