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  1. Rejected as expected. CGPA: 2.68 / B: 2.95 / LSAT: 168 (Nov). Mature applicant.
  2. Just rejected today. CGPA: 2.68 / L2: 2.75 (WES) / LSAT: 168 (Nov). Mature applicant with a master’s degree. U of C was my first choice, since I am living here. So sad. I should have focused more on why I got low grades.
  3. Thanks! I sent the paper application form in the middle of October and received the confirmation email on Nov. 7th.
  4. Accepted! CGPA: 2.68 / L2: 2.75 (WES) / LSAT: 168 Mature applicant with a master’s degree. I am happy to know that some schools consider more than the 20-year-old gpa when judging my qualification!
  5. In queue as of March 4th. Filled out part B. Hopefully, this is a good news.
  6. Hmm, the $60k was for the educational LOC. It seems 100k for law students is right, as he said. I actually don’t need that much money. I just can hardly provide a cosigner or an asset, and a three-year law-related work exprience, which doesn’t make sense to me. He also added I can’t apply for the LOC before the enrollment. Maybe, that’s the basic rule, but some reps have a little bit of leeway. I will definitely try Scotia. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply. He correctly said it’s the professional LOC. I am not sure there’s difference between the professional LOC and the professional student LOC. However, he said the educational LOC is limited to 60k and the same conditions are applied - cosigner or asset and work experience. I am not sure whether CIBC changed its policy on law students but he said that’s the case. Maybe I should try other banks.
  8. Thanks a lot! Will it be okay to book an appointment in Calgary rep. even if I go to other schools?
  9. Hi guys, I went to CIBC today to get a general information about the LOC. The rep. told me that I can get up to 100k for the PLOC if I get accepted by Canadian law schools. He didn’t know whether there exists such a school as Western University (or the University of Western Ontario) in Canada and told me he couldn’t find the school in the system. Anyway, he told me that I need to have at least a three year, full time, and law related work experience in Canada and provide a cosigner or assets no matter what amount I want, but I can get about 5k without a cosigner, based on my previous income. I am not sure whether this is because he found the bank doesn’t have Western University in the system (I seriously doubt it) or this applies to all the cases, but it’s totally different from what I have read here, which says CIBC offers one of the best. I really need the LOC to support my family while in school, but that was really disappoing, since I don’t have any law related work experience and a cosigner or an asset here, and $5,000 is not enough. That was a local branch in Calgary. Is it just the representative’s ignorance? Will it be different to apply for the LOC in other banks? Or should I apply for it to the banks near the school after I move to Ontario? If it’s the case in general, I need to find other ways to support my family. I can just afford the tuition...
  10. Accepted!! CGPA: 2.68 / L2: 2.75 / LSAT: 168 Mature applicant with a master’s degree. Surprised to hear back this early and happy to give hope to mature students with low grades!
  11. I am not sure whether it was asked, but my status still says "The Faculty of Law has not received sufficient documents to begin an evaluation of your application at this time." I indicated that I am rewriting the LSAT in January when applying and it's still on the to do list. Does this mean that the admission will not start evaluating my application before getting the January LSAT score? Thanks.
  12. It is simple. Accepted by Ontario schools, I will consider my family’s moving to Toronto. By BC schools, to Vancouver and in other cases, staying in Calgary. You are right. I should’ve applied to U Man. Thank you for the kind reply. I will!
  13. It’s my fault not to detail. First of all, as you talked about TRU, I applied windsor and western because I can come to Toronto in about 2-4 hours. I also applied to TRU as well. As for Manitoba, I thought it would be better to go to U Saskatchewan, since I am living in Calgary and my wife already has a job here. As for Queens, it requires me to submit an IELTS score and at the time when I applied, I was busy studying LSAT and I didn’t want to bother. I am regretting it though. I didn’t say that I don’t speak English well. However, I don’t expect I will get a good paying job either. My goal is just making more than paying off the tuition and sustaining my family without draining my savings. I couldn’t get a job better than a minimum-wage one after immigration, which I totally understand, so I wanted to raise my chance, among other reasons, by going to law school. Therefore, even if I study away from family, I will find a job in a place where my family lives after graduation. Hard to explain all the things but hopefully it helps your understanding.
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