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  1. I received an email about an entrance bursary today!
  2. After the fee waiver application is completed by whichever university you sent it to, you have to mail or fax the completed form to LSAC directly. Once they receive it then they'll add it to your online account and you'll be able to register for the test. You can find this information (along with LSAC's mailing address/fax number) in the Canadian Fee Waiver Form and Instructions PDF on their website, which you likely opened to get the form filled out in the first place. If you're short for time though I'd recommend giving LSAC a call, they may provide you with an email address you can send it to electronically instead.
  3. They said earlier that they hope to have all their decisions made by May 31st and that if you haven't heard back by that point then to call them about it. I'd say no news is good news though since it means you haven't been waitlisted or rejected yet.
  4. Okay, then if you already looked at it then you would have seen that it literally says under the 2019 date table, "The University Fall Study Days do not apply to the Faculty of Law". So if you already saw that, then I'm not sure why you felt the need to ask the question in the first place? I can't speak as to any other time off, but it clearly says that there is no fall reading week.
  5. Western Law doesn't have a fall reading week, as per their posted sessional dates. https://law.uwo.ca/about_us/sessional_dates.html
  6. Fair enough. What I meant by that was that if you're set on it then you'd be more willing to take the initiative to ensure you're accepted (i.e., work to score high on the LSAT, get good grades, get involved, etc.). I definitely wasn't clear in my original post but it was probably just as much a poor assumption on my part as well since things don't always work out the way we want them to. That's my bad.
  7. Western has said that they hope to have most of their decisions made by May 31st, so it's more than likely you will hear back by then. Until then, you can assume that they haven't reviewed your application yet.
  8. Where you get your undergraduate degree doesn't matter, what you do and how you do while getting your degree does. Pick a school that best aligns with your interests and puts you in the best position to succeed. Just make sure you work hard and get good grades, and take part in extra-curricular activities when you can. If you're interested in and enjoy law & society and/or criminology, take it. If you're as set on law school as it seems you are then you shouldn't have worry about it not working out. And I say that as someone who actually graduated with a law & society major and a crim minor from Laurier's Brantford campus who has still been accepted to law school. Not being in Toronto for your undergrad doesn't put you at a disadvantage when it comes to law school admissions, all that matters is what you do with your time at whichever university campus you spend it.
  9. For sure. I included my interests in my post because I would like to have the opportunity to take classes/get involved with things that is tailored to what I'm interested in--which I think is fair for a huge investment like this--but in no way did I say that I was basing my entire decision on it. There are a lot of different things that I'm trying to take into account for my decision (too many to want to write in a quick advice post), but I think the scariest one right now is the additional boatload of debt. So if you're able to answer this, what aspects of Osgoode makes the premium worth it over Western for a person in my situation? I want to make a decision that will give me the best opportunities and student experience, but I also know that an extra $42K+ is no joke.
  10. I haven't seen a recent one of these so I figured I'd make a thread to get some feedback. I'm currently struggling to choose between Western and Osgoode, and have under 2 weeks to make my final decision. Background info: I'm from London so I will save quite a fair bit of money if I choose to go to Western, as I won't need to find living accommodations. I also own a vehicle so transportation will not be an issue. After doing some quick maths (tuition, rent, transportation) it appears that I will be paying over $14K more per year at Osgoode than I would be at Western, so the debt will be much more significant when tacked on to the student and car debt I already have. Education-wise, I'm interested in entertainment and sports law which is definitely a niche specialization here in Canada. I know Western offers a specialization in IP that has a lot of focus on that area of law, but Osgoode offers a ton of courses as well. I'm also open to the idea of moving to Toronto for articling and beyond (and potentially moving to NYC or California after that), and am curious about how my chances are to do that if I opt to stay home for another 3 years to mitigate some of this debt. I'm also strongly interested in getting involved with volunteer opportunities with whatever school I go to and any relevant clinics that they offer. Any information is greatly appreciated!
  11. Saw it on student centre earlier this afternoon, the email came a few hours later.
  12. Got the green check mark today! GPA: 3.72 / LSAT: 164 Strong ECs and LORs Access
  13. I applied Access so they just needed some more information about that. Nothing too crazy but at least I know it means they were looking at my application.
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