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  1. Thanks. If your status just changed I wouldn’t call. I had been referred to admissions for almost a month before I got the meet and greet email. I was also sent my official acceptance email the next day so I’d wait for that.
  2. I accepted my offer at Windsor so I'm off the waitlist at Lakehead. Hopefully, this helps someone out. Good luck guys!!
  3. In my instance, the meet and greet did, in fact, mean I was accepted.
  4. Got the meet & greet email as well and called and they said I was accepted. Got the official email today. CGPA: 3.4/L2 3.6 LSAT: 150 Pretty strong EC's & references. There really is hope for us all!
  5. has everyone's status changed on myuwindsor?
  6. Congrats!! Do you know if the meet and greet email was strictly sent to people who have been accepted? I recieved it today but the myuwindsor portal is not working for me so I can't see if my status has changed.
  7. just to confirm, getting the email does not mean you’ve been accepted?
  8. Does being waitlisted this early mean there's a good chance we're on the top of the list?
  9. Sorry meant to write this on the lakehead u forum.
  10. Just got the email as well. cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 150 General category.
  11. Was the invitation to the open house sent to everyone who applied?
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