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  1. I have been accepted at Windsor and I provisionally accepted to see what happens with other schools. I need to pay my deposit by June 1. However, I was just waitlisted at Western and they say people are pulled off the waitlist all summer. Does accepting this waitlist from Western affect my Windsor offer? Also, when I pay my Windsor deposit, will that affect my Western waitlist status at all?
  2. Thats disappointing yet consistent with what I've been reading. I really loved being on res first year for undergrad. It allowed me to get a feel for the school, meet a wide variety of people and really focus on school and campus life, whereas when I lived off campus the following years those kinds of experiences and feelings weren't as strong. I was hoping that whatever school I went to would have a good first year law school residence so I would be able to focus on school and meeting people. I also know no one going into first year law at Windsor. I dont want to live alone because I like socializing and living with friends, but I hate the idea of looking for random roommates who I've never met before. I've heard far to many horror stories to want to deal with that during my first year.
  3. I'm trying to get on top of this sooner rather than later because I would like to live on residence for first year no matter which school I go to. All the information about residence for first year law students at Windsor on this site seem to be a few years old and out of date. Does anyone have any opinions / experiences of living in residence for first year at Windsor? Such as, which residence do most law students live in for their first year? Is it generally a good experience or should it be avoided? When should people start applying for residence? etc. Any help or advice would be great.
  4. Okay thanks, So just provisionally accept on OLSAS before May 28 and thats all I really have to do until I decide to go to Windsor or go to anther school that accepts me.
  5. I just got accepted yesterday to the regular JD program and am ecstatic. I was worried I wasn't going to get accepted anywhere. The deadline on the letter says my offer will expire on May 28th and that I have to accept through OLSAS before then or my offer will be removed. I would be very happy to go to Windsor but like most people I will wait and see about other schools. On my profile, under the 'admitted' there is an 'accept' and 'decline' button, additionally in the letter it says I have to accept on OLSAS. I am planning on entering a provisional acceptance on OLSAS just to see what happens with other schools. However, do I have to accept through my Windsor profile also before the deadline? If I do a provisional acceptance do I still click the accept button on my Windsor profile? If I dont do anything with the 'accept' and 'decline' button on my Windsor profile but accept through OLSAS is that still enough or will I my offer be revoked because I didnt hit the accept button?
  6. Accepted today, soooo happy. I was already applying to York as a non degree student for next year as a back up if I didnt get in anywhere. 3.2/3.4 163 Good luck everyone
  7. Here is some more information that I just learned from calling a few schools, for anyone interested in this topic and reading this thread. When determining cGPA, all ontario schools go by what OLSAS provides, and OLSAS counts all courses taken at an undergraduate level regardless of whether they are counting towards a degree or not. How schools look at L2 is internal and possibly different for each school. Schools outside of Ontario because they dont go through OLSAS probably also have their own way of looking at cGPA and L2.
  8. Pretty much the reason why I started this post in the first place is to look for another option than increasing softs. I know many people with low gpa/lsat who dont get in can get stuck in a mindset thinking that if they spend a year or two getting really good softs that will make up for it. I know this isnt the case which is why I'm looking to either significantly increase my lsat or find a way to boost my gpa/L2. Before I made this thread I had no idea that there was an option of taking extra classes or a second degree which would take less than 4 years because they take roughy 20 of your credits from your last degree to count towards your second. I am aware that schools will view this differently. However I also know that some schools actually count it towards either your cGPA or L2. I am not the kind of person that cares which school I go to. Beggars cant be choosers. So if spending 1-2 years of school will get me in somewhere then thats what ill do. Because my lsat lasts 5 years, if I can take 2 years of either extra courses or a second degree and it count towards boosting my cGPA/L2 in a way that can pull my uncompetitive grades to competitive, then thats the best route to go imo.
  9. I completely agree. Which is why the prospect of doing extra semesters to potentially bump my gpa is what I am looking for. I am not saying I will do the extra semesters for better softs, the primary purpose is the increase in gpa which is why I was asking so many questions about how schools view non degree courses vs second degree and how these are incorporated into OLSAS gpa calculation. The bump in softs is just secondary and a bonus. If taking non degree courses or a second degree can increase my cgpa and/or L2 to become competitive, it is my best shot at getting in somewhere. The reason why I emphasized holistic schools is because they 'generally' weigh your gpa less and take in your application more as a whole instead of being almost strictly cGPA/LSAT. Whereas schools like uoft your gpa and lsat is really all that matters so your gpa has to be very competitive. Right now I believe my grades, specifically my L2, to be just uncompetitive. A 3.4 is not great I know but I am seeing people get in with a 3.5 L2 and worse lsat than me. If there is any way for me to bump my cGPA and/or L2 a few decimal places then I believe its what my application needs to push me in somewhere.
  10. Holistic schools generally put less weight on gpa. So like I have no shot at a school like uoft even if I take 1-2 more years of courses, because they rely heavily on gpa. Whereas a school like Windsor will take someone with a lower gpa if they show strength in many other areas. I do have strong softs and they will be even stronger if I take 1-2 more years. With specific schools in mind I can volunteer and do extra-curricular to boost them even more. The way I see it all panning out is: 1-2 more years of courses = increase in gpa (I know it wont be an extreme change but I think just enough), great references due to the volunteering and Ill butter up to one or two profs of the classes I'm in, and increase strength in softs.
  11. I did apply to UNB actually, its another school this cycle I'm really looking at because I think I have a chance in there. I applied General btw. If I dont get in, next time I'm also going to apply to the Prairie schools. I hear they are also more holistic and i think its UofS that will actually disregard your first degree if you get a second, if I decided to go that route and not just extra classes.
  12. Yeah they all are sightly different. But honestly ill just focus heavy on those schools that will, again I'm not picky where I go really, just anywhere in Canada. I might even write the lsat again because I am confident I can get a 165
  13. I have been looking into other posts. It seems like some schools will look at a second degree and ignore your first providing justification, some like L2 focused schools only care about your last X amount of credits regardless of when you get them. I know schools such as UofT it would matter but I know Im not going there. If it helps me get into windor or lakehead, both really good schools, but have a more holistic approach, and I am already just on the line of not being competitive with my grades I can really see 2 more years of classes contributing enough to get me through somewhere.
  14. Lol I fucking love you man, I am so okay with taking courses for a year or to to bump my L2 from a 3.4 to maybe a 3.7 and I feel with a 163 lsat I will be in good shape. Ill probably do some really good volunteering also to get a volunteer letter of reference. I was thinking the canadian reserve forces, seeing as I am actually interested in military law. I was so stressed about not getting in this year. I am definitely going to call my Uni tomorrow about taking courses. Do you know if schools see a difference between a second degree (it takes like 20 courses I already did so it wont take as long as a full degree) and just taking extra classes each semester as a non degree student?
  15. And taking extra courses will count towards my gpa and L2 for OLSAS? is there a difference between a second degree and just taking extra courses ?
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