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  1. In as of this morning accepted cGPA: 3.72 LSAT: 161 will be accepting. Good luck to everyone still waiting
  2. On Osgoode’s website it says successful candidates usually have a cGPA of at least 3.7 AND an LSAT score of at least 80th percentile. Your LSAT is right on what they’re looking for but your GPA is pulling you down a bit. If you could get ur LSAT up it would help with ur cGPA. But again, Osgoode takes a holistic approach and I have seen stats all over the place being accepted without noticing a real trend and I am starting to think that the written aspect of the application is very important to them. Bottom line: it’s very difficult to predict these things.
  3. Accepted today Access cGPA 3.72 L2 3.75 LSAT 157,161(november)
  4. Just be patient guys. I know it’s easier said than done, but worrying about minor details like this won’t do you any good and you will stress yourself out. I don’t think 1 offer has gone out yet for Windsor so this is definitely not a time to start panicking. Hang in there .
  5. Your stats are also competitive for the Windsor dual JD program (this is different than the regular JD). Check out their website. I believe the application may still be open.
  6. It’s very odd that your September score is there and not your November one. Double check you put in the right LSAC# on OUAC. I know you said you keep calling but I would definitely call them again and get to the bottom of what is going on with your file. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  7. Check “document tracking” on OUAC. That is where my November 2018 LSAT score is posted.
  8. I was in this exact position last year. I pushed my LSAT to the summer and had to reapply to every law school for this cycle. I was accepted to Ottawa in early December and my advice to you is to not give up on this LSAT just yet. I don’t know your situation but remember this. Ottawa requires a 157 (~70th percentile) to be competitive. If you have a cGPA of 3.7+ and this is your top choice, a score close to 157 is competitive and you may get in this cycle. And if you don’t do as well as you hoped, you can always reapply next year. If your cGPA is already strong, you don’t necessarily need a great LSAT score. I would recommend writing now unless your cGPA is weak and you need the LSAT to make up for it.
  9. My score was posted on OUAC yesterday however, I asked the schools I applied to if they received my score. Of those that replied, they all said no. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. @Luckycharm why are u more certain of Queen's/Western vs. Osgoode? My cGPA and LSAT are both above the stats that Osgoode lists for successful candidates?
  11. I want to get into Osgoode, Queen's and Western. I underperformed on my 161 LSAT (november 2018) and can definitely do better. However, I heard law schools will not make a decision before they get your Jan 2019 LSAT score if you indicate that you are writing it so I could miss out on the January offers. What do you think my chances are as it stands? Thanks!
  12. Really? I am seriously considering rewriting. Do you think it's risky applying with statistics that are just above the median accepted for those schools? I assume there are many applicants with better or the same #s as me so I don't feel that I stand out much and am worried I may not get in! (I also want to be able to decide which school to go to and I feel uncertain about that with my current #s.) Thanks!
  13. My top choices in no particular order are Queen's, Western and Osgoode. I just wrote the November LSAT and scored 161, which was lower than any practice test I wrote. I really want to get in this cycle and am wondering if the stress of rewriting in January is worth it because I know I can do better. All opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you! **(To clarify the title of this post, a full-time student will take 40.00 course units over 4 years. I achieved that GPA while overloading and I was wondering if admissions will take this into account while reviewing an application?)**
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