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  1. Was accepted back in November. Confirmed my acceptance this morning, excited to meet you all in September!
  2. Declined my offer today, good luck to those still waiting!
  3. Declined my offer today, good luck to those still waiting!
  4. I got in this year with worse stats. I suspect you will be receiving an offer shortly
  5. Accepted today, CGPA 3.43, L2 3.5, LSAT 158, 162
  6. So far this admissions cycle I have recieved offers from Western and U of C. I am waiting to here back from Osgoode, Queens, Windsor and UBC. My top choice is UBC but as I have a 80.7 % (calculated with drops) and a 162 I doubt I will get in. I did my undergrad in business with a major in accounting. I am currently working at an accounting firm and am focusing on completeing my CPA designation before I start practising law. I am strongly considering focusing on Corporate/ Tax Law. I was wondering if anyone had input about which school I should choose. I have had a few people tell me Calgary would be better for my interests as it is a major city, but really I have no idea what the pros and cons of each program are.
  7. Based off your stats it sounds like you should get in. I got admitted in November with a 3.43 cgpa and a 162 lsat an no special ECs.
  8. Accepted this morning, CGpa 3.43, L2 3.5. Lsat 158, 162
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