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  1. Just got waitlisted. 3.4 cGPA (That will be rising as I have a 3.8 GPA from my final semester of my undergrad) 164 LSAT Anyone know how it works from here? Anything we can do?
  2. I was accepted to the single JD program in mid March and have recently applied to the MBA program at Odette. I have been told by admissions that I have a strong chance of admission. Is anyone else considering doing the joint program? Also, if a current or past student would like to weigh in on the program (admissions chances, program structure, job prospects) that would be great!
  3. My status was deferred today. They would like to see my final grades (I am in my 4th year). Does anyone know what this means? Are they looking to see if I can maintain my current grades (My last semester was a little lower so maybe they're making sure I don't continue to drop) or are they looking for me to do better? My last 2 is ~3.5 but will likely go up a touch depending on my final grades. My LSAT is 164. Any idea what they could be looking for and what will likely happen?
  4. Thanks! I was referred on March 8th. I was informally accepted on the 13th when they sent me the meet and greet email.
  5. Accepted this afternoon! First Ontario Acceptance. 3.4 cGPA, 3.5 L2, 164 LSAT
  6. Im assuming you were accepted yesterday? Or are they sending acceptances on a Saturday?
  7. Did you receive an acceptance email? Or just updated on UWIN?
  8. Did you receive an email as well?
  9. I received the meet and greet email on wednesday. I spoke with admissions and they said that I would be receiving an offer of admission shortly. I still haven't received it though...
  10. Okay thank you. I just noticed several others with my GPA being admitted so I am assuming my GPA is competitive this cycle. My ECs are fairly extensive. I have work in a law firm, extensive management experience and I was a TA/student mentor during my undergrad.
  11. I have a 3.4 cGPA as well as a 164 LSAT. I have noticed that applicants are being accepted with my GPA and far lower LSATs. Is it too soon to worry? Ottawa is one of my top choices. My personal statement was tailored to Ottawa.
  12. Mine changed to "Pending Review" as well. Not sure what it means.
  13. Yes this is how I did it to get my 7.7 calculation. Thanks so much for this! I hope things work out for all of us. The waiting is the worst part.
  14. Yes this makes sense. However, my GPA and L2 are only slightly below school medians and my LSAT is considerably above most medians (except UofT). Not saying that my LSAT will guarantee admission, however, im sure it will help.
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