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  1. I hope we will get in next week !!! Finger crossed.
  2. Congrats to everyone! Why there is no movement of the mature category?
  3. Hi~Did somebody has any ideas about the admission about the Discretionary Category? Lsat?CGPA?
  4. Hi~ I saw a lot of people posted in the acceptance thread but few were under the mature category. Ottawa process the mature category later? I hope somebody give some insights.
  5. This year is really weird. I am planing to call them.
  6. Do you think Ottawa has some problems in this cycle? The accepted thread is still short.
  7. Ottawa is still working on admission? I looked up the 2019 accepted thread. There were huge movements during Dec-Feb 2018.
  8. I have a basic question to ask. What does "In queue‘" mean? The earlier you go "In queue", the bigger chances of getting in ?
  9. Ottawa always have some issues to deal with.
  10. Why Ottawa did not send out a large wave of acceptance yet? I checked the thread of 2019. It seems Ottawa is far away behind the timeline.
  11. I think you can have a better choice than Ottawa. Your status is quite excellent.
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