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  1. Looking at previous posts, it seems like the waitlists are ranked from priority, high and low. I wonder if that is still a thing?
  2. So I just called Stephanie and she said I was put on the waitlist on June 28! I had no idea! My status still says incomplete.
  3. oh so you have been on the waitlist? My status says incomplete.
  4. Stephanie Winbigler- (313) 596-9841- Doesn't hurt to try!
  5. last time I called they said to call Judy Burke, apparently she deals with the admissions for the Dual JD program. 519-253-3000 extension: 4230. I called and left a voicemail but no response. Hopefully you can get through!
  6. What was your status before you got accepted?
  7. Let me know once you get an update!
  8. Yes I have called them regarding my status which says "Incomplete." They said that its a network error because on their end it says "Referred to Admissions" and that they don't know how long it will take to get an answer.
  9. Getting super impatient, still waiting for a reply. Has anyone gotten any updates with regards to acceptance dates?
  10. I can’t find my application status either 😕
  11. Hi Ryn, How does the admissions committee look at files that have been rejected from previous years? Does it affect their decision in any way? Thanks!
  12. I called after seeing my status as Incomplete, and they said the same thing. The lady I spoke with said a lot of students who have applied for the JD Dual program have the same status but from the Universities system they see Referred to Admissions. Hope that helps!
  13. Does it say Not Admitted next to the status?
  14. Wow their starting off the rejections super early! What was the status of your application before you got the email?
  15. Same. I emailed admissions for an update and they responded: Thank you for your interest in our Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. We do not provide any status of the application by phone or by email. Please log in to your uOzone account to verify the current status of your application to our Law School. If you are having troubles to log in to your account, please contact the IT Support Desk for assistance. Please note that the Admission Committee is working on a rolling basis and will contact you once your application is reviewed and a decision is made. However, we do not provide the applicants with any timeline.
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