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  1. I got cut off in all of the questions except one- where I didn't know you can stop the recording early so I just stared at the camera for 10 seconds.
  2. I totally feel you. I was also waitlisted last year by Queen's and Ottawa up until September except I started studying again in August. I'm super burnt out. If you have the ability to do both November and January I say go for it but at the same time McGill is awesome. I went there for my undergrad and absolutely loved it. If I had the French proficiency, it would be my first choice too.
  3. What do you mean you were not considered at all? You said you were waitlisted so you were considered. I'm pretty sure almost all of the Canadian law schools accept the January LSAT.
  4. Is McGill your first choice? Do you meet the French proficiency? How ready do you feel for the November LSAT? It is a hard wager.
  5. If it makes a difference to you.. I'm writing the LSAT for the 4th time this November. I don't know if it matters how many times you took it because none of those schools you applied to, except for McGill, average your LSAT scores. They just take your highest so if you have the stamina, why not November and January? That way if you score well in November, you might receive an earlier acceptance than if you wrote it in January.
  6. I would think it's the same as someone re-writing a LSAT or someone still in undergrad. They would look at your application if it meets their cut-off and offer an acceptance if they want, if not, they would wait until they received all of your grades to make a final decision. But at the same time I don't know if they know that you are in the midst of completing additional undergrad courses. Did you submit a transcript or something indicating that you are?
  7. They won't look at your MA course grades so your application is already complete.
  8. L2 focused schools in Ontario are Queen's, Ottawa, and Western. Queen's calculates L2 as full course loads in Fall and Winter Semesters. Western and Ottawa will consider L2 but still care about cGPA.
  9. They are all weighted by courses/ equally as if you went to one school in terms of cGPA.
  10. It depends on the school. Some schools like Queen's will only look at full Fall and Winter semesters, no Summer semesters. Others like Western looks at credits.
  11. I applied Access last year and I heard back around I think earliest March and latest July for Ontario schools lol
  12. Post this in the Ryerson sub instead
  13. Oh wow and that was the one with the super hard LG section too. Even if you had the time you likely wouldn't have finished anyways.
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