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  1. You may want to delete and wait for the law students society or what not to make one so you can protect your own anonymity 😕
  2. Not to say you’re not naturally gifted and that it’s not possible. I don’t know you, you’re school, or program... I would just like to point out that I don’t think that it’s uncommon for undergrad programs. It can speak to how hard it can be to get high marks rather than the other way around that people are working hard and makimg marginal differences... many people in my program could get 60/70s with little effort but 80s/90s were very difficult. Just saying. Do your best, Im sure if you work hard it will pay off try to get some experience or talk to a lawyer about their work so that if you do end up going to law school the same situation doesn’t happen again. There is lots of job opportunities out there, and I hope you don’t take this as negative and doubtful but try to explore different options as best you can rather than simply going for “prestigious professions” (just incase that is what the jump from eng to law relates to) I hope you find what you enjoy doing!
  3. Referred- Admissions committee
  4. Accepted this afternoon 3.46 cgpa 3.6 l2 157.160 lsat checked this morning and everything was still initiated (not ‘complete’) for those wondering
  5. Yes, it is on OLSAS and Windsor website
  6. Did they say anything about if they are just beginning to look at applications as the email kind of led us to believe or?
  7. This is my first time applying so I do not know much about the process, but I think its too early for anything to be considered a bad sign. At most I think it means that they havent begun to review your application quite yet, or maybe they have and its meaningless.. we dont know, just stay positive
  8. Mine says referred - admissions committee. Lsat and transcript are missing from the to do list now and the date says 12/10/2019. This happened a few weeks ago for mine and others, but if they are just beginning to review applications who knows it may just be the system.
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on my chances at Ottawa? Cgpa 3.46 l2 3:62 l3 3.57 lsat 157 160 I also applied with special circumstances for my first year as a close family member who had been living with me passed away. I know this probably isnt something that anyone can predict but i was wondering if anyone had any information on the how this is category is used as I have only seen information on access.
  10. Only my transcript was previously completed but it now has disappeared and the rest of the to do list is initiated. Seems to be a system issue, im sure all is well. 😕
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