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  1. “July 3rd is the date on which provisional acceptances for first-year programs become firm automatically in the system. Admission offers and waitlists updates are not to separate steps. It's a rolling process. After July 3rd, we will have a better visibily on the number of available seats left.” This is what I heard from Ottawa when I asked about what is happening with the waitlists and acceptance offers over the coming months...
  2. Ivey AEO is a largely meaningless designation and is mainly used to draw potential students to Western. It lowers the standards but does not guarantee a spot and many AEO students do not make it to Ivey. Just providing some perspective as many AEO students entering first year hold this belief and are disappointed. Im sure you will do great wherever you end up
  3. The first confirmation email they sent you when you had to set up ur user id
  4. This is my first time applying but I am fairly sure more offers will be going out this month and next. This first round may not even be complete and the april 1st deadline just passed. We don’t know. My Queens offer expires on the 19th but i will likely reject it for Windsor or Ottawa (if I get in) before that... there are shorter timelines now and likely more movement. Thats positive for you to see Queens already sending out acceptances and expecting to send out more (ie the shorter timeline) being that their class size is a bit smaller! Those accepted in the first round may now be giving up their first acceptance for schools they prefer if they have gotten in somewhere else now. The process is tough and we’ll have to wait and see, try to be calm and excited about your acceptance...plan things...learn about New Brunswick. It will make the wait much more bearable either way.
  5. Accepted cgpa 3.46 l2 3.6 160
  6. Yea I’m with you. Hoping thats a possibility but was discouraged by posts on here. Maybe just don’t count 100% on it. At the end of the day its all part of the investment.
  7. I’m not 100% sure, also just an applicant. But from what I have read on the forum and the nature of them holding your spot I think you are committing to the deposit with the provisional acceptance. Maybe if you get accepted only a few days later you can message the school to waive it?
  8. Yes the deposit. Even though they are not due for awhile you’re still committing to paying is what I meant. Sorry!
  9. You provisionally accept on OLSAS. From my understanding you are commiting to then pay the fee regardless. If you accept another school later you lose the deposit. Provisional acceptances allow you to be considered for schools you have not yet heard from but you will lose any offers you currently hold other than the one youre accepting. For it to be a firm acceptance you must select firm acceptance or it will become firm on July 3rd i believe.
  10. You may want to delete and wait for the law students society or what not to make one so you can protect your own anonymity 😕
  11. Not to say you’re not naturally gifted and that it’s not possible. I don’t know you, you’re school, or program... I would just like to point out that I don’t think that it’s uncommon for undergrad programs. It can speak to how hard it can be to get high marks rather than the other way around that people are working hard and makimg marginal differences... many people in my program could get 60/70s with little effort but 80s/90s were very difficult. Just saying. Do your best, Im sure if you work hard it will pay off try to get some experience or talk to a lawyer about their work so that if you do end up going to law school the same situation doesn’t happen again. There is lots of job opportunities out there, and I hope you don’t take this as negative and doubtful but try to explore different options as best you can rather than simply going for “prestigious professions” (just incase that is what the jump from eng to law relates to) I hope you find what you enjoy doing!
  12. Referred- Admissions committee
  13. Accepted this afternoon 3.46 cgpa 3.6 l2 157.160 lsat checked this morning and everything was still initiated (not ‘complete’) for those wondering
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