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  1. Are you a Maritime resident? Honestly, I wouldn't give up just yet! I seem to be the only person who has been rejected (that I've seen anyway), so it doesn't look like they've made all the decisions quite yet. Best of luck to you!
  2. Thank you for your kind words! I have an acceptance this cycle, so I'll be okay. I'm not sure to be honest... though it really doesn't seem worth it for me.
  3. Cool. Thanks. Boy, you have some great contributions to this forum, don't you?
  4. I think that's right. She said that people will be notified by mail in June of their final decisions.
  5. Are you a maritime applicant? If so, you might still have a shot. I've seen some people with lower stats than ours get acceptances, so perhaps there are other criteria that I did not possess. Good luck!
  6. Just got my rejection via status update and have started a “rejected 2019” thread. Disappointed, but life goes on!
  7. Yes I just got mine via status update. I started a thread.
  8. Just got an email update that my application status has changed. Logged in to see that I had been rejected. gpa with drops 3.4 LSAT 164 Mature student with 5+ years working in the legal field. Excellent LORs. ontario resident
  9. Have you actually done this? How did it work out?
  10. I emailed rose today to inquire about my application and got this email: "Your application is currently being reviewed for a possible interview. If selected for an interview someone in my office will be in touch with you by the end of May to set one up. All final decisions will be made by mid to late June and all applicants will be notified by mail."
  11. I think it depends on the school you're applying to. I would recommend calling the law school(s) you're applying to and asking them to get the most accurate answer. Are you worried that it might hurt your GPA or hoping it will help? If it's the latter and you plan on doing this anyway, then there's really nothing to lose. You're either where you are now or slightly better off.
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