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  1. Accepted Feb 8 lsat 160 L2 3.5 strong EC’s and reference letters
  2. waitlisted on Jan 18 LSAT 160 L2 : 3.5 pretty average EC and work experience. Tailored my PS quite a bit for Calgary though ( i dont know if that helped or not) Does anyone know how many people actually get off the waitlist? I checked the 2018 waitlist thread for Calgary and couldnt find any posts that stated someone had gotten off the wait list
  3. wow thats surprising with a relatively high LSAT score. What do you think held you back from getting accepted by queens/western?
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to know my chances for Ontario schools. I wrote the Nov lsat and applied to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, and Western. Hoping to get into Queen's
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