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  1. Hey guys, Just wondering whether there exists a portal to check application statuses. I haven't received any information from UBC. I submitted Dec. 1st. Thanks and good luck to you all!!
  2. Maybe. But that would be weird because I submitted all of my personal statements. SAM has an option to upload "supplementary documentation" -- The only relevant thing that I can see listed is a CV, which to my knowledge is not required to apply in the general categories for these schools. I may just call OLSAS on Monday to ask. I will give an update if I figure this out.
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help. I submitted my OLSAS application to York, Toronto, Western, Ottawa and Queen's -- All were under the general category. I did not apply access. And I had no medical issues, indigenous status, or proof of citizenship to declare. When I look under the "Choice/Offers" tab in my application, it reads: "You are required to submit a supplementary personal submission. Review each law school's requirements for details." Does everyone see this? Or is there something I overlooked? Thanks for any input!
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