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  1. Accepted earlier this morning! CGPA: 3.63 L2: 3.80 LSAT: 164
  2. Accepted around noon today on student center haven't received an email yet. Applied general cGPA: 3.63 L2: 3.80 Lsat: 156, 164 (Jan) Most likely accepting the offer, good luck to everyone else!
  3. Accepted this morning! CGPA: 3.63 L2: 3.80 LSAT: 156, 164 (Jan) General applicant, good luck to everyone else
  4. Thanks! No it was from February 2018
  5. I submitted my application an hour before the deadline. As for my personal statement it was not heavily catered towards the University of Ottawa. In my last paragraph I did however do my research and explain specifically why I want to go there
  6. Accepted! LSAT: 156 cGPA: 3.63 Moderate EC's and a strong personal statement (in my opinion)
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