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    Accepted to Western 2019

    Accepted!! CGPA: 2.68 / L2: 2.75 / LSAT: 168 Mature applicant with a master’s degree. Surprised to hear back this early and happy to give hope to mature students with low grades!
  2. Lindenbaum

    Submitting Your Application

    I am not sure whether it was asked, but my status still says "The Faculty of Law has not received sufficient documents to begin an evaluation of your application at this time." I indicated that I am rewriting the LSAT in January when applying and it's still on the to do list. Does this mean that the admission will not start evaluating my application before getting the January LSAT score? Thanks.
  3. It is simple. Accepted by Ontario schools, I will consider my family’s moving to Toronto. By BC schools, to Vancouver and in other cases, staying in Calgary. You are right. I should’ve applied to U Man. Thank you for the kind reply. I will!
  4. It’s my fault not to detail. First of all, as you talked about TRU, I applied windsor and western because I can come to Toronto in about 2-4 hours. I also applied to TRU as well. As for Manitoba, I thought it would be better to go to U Saskatchewan, since I am living in Calgary and my wife already has a job here. As for Queens, it requires me to submit an IELTS score and at the time when I applied, I was busy studying LSAT and I didn’t want to bother. I am regretting it though. I didn’t say that I don’t speak English well. However, I don’t expect I will get a good paying job either. My goal is just making more than paying off the tuition and sustaining my family without draining my savings. I couldn’t get a job better than a minimum-wage one after immigration, which I totally understand, so I wanted to raise my chance, among other reasons, by going to law school. Therefore, even if I study away from family, I will find a job in a place where my family lives after graduation. Hard to explain all the things but hopefully it helps your understanding.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I know it’s hard. Haha. I really hope that I can hit the target in the next lsat!!
  6. Thank you for a kind reply. That gives me hope. Thanks a lot. I don't have a stellar career, but I hope the law admissions take how I overcame my struggles seriously. I have kids and my wife needs to work while I am studying. Unfortunately, she doesn't speak English well, so she needs a job in the Korean community, which led me to think only big cities in the first place. I didn't apply to the U manitoba. The Uvic doesn't have a mature category and when I calculated the index, it was still below 900 even if I got a 180 lsat score, so I gave it up. I don't want to spend one more year to get almost perfect lsat scores and I don't want to waste the time and effort I have put so far by giving up law schools. Therefore, I decided to go wherever I can, even though that means I have to live away from family.
  7. I am a new immigrant and in the forties, living in Alberta. My stats: cGPA: 2.68 / L2: 2.75 / B3: 2.95 / 74.68% (UBC) with drops. LSAT: 156 (June) / 157 (Sept) / 168 (Nov). I have an MA abroad and a diploma in Canada. I have reasons for the low grade, but those were my choices; involved in the pro-democracy and pro-labour social movement as a member of the student council. My ECs are not that great; mostly running my own small businesses related to private tutoring. After looking at Ryn's predictor and various other mature applicants, I thought that I could get in some schools if I got higher than 175. A miracle just didn't happen. I will retake the January test but am skeptical, since I got only a couple of times higher than 175 in PTs. I applied to most Ontario, Alberta and BC schools except Uvic, Lakehead and Queens for the mature category, if possible. Now that I have little chance in most schools, I am thinking of other remaining options, including Uvic, Usask, UNB and Dalhousie. My questions are: 1. Will it have an impact on my applications, if I take the fourth test in a year and get a bad score? 2. Do I have any good chance in the schools to which I applied and am applying? I know it's hard to predict, but it would be helpful if you let me know I shouldn't bother for some schools. 3. What should I focus on in the PS for the remaining schools? I put in the previous PS mostly my social involvement in the university, personal struggles in the thirties and reasons why I want to be a lawyer. I didn't write, or briefly mentioned, some other factors which could be relevant to such as studying for a CPA, voluntary works for the underprivileged, serious athletic involvement and experiences in the lawsuit. If there's anyone who can review my PS, I would appreciate it a lot, since I don't have anyone knowledgeable about law admissions.