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  1. Hey! I accepted my offer yesterday morning and think that OUAC is super confusing- did people receive an email from Queens or something after accepting their offer to recognize that they did or no? I have an email from OLSAS with my confirmation number so I know I am fine but just wondering the next steps
  2. I was accepted the other day with everyone else, 160 and 3.63 (cumulative). I have accepted another offer however- best of luck to everyone, hopefully that frees up a spot!
  3. Hi! I am (very gratefully) new to OSAP, and I am finding the website a little difficult to navigate. It says that the 2019 fall applications will open in the spring but when does it usually happen? Also when does it close? I feel a little silly asking but I figured people on here would know!
  4. I was accepted on Feb 14th, but am declining tonight for a school in ON 160 and 3.64 (OLSAS)
  5. I talked to them just now. Same as everyone said- actually had a really nice conversation, it was great to speak with someone there
  6. Hey! Not sure about Windsor, but so far Ottawa and Queens have both been April 1st, and then your acceptance becomes solidified later in the summer I think. I assume all Ontario schools will be the same for this.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has started a Facebook page for accepted students! Not that it is super necessary but might be nice
  8. Also accepted Dec 18th, really happy and surprised! LSAT: 151, 160 Olsas GPA: 3.6 Woke up to the email
  9. I just called and it seems to be normal, they are just trying to figure out the website as it is a new format! Heads up for anyone else in this situation!
  10. I have a similar thing happening, but my application says that the required transcripts and documents haven't been received... They haven't updated at all since I accessed that account. So weird.
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